Comparing “They Shall Not Grow Old” with “All Quiet on the Western Front” and “Soldier’s Home.”

“They Shall not Grow Old” is an Documentary Film detailing the lives of British Soldiers in WWI. It is a masterfully directed film that grants its viewers a great sense of the day to day life of a average British Soldier before, during and after the Great War. If we contrast this movie with other works we have seen in our classes like “All Quiet on the Western Front” and “Soldiers Home”, we can get ourselves a much greater view of what life really was like for Soldiers in WWI.

What sets this piece of literature apart from the other works we have seen, is how it gives the soldiers we have read about faces and voices. Imagery is a very powerful tool for telling stories, and by giving faces to the people we have read about, we can more deeply connect with them and their experiences. I still believe that “All Quiet in the Western Front” does a better job of making the reader connect with a soldiers struggle as it focuses in one particular story, but the Movie “We shall not grow old” certainly gives us a better understanding of the terrible things these soldiers experienced.

Soldiers’s Home Blog Post

Blog Post about Soldier’s Home

Koichiro Sakakihara

October, 11, 2022

English A

Now we’ve read two stories, Soldiers home and All quiet on the western front. Both stories are about war and I found some similarities and differences between Kreb and Paul while I was reading this stories so I’m going to explain where and how.

First, I’m explaining similarities between this two characters. These two main characters from this story, Krab and Paul are both enlisted in the army. However, Krab enlisted in Marines and Paul enlisted in normal army. Additionally, They both didn’t want to speak about the war and both remembered the terror of the war.

Now I’m explaining the differences between this two characters. They were from different sides and armies. Paul was German soldier/army and Krab was U.S. marine corp. The biggest difference between Paul and Krab was, Krab survived the war and Paul died in the middle of the war. Krab didn’t want to but still he was able to tell stories about the war. However, Paul died in the middle of the war so he wasn’t able to tell stories or to go back to his hom

All quiet on the western front

Blog Post about All Quiet on the Western Front

Koichiro Sakakihara

October, 5, 2022

English A

When I finished this book “All Quiet on the Western Front”, I felt it’s a really sad story that describes how terrible and brutal it was. In this blog post, I am focusing on chapter 9 because I thought this chapter can describe how terrible and brutal it was.

The first scene that showed the reality of war was when Paul killed French soldier in

 his first encounter with hand-to-hand combat and shows the reality of war. When the enemy soldier got stabbed by Paul, Paul had to wait inside the shell hole with soldier’s body until the attack is over. However, he noticed that he’s still alive and he tries to cure him, but unfortunately, he died at last. Paul experienced agony in this moment.

“I bend forward, shake my head and whisper, ‘No, no, no,” I raise one hand. I must show him that I want to help him, I stroke his forehead. The eyes shrink back as the hand comes, then they lose their stare, the eyelids droop lower, the tension is past. I open his collar and place his head more comfortably.” P. 219

All quiet on the western front

I enjoyed the novel to a certain extent as it is not my normal type of book i usually read. What i do admire about it was the reality it shows about war rather than glamorizing it. Eric Maria Remarques states this many times but i was moved by this one quote where he states. “a man cannot realize that above such shattered bodies there are still human faces in which life goes its daily round.” This depicts that at the end of the day non of these soldiers actually wanted to be there and no matter if they were fighting enemies, in any other circumstance would they agree to kill other people because it is inhumane.

“We have lost all feeling for one another. We can hardly control ourselves when our glance lights on the form of some other man. We are insensible, dead men, who through some trick, some dreadful magic, are still able to run and kill.”

Here Paul talks about soldiers going back to their roots, going back to being animals. The fear of death, the thought of not seeing your wife and kids again, the depraved state of soldiers in a land that nothing matters but killing each other, such things make men, husbands, sons, the one thing society told them not to be, scared. Thus the only thing men think about, is surviving, everything else is erased, every other feeling is gone, the only thought is surviving, surviving in a battleground full of men with the same thought.

War is depicted as the thing that forges boys into men, an adventure with lots of risk, truth is its the exact opposite, its just a field where boys go to kill themselves. You could go as far as to say the goverment tricks boys to go fight for their country, when in reality they go fight for almost nothing at times, at times they do win ground or take cities and such, but we are talking about 18-21 boys that just started living. A good example is Pauls brigade, a 150 men company, only 8 making it out alive, it is truly an awful world we live in.

All Quiet on the Wester Front- Personal Response

One of the key themes in All Quiet on the Western Front by Erich Remarque that I found interesting was the way he showed the change of Paul Bäumer’s mental state throughout the book. At the beginning of the novel, the author makes the atmosphere of the camp seem more positive by showing the friendship and banter between the soldiers. For example, when Paul talks about first enlisting in the army he says,

 “We were still crammed full of vague ideas which gave to life, and to the war also, an ideal and almost romantic character.” P. 21.

This shows the ignorance a lot of the young soldiers had about the idea of war and what it meant. As the story goes on the attitude the soldiers have towards the war starts to shift as they begin to comprehend the impact the war has on them.

In the middle of the book Paul goes on leave and gets to go back home to visit. During this time, he has lots of time to reflect on just how much the war has changed him.

“I imagined leave would be different from this. Indeed, it was different a year ago. It is I of course that have changed in the interval. There lies a gulf between that time and today. At that time I still knew nothing about the war, we had only been in quiet sectors. But now I see that I have been crushed without knowing it. I find I do not belong here anymore, it is a foreign world.” P. 168

Going back home, Paul realizes that the life he lived before the war, he can never go back to. He feels like he is looking at his life through the eyes of an outsider and starts to reflect on how the war has stripped him of his childhood and previous life. He has become accustomed to the harsh and traumatic environment of the trenches that going back to “normal life” feels like it is wrong. I was surprised by the disconnection he felt to his childhood home and found it sad how he felt like he didn’t belong.

Near the end of the book, you start to see just how badly the war has impacted Paul. For example, the last thing that is written about Paul before his death is

“I am very quiet. Let the months and years come, they can take nothing from me, they can take nothing more. I am so alone, and so without hope that I can confront them with out fear. The life that has borne me through these years is still in my hands and my eyes. Whether I have subdued it, I know not. But so long as it is there it will seek its own way out, heedless of the will that is within me.” P. 295

I felt like this quote really made me understand the mental suffering Paul was going through at this time and made me understand the progression of the impact of the war on his mental health throughout the whole book.

His life ends with half a blank page and a paragraph about how he was killed quickly. At first, I didn’t like the ending to his life because I felt like it didn’t do Paul’s character justice but then it made me realize that all the deaths during the war were like that. They were not big and dramatic or heroic, they were quick and fast. His death was the end of his mental suffering.


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