IRJE #5: To Kill a Mockingbird

In “To Kill a Mockingbird” by Harper Lee, “Jem” is dared by “Dill” to touch the door of the Radley house. Jem, having never run away from a dare before, tried to smooth talk his way out of this one. He does that by using the fact he has a little sister. This immediately tells Scout that Jem is actually afraid.

“Jem wanted Dill to know once and for all that he wasn’t scared of anything: “It’s just that I can’t think of a way to make him come out without him gettin’ us.” Besides, Jem had his little sister to think of.

When he said that, I knew he was afraid.” (p. 17)

Instead of simply declining the dare, Jem kept trying to talk his way out of it, even using his little sister as an excuse. This tells us a lot about Jem’s character. He isn’t the type of person who likes to show weakness, likely wanting to be seen as a “tough guy”. He absolutely does not want Dill to know that he is afraid of the Radley house, and its inhabitants. What makes this even more interesting is the fact that “Scout”, the narrator, can tell he is afraid. This implies that Scout has some level of understanding of his behavior, and is likely not tricked by “tough guy” act Jem seems to put on.

IRJE #5 “It Ends With Us”

I have read “It Ends With Us” by Colleen Hoover. Hoovers use in language was very impactful in this book. She uses a lot of imagery in her writing which I find very emotional. The book follows the 2 characters Lily Bloom and Ryle Kincaid. Ryle and Lily begin a romance together but soon after the relationship turns violent and abusive. This goes back to the start of Lily’s life as she grew up in a domestic violent household with her mother and father. The first sign of abusive behavior Ryle portrayed was his lash out of rage after Lily had rekindled a relationship with her ex boyfriend Atlas. Ryle had assaulted Lily. Atlas soon found out about Lily’s situation which ultimately lead the violence to worsen. Later in the book Ryle finds out that Lily is pregnant after he abused and raped her. Lily let Ryle become the father during the pregnancy, but once the baby girl was born she did not want an abusive figure to grow up in her life so Lily left Ryle for good.

Cycle exists because they are excruciating to break. It takes an astronomical amount of pain and courage to disrupt a familiar pattern. Sometimes it seems easier to just keep running in the same familiar circles, rather than facing the fear of jumping and possibly not landing on your feet. My mother went through it. I went through it. I’ll be damned if I allow my daughter to go through it. I kiss her on the forehead and make her a promise

It stops here. With me and you. It ends with us.

(pp. 360-361)

This quote is very impactful in my opinion. It just shows the emotional damage that Lily has been through, yet she is still pushing forward and is still going to try her hardest to make sure that her baby is safe, to make sure she’s loved, and to make sure she doesn’t grow up the way she did.

IRJE #5 – Pothinus Sab

Over the break, I decided to re-read one of my books which I haven’t read since grade 6 which made me realize a lot more details than I noticed before. The book is called Will Wilder: The lost staff of wonders which is the second book in the Will Wilder series that is about a teenage boy who discovers his hidden ability to see demons which has been kept a secret from him by his family.

Re-reading the book made me realize a two important things; First of all, my attention span back then wasn’t the greatest, and secondly my vocabulary wasn’t as big as it is now. Reading used to be a great struggle for me, but over the years it became less of a challenge than it was before.

The chapter I am currently in introduces a new character in the series named Pothinus Sab which is certainly a very interesting character. Pothinus Sab, also referred to as just “Sab” is a man who is opening a new Karnak center in Perilous Falls. Sab introduces himself as a healer that would cure anyone who would wear one of his necklaces that he is giving out to the public.

As he is viewed as a spiritual healer, no one really pays attention to him. In the opening ceremony of the Perilous Falls “Karnak Center” he asks the public to let out their anger and shout it out, possibly to rile the people up. This leads to a montage of people shouting out the weirdest things which brings more attention to the ceremony.

