PW#1 – The Beauty of Nature

The sun painted the sky with hues untamed,

A masterpiece of colours, unashamed.

And with the symphony of light came signs of wildlife,

Nature’s new wonders coming back to life.


The birdsong rose beneath the autumn haze,

Amidst the glow of the rising sun’s gaze,

With the dappled sunlight glinting through trees,

There was a hint of salty ocean breeze.


The vibrant coloured canopy of tents,

Stirred one by one with their inhabitants.

Eager to seize the adventurous day,

Despite the misty chill in murder bay.


The vast expanse of the calm ocean deep,

Cast a rhythmic lull that put us to sleep.

And as we lay by the crackling flames,

Our untainted dreams of nature remain.

2 thoughts on “PW#1 – The Beauty of Nature”

  1. Great work on this poem! I like the metaphor of the sun as a painter of the world, adding colour, as our eyes mostly see black and white without light. I also found the last stanza very descriptive and vivid. Good job!

  2. I really liked your poem because you talk about the ocean breeze which is something that I love, I found the ocean as one of the most beautiful things that exist. You did a great job with the rime in this poem!.

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