‘I can feeeel your struggle. In these trying times, it is hard to avoid anger. And you have much to be angry about, don’t you? Well, here’s a surprise: Don’t hold it back! This is the problem—we withhold the anger that needs to be free. Beyond that anger is the joy and the regeneration that you desire. But first you must releeease your anger. Get it out! Who is going to start?’ Sab pulled the microphone off the stand and with the rhythm of a jaguar, slunk to the right of the bandstand. He leaned over the iron railing, revealing in the crowd’s reaction. ‘What angers you most? What is irritating you my friends?’ He stretched the microphone over the heads of the audience.

‘I’m sick of the politicians who stop listening once we elect them!’ one woman screamed. Loud applause greeted her words. Mayor Lynch and some of the city council forced smiles and adjusted their seats.

I feel like this specific quote really makes Sab’s crazy side stand out a lot more than any of the other quotes. What really stood out to me was the imagery that this quote brought out which heavily emphasizes an awkward situation, especially for the mayor and the city council which were being attacked in the same event they organized. The quote is the first interaction Sab had with the audience and I am sure that it certainly made an impression on them.


I am reading The handmaids tale which is a book set in a disastrous environment which led many women to become infertile, so only a small handful of women are able to reproduce. The fertile women are referred to as “handmaids” who are “owned” and raped in order to have children.

“You can’t help what you feel, but you can help how you behave”
― Margaret Atwood, The Handmaid’s Tale

I like this quote because controlling how we feel is difficult, but controlling what we do is easy.

IRJE #5 Dopamine

The non-ficton novel dopamine nation by Anna lembke, MD is a novel about dopamine addictions and how far humans will go to achieve it.

Rats who show a genetic propensity to become a addicted will, after a two-to-four-week period of abstaining from alcohol, binge on alcohol as soon as they have access to it again, and continue to use heavily thereafter as if they had never abstained. A similar phenomenon has been observed in rats exposed to and hooked on high-calorie foods. (p. 87)

This is scary because we have all these addictive products surronding us that we spend thousands of dollars on and can’t get enough of. This also includes digital things.

PW #4 – Acapulco

Acapulco is a beach 4 hours away from Mexico City that people go the with friends family etc its a beach for everything because they are beach clubs that are for families or just clubs at night and parties it so much fun I considere it my happy place.

I have a house there and it has one of the most amazing views for me my favorite part is that I go to the sea in our boat and I water ski there and is really fun the fun part about Acapulco is that it also has a river but is more foe water skiing after that we take the food out and we eat there and for the end of the day we are all red for being in the sun so much.

IRJE #5: “A Good Girls Guide To Murder”

The book im reading is called “A Good Girls Guide To Murder” by Holly Jackson. This book is about the study of Pip in the disappearance of a girl in school called Andrea also known as “Andie”, in their town of Fairview, Connecticut.

“It was particular cruelty that their house was so close to fairview high school, where both Andie Bell and Sal Singh have gone, where Pip would return for her senior year in a few weeks when the late-summer sun dipped into September.”

Pip starts thinking about the case and bringing up theories about how the girl disappeared and who can be involved, such as members of Andie’s  family or people who were very close to her. Salil “Sal” was Andie’s  boyfriend, he has alleged guilt. Pip went investigating to Sals house, she knocks on his door and Sals brother, Ravi, was there, he looked nervous. Pip introduced herself, Ravi asked her why she was investigation about this case when it happened five years ago, Pip told him that it was because she believes that Sal is innocent and she wants to prove it.

I just started reading this book and so far it has been very interesting and intriguing.


I have just started reading this new book called The Cousins. It was written by Karen M. McManus about three cousins who are invited by their grandmother, who they haven’t met before, to work at her island hotel during the summer. I just started reading this book and so far I know that the grandmother, Mildred Story, removed all of her four children from her life and will. Ever since then her children have been trying to figure out a way to get back on the grandmothers good side again. The day Mildred suddenly sends the invitation to all of her grandchildren (protagonists: Aubrey, Jonah, and Milly) their parents are eager to send them along. But the longer the cousins stay at the hotel working, the more they find out about their messed up family’s past. This quote is one of the protagonists (Milly) talking about what she knows of her family’s past:

My grandfather died when mom was a senior in high school. Two years later, Mildred disowned all of her children. She cut them off both financially and personally, with no explanation except for a single sentence letter sent to weeks before Christmas through her lawyer, a man named Donald Camdon who’d known mom and her brothers their entire lives: you know what you did. 

This quote is great to start off with because it is telling the readers that there is more to the story then what we know and it’s foreshadowing for the rest of the book. Reading this makes people Intrigued about what could have happed to make Mildred so upset that she would disown her own children, which makes the reader eager to continue to read the book.

IRJE – Girl in Pieces

This book has a lot of references to how the arts can be a great coping mechanism. At this point in the book she finally left the hospital to move to her friend’s house. She is alone and feels empty but she will not let herself go back into that place so she uses art as her coping mechanism. She says

I draw where I am. I put myself at this new beginning, surrounded by the comfort of someone else’s easier life.

This quote stuck with me because art has always been an escape for me. You can get away from reality and draw what you feel. I do believe that as much as you wish you could be someone else, and have someone’s easier life you never what they’re going through. As much as their life seems like a perfect movie you never see the behind-the-scenes.

The Perks of Being a Wallflower – IRJE #5

In Stephen Chbosky’s famous novel The Perks of Being a Wallflower, we meet fairly dynamic and authentic character who we later discovered is named Charlie. The entire book is written in the form of letters addressed to “friend”, otherwise known as the reader. It is a coming of age novel that depicts the classic high school experience. The main character has just moved to a new school where he eventually meets Sam and Patrick who also happen to be step-siblings. After reading a decent amount of the novel, we discover that Charlie didn’t have many friends growing up, except for Michael, who took his own life. Charlie is a very truthful and stressed individual and he doesn’t hesitate to voice his worries and thoughts to the reader. In the very beginning of the book Charlie explains that he doesn’t want the reader to find out who he is. He speaks directly to the reader and says that he thinks we will understand, because we are human too.

I think you of all people would understand that because I think you of all people are alive and appreciate what that means. At least I hope you do because other people look to you for strength and friendship and it’s that simple. At least that’s what I’ve heard. (p. 2)

I feel that the way that this passage is written sets the tone for the rest of the novel. It isn’t formally written, but rather written by an anxious teen who is just trying to get his feelings out. It gives the reader a more emotional view on the story, as it feels a little more “real”. It is easy to spot the repetition in the short paragraph in the beginning sentence as Charlie repeats the phrase “I think you of all people” twice in one sentence. This simple technique sets the tone for the rest of the book, and notifies the reader that they’re about to read an amazing perspective of Charlie’s life.

Nyah Sharratt – 01/12

It ends with us – IRJE #5

It ends with us is about a girl who grew up witnessing her mother being abused by her father and was determined to move forward so she moves to Boston where she meets a guy called Ryle and fall in love. Everything is perfect until she sees her first love Atlas. This book really moved me because its a story about  choosing oneself over someone they love deeply. Its about choosing to end a cycle of violence that hurts more people than it helps. This book taught me how women in situations of domestic violence may feel torn between someone they took a vow for and their own personal well-being and safety.

IRJE – Libertarianism

Continuing with the book “Justice” by Michael J. Sandel, the author further expands the topic into the idea of libertarianism. He gives the readers an example that reflects on our current society; people like Bill Gates and Elon Musk have a lot of money – an amount of money that a “normal” person cannot earn by working for their entire lives. However, they tend to separate the social economic classes, starting from the “lower” class up to the “higher” class. If we would have taken a percentage of Bill Gates’s money and evenly distribute it amongst 100 people, they would be happy and delighted. There are people who think this unfairness should be fixed (Utilitarian thinking), while other states that it is the wealthy people’s right to protect and use their money, regardless of whether it causes any inequalities in society. (Liberal thinking).

The second objection regards these calculations beside the point, It argues that taxing the rich to hel the poor is unjust because it violates a fundamental right. According to this objection, taking money from Gates and Winfrey without their consent, even for a good cause, is coercive. It violates their liberty to do with their money whateverthey please. Those who object to redistribution on these grounds are often called “libertarians”. 

The libertarians in the context above state that taking money from the rich, even for a good cause is not the right thing to do and is a violation of their rights to do whatever they would want to do with their money (liberty). This discussion on the two sides reflects how capitalist our society is and how it is divided into “social classes”. I belive arguments from both sides are reasonable and it is hard to tell which is right or wrong.


IRJE: The Six Crimson Cranes

I am at the end of my book, the princess did find her brothers, and are making their way back home. But there are occurrences of a sea monster, one of the princesses friend sea monsters she met when she fell into the water at the beginning of the book. The princess was found talking to the sea monster, and the kingdom she was captured and taken by had noticed that. She was very looked down upon in the kingdom, they couldn’t tell it was the missing princess because she had a bowl on her head that hid her face. She was not able to talk because of the curse that was put upon her by her step mother, who also put the bowl on her head. The curse of her not talking was if she did say even a single word, one word would kill 1/7 of her brothers. When the kingdom saw her talk to the sea monster, that automatically thought she had a gift, including her cooking. They started treating her different right away, but they still don’t know its the princess.

” I had been moved to one of the big rooms on the floor of the kingdom, instead of the small room under the stairs in the basement.” (pg. 247)

I chose this quotation because it gives a good addition to what I was talking about in the beginning. It just shows how easily people can be treated differently just because the certain person can do something or is part of something.


In the book Twisted Love by Anna Huang is a book about a girl named Ava. Her past life was messed up and because of how extreme it was all of her memories. She never regained them, or at least during the day. Durning the night Ava would have night terrors which she soon finds out are actually memories from her childhood that had eventually been wiped from her mind.Later in the book Ava finds herself falling in love, and as you read you can see her beginning to over come her fears of her childhood with the help of Alex.

“Love.” The word floated between us on a soft gust of air. “Deep, abiding, unconditional love. You want it so much you’re willing to live for it.” Most people thought the biggest sacrifice they could make was to die for something. They were wrong. The biggest sacrifice someone could make was to live for something—to allow it to consume you and turn you into a version of yourself you didn’t recognize. Death was oblivion; life was reality, the harshest truth that had ever existed.” (p. 103)

I chose this quotation because I find it interesting. I found it interesting because its true, I’ve seen it in my life with my family and through everyone else as well. For example, my mother loves me and my family so much that she sacrificed the things she loved to do just to ensure she could be with us and give us love. She stopped what she loved to do in order to love us. The same goes for what this author is saying in this quote. To love someone is the biggest sacrifice someone can make because when you love, you put everything into that no matter the consequences that may follow.

IRJE: The Silence of the Girls

“The Silence of the Girls” is a novel about the Trojan War. This novel focuses on Briseis, who was enslaved, and Achilles, who became her master. Many chapters are written around Briseis’s point of view, but as we get into the second half, stories are more focused on Achilles.

I do what no man before me has ever done, I. kiss the hands of the man who killed my son.

p. 232

And in the chapters on Achilles, Achilles talks to the enemy’s father. Priam, the father of Hector, the king of the enemy that Achilles killed, visits him. The Greeks hung Hector’s body from a wagon and dragged him around. To find the body, Priam knelt down to Achilles, who killed his son, saying the above. Books about the Trojan War usually show the death of the warriors and the victory or defeat of the battle. “The Silence of the Girls” focuses on the feelings of ordinary people in the war. The emotions of the figures are depicted, especially when they show Achilles a complex or contradictory attitude. Throughout the Trojan War, people like Briseis and Priam had to obey their enemies. Priam directly refers to Achilles as his enemy, and he himself recognizes that he is servile to his enemy. The complicated feeling of the enemy continued to come out as a description of Briseis’ hatred of Achilles, but I think it was best shown in the above scene.

“lWhere the rainbow ends ” IRJE 5

During the summer I read where the rainbow ends  by Cecilia Ahern. This book his about two best friends Rosie and Alex that know everything about each other. They are dreams, plans among other things. They have known each other since they were kids and were really close friends until Rosie’s 18 birthday Alex tried expressing his feelings and Rosie Tod him to forget about it so Alex by obvious reasons was really upset. There was a dance coming in their Schoo, and they promised each other to go together but at the end they didn’t. Alex took Bethany and Greg took Rosie. Few weeks passed and Rosie got pregnant but didn’t want to tell Alex because it would ruin his plans to go to Boston University so she keeps the secret and they distanced from each other. Greg abandoned Rosie when he found out that’s why she was a single mom, but she know how to face the circumstances. Years passed and Alex found out so he returned to the UK to see Rosie. She thought maybe he could be a good father for his daughter but he was al ready engaged so Alex got married few years passed and Rossie’s dream was to open a Hotel so when she did Alex was there and they expressed their feelings after all that time and they were together at the end.

“Today I love you more than ever ; tomorrow I will love you eve more. […]I have always loved you, even when I was seven years old and lied about falling asleep on Santa watch, when I was ten years old and didn’t invite you to my birthday party; when I was eighteen and had to move away, even on my wedding days, on your wedding day, on christenings, birthdays and when we fought. I loved you through it all.”

This quote caught my eye because He had loved her since forever and she had too. I think it’s best to always express your feelings and never keep tit to yourself because you don’t know when is going to be the last time that you see them or that they are going to feel the same way. They were lucky but at the end it’s just a novel in real life soulmates separate and never get back together. I really enjoyed this book. I think it was a great novel.

Disturbing Sea of White- The Goldfinch IRJE #5

A book that I constantly go back to and reread is The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt. Published in 2013, the book follows a 13 year old boy named Theodore Decker, whose mother recently died in a museum bombing. Living with the family of his wealthy friend. He latches to the one thing he has left of his mother and of the accident, a small painting of a goldfinch, propelling him into the art underworld.  At this point in the book, Theo’s estranged father has suddenly reappeared back into his life, with his new girlfriend. They immediately claim ownership of Theo, and force him to move from New York, to a dusty outskirt of Las Vegas. In this excerpt, Theo watches him and his mothers’ apartment get taken apart by movers.

At eight o’clock that Monday morning, movers showed up at Sutton Place and began to dismantle the apartment and pack it in boxes. A used-book dealer came to look at my mother’s art books, and somebody else came in to look at her furniture- and, almost before I knew it, my home began to vanish before my eyes with sickening speed. Watching the curtains disappear and the pictures taken down and the carpets rolled up and carried away, I was reminded of an animated film I’d once seen where a cartoon character with an eraser rubbed out his desk and his lamp and his chair and his window with a scenic view and the whole of his comfortably appointed office until- at last- the eraser hung suspended in a disturbing sea of white. (p. 249)

While the entirety of the book can by quite depressing, I really enjoy the passages like these in this book. They truly lament Theo’s grief, and how silent he remains throughout the movie. During the entire passage, Theo is with his father, yet he doesn’t say much to him, only watches, and packs up the things he needs for Las Vegas. Watching all of his and his mothers’ belongings get stuffed away and donated only rubs salt in his (already very deep) wound. The second half of the book shows Theo as an adult, which portray how his grief caused him to spiral later in his life.

IRJE #5: Artistic Activism

In Revolution in Our Time: The Black Panther Party’s Promise to the People, Kekla Magoon provides insight into a group of young people intent on changing the world, and the revolutionary socialist movement they founded. Magoon presents a comprehensive history of Black American History from the arrival of enslaved Africans, to the civil rights movement, to Black Lives Matter today. The chapter “Revolutionary Art” discusses Emory Douglas’s political cartoons in the Black Panther newspaper.

“Emory’s images . . . helped the average protestor and grassroots organizer define the phenomena of who and what our oppressors were,” Bobby Seale said.

. . . “The Black Panther newspapers . . . were irresistible to me,” said Colette Gaiter, a high school student in D.C. at the time. “With their huge typographical headlines, use of color, and strikingly rendered drawings of black people . . . I was attracted to Douglas’s images because they showed both anger and hope.”

. . . The Black Panther also frequently ran visual art, poems, and song lyrics created by other members. These pieces helped express the creativity and the desires of the Black community and gave regular people a chance to contribute to the Panther message. (p. 124-125)

This makes me think of the power of visual art, and how the right image can strengthen a message. Protest artists like Emory Douglas used art to make social commentary, and to engage people to think critically. Their work remains relevant because it reflects inequities that persist in society today. In my personal project, I explore visual storytelling and how art connects people. Magoon’s book inspires me to learn more about artistic activism and how it is used to fuel social progress.

On all things round

The book I am reading right now is Astrophysics for People in a Hurry by Neil deGrasse Tyson. It is exactly what the name suggests, a book about astrophysics for people without the time to read textbooks or essays. So far Neil has discussed the big bang and the creation of the universe, Newtons laws, the speed of light, dark matter, and dark energy; just to name a few. The chapter that I am currently reading is all about why things are round, the benefits of being round, and things that aren’t round, but help us account for things that are round. Most of all, this chapter has been about how round things are the most efficient, which leads right into the quote.

Spheres are indeed fertile theoretical tools that help us gain insight into all matter of astrophysical problems. But one should not be a sphere-zealot. I am reminded of the half-serious joke about how to increase milk production on a farm: An expert in animal husbandry might say, “Consider the role of the cow’s diet…” An engineer might say, “Consider the design of the milking machines..” But it’s the astrophysicist who says, “Consider a spherical cow…”  (p. 146)

I chose this quote because its funny, and I found the use of humor at the end of a chapter really helped me to remember what I read in said chapter (but mostly because it was funny). I found it funny because right at the end of this chapter all about spheres, there is just this absurd joke about spherical cows. I think that putting that joke here wasn’t just for a splash of humor, but a calculated move to make people remember what they learned about spheres in this chapter. For me personally, it really did help me to remember all about the Coma cluster and how the milky way is so thin, “[the Milky Way] is flatter than the flattest flapjacks ever made.” (p. 139). (idk if that period should be there) Hopefully you have learned something from this, or at least watched the video that I linked. That video is hilarious, and if this picture of the most efficient cow doesn’t convince you, I don’t know what will.


I’m currently reading a book called “Every Single Lie” by Rachel vincent which tells us the story of a teenage girl that is in her last year of high school, but little she knew that this was going to be one of the weirdest, mysterious and concern year of her life. She tells us that her boyfriend is a cheater and that’s why she had broken up whit him, but she doesn’t have proof of it. So the year start in a negative way. But her life changed after the first day of school. She had a pretty normal day for a high school student, busy and boring. She wanted to take a break from people and went to the girl’s gym changing rooms that were closed because of renovations, she wanted to have a peace full lunch, but she got caught by surprise with an unalive body inside of a gym bag which had the same yellow painting stain that her ex-boyfriend’s gym bag.

A smear of red catches my eye on the floor of the left-hand shower. Paint dripped on the tile.

No, wait. It’s thin and watery, and entirely the wrong shade of red.

I head down the aisle, and when I squat in front of the empty shower stall, I realize the paint isn’t paint at all. It looks like blood, diluted when someone tried to wash it down the drain.

Which is still dripping …

This quotation tells us in detail how she notices the perturbing scene that now she has to deal with because she is now a witness. This book is about how she is solving this case to find the truth behind it. during her life, she never had anyone to trust and when she found someone he betrayed her.


In the book Verity by Colleen Hoover, Lowen Ashleigh, a writer is on her way to a very important meeting when she sees a man’s skull get crushed by a car. The man was looking at his phone while he prematurely crossed the road resulting in getting run over by a truck. After that incident Lowen is in shock and a man who we later find out is Jeremy, leads her into the bathroom of a coffee shop to help her get the blood cleaned off. They part ways and end up finding out that Jeremy is going to the same meeting as Lowen.  In the meeting she finds out that Jeremy’s wife is a famous writer whose name is Verity, she was in a very bad car accident which then led to her being somewhat brain dead. Jeremey is one of Lowen’s options to help complete the series Verity was working on. Lowen then accepts the offer and then stays at Jeremy and Verity’s house to read all the notes verity had taken that were in her office. Lowen later comes across a biography Verity had written about herself and everything goes downhill from there. One of the opening lines of the manuscript is;

“No one is likable from the inside out.” (p.65)

For me this was a significant quote in the book because it goes against the phrase “Don’t judge a book by it’s cover.” Almost everybody has been raised to assess one’s personality to see if you like them, instead of judging whether you like someone by their looks. But the quote I chose from the book stated the complete opposite it tells the ugly truth about how almost no one assess your personality first.



The book I’m reading is called “All for You” by Louise Jensen which tells us impulse that leads what we can’t expect. I just finished reading whole this book so I want to write about my review.

Everyone has at least one thing that you cannot tell anyone. However, the family in this book is little different. And actually they are really far from normal. We can find out that the family’s terror of the worst possible outcome with all its consequences. The author does well to keep us puzzling about what has happened and is happening to each of them.


It’s displayed on Aidan’s features, carved into the lines that now furrow his brow; his guilt. His entire face wracked with pain. He has read my thoughts. All of them. Now he knows why I want it to be Ryan. A complete circle. A repeat of the past. A truth. Will he agree? I want to believe that he will. Sometimes hope is enough. It’s all I have. I wait. Teetering on the brink. The brink of what, I am not sure. What is he thinking, my husband? Why doesn’t he say something? Anything. Yes. (p361)


These are sentences when we found out the reason Lucy wanted to be Ryan. I felt like the puzzle was going to be complete. And we can see both Aiden and Lucy’s feelings from inside of Lucy’s heart. It was breath-taking moment. There’s tension and fear and also a sense of the claustrophobia of being watched. This is so crazy. I asked myself how far I can go for someone I like or love. I don’t I’m enough old to understand these emotions. But, I enjoyed thrill that I’ve never had.

IRJE #5 – 10/01/2023

When the Targaryens defeated one of he last enemies during the conquer of Westeros they burned him and then they also let the word spread that they had defeated one of the last defenders of Westeros. This was to  scare some fo the other defenders into submission and therefore make the invasion of westeros easier.

“Let no man think that the fire of the Targaryens did not burn in his veins.”

This part of the book talks about how the aftermath of the conquest was still a deep wound on the loosing side and they just wouldnt give up so the targaryens started some brutal tactics and this quote is showin gone of those tactics. This tactic wasnt as effective as they expected it to be. It did work to some extent but it wasnt as much as they thought. Just a couple of warlords surrendered and the rest still posed a threat against the invaders.


In the novel Tiger woods, written by Jeff Benedict and Armen Keteyian, the two dive into depth on how Tiger Woods (the greatest golfer to ever play) became Tiger Woods. They look at his childhood, his home life, his parents, everything. In one specific part of the novel, Tiger was 11 years of age. He had just finished school and he was ready to devote all summer to practicing and playing in tournaments. Despite being 11, Tiger had probably the best summer in junior golf history.

 But in 1987, at age eleven, Tiger entered thirty-three junior golf tournaments and won every single one of them. ‘There’s no feeling I’ve found that matches the feeling that I’ve beaten everybody.’ Tiger said. ‘Second place is first loser.’ (p. 33)

From a young age, Tiger was always brought up to be a winner. He would watch his dad hit golf balls in the garage at the age of 6 months, then when he was 2, he had a pretty much flawless swing. Fast forward to age 5, he was practicing for 2 hours a day at the range. He was truly unlike any other kid, or golfer for that matter. Now at 11, he was dominating. It wasn’t uncommon for Tiger to win junior tournament by 10 strokes or more, which was certainly unheard of. Despite being only 11, Tiger was going to take the golf world by storm in the next years to come.


In the book The Catcher in the Rye, by J. D. Salinger, Holden Caulfield is a teenage student who has gotten kicked out of school. His brother died which caused him to become depressed and withdrawn from everyone around him. He gets frustrated by people who he thinks act fake and unauthentic. Nothing in his life brings him joy and he finds everything very trivial. He is going to a place that used to be one of his favourite spots but then realizes he doesn’t like it anymore.

That’s the whole trouble. You can’t ever find a place that’s nice and peaceful, because there isn’t any (p. 204).

This quote shows the internal issues he has with the world around him. The places that made him happy before his brother died, no longer feel the same to him, because of how he has changed since his death.

IJRE #5 


The book I am reading is named Prodigy written by Marie Lu. It is the second book in a series of three. It involves unusually intelligent boy and girl running away from the government named Day and June. After long journeys they figured out that their so-called glorious Republic is corrupt and spreading viruses to its own people. Once they came to this conclusion the never-ending running has turned into a fight for freedom. These characters have been recruited by the Patriots to assassinate the new elector of the Republic.

            “Everything I am familiar with is gone.”

This quote stands out to me because it emphasizes what these characters have been through. The corruption that they discovered within their government shows the dystopian world they must endure. Constantly lied to their entire life. Being the same age as the characters and knowing their situation makes me feel more empathetic for them and grateful for the life I have.

IRJE #5 – “Are you happy?”

Ray Bradbury’s famous novel Fahrenheit 451 starts by introducing the main character Guy Montag, a fireman. Whilst walking home, he encounters a new neighbour, Clarisse McClellan, who is curious and optimistic. “Are you happy?” she asks before walking back into her home. Montag returns home and

…. felt his smile slide away, melt, fold over down on itself like a tallow skin, like the stuff of a fantastic candle burning too long and now collapsing and now blown out. Darkness. He was not happy. He said the words to himself. He recognized this as the true state of affairs. He wore his happiness like a mask and the girl had run off across the lawn with the mask and there was no way of going to knock on her door and ask for it back.(p. 9)

Montag has finally come to the realization that he is not as happy as he thinks he is. However, he could not come to the conclusion by himself, it was through the conversation he had with Clarisse that he was able to even doubt his happiness. The happiness that he thinks he has is something he showcases to the outside world, not something he feels. This encounter not only reveals Montag as a miserable character, but also that Montag still has room for growth to understand his emotions. 

Some girls do – IRJE#5:

The novel Some Girls Do by Jennifer Dugan is a story of two complete opposites. They start off as enemies and end up in love. Ruby is a “rough around the edges”, car loving, padgent girl; whereas Morgan, an aspiring track star, just got kicked out of her catholic school for being gay. They work on a school project together and from there, they slowly become inseparable.

Ruby’s mom has had her do pageants since she was a little girl because it was her own dream but Ruby really doesn’t care about doing them anymore. When she tells her mom she won’t compete anymore, her mom gets really mad. Then she continues to come out to her mom…

“But.. I’m also not just talking about pageants.”

“What then?”

“You know what I’m talking about, you even know who I’m talking about…”

“Get out of my kitchen!” She stands up so fast her chair tips over.


“Get out of my sight right now, Ruby.” (p.297)

This conversation was an unfortunate reminder that many, many people still get unaccepting responses when coming out. Many from their own parents and family, who is supposed to love them unconditionally.

Fortunately, Ruby was just a fictional character, but she represented so much more.

Tolerance: IRJE #5

In the beautiful novel this is how it always is by Laurie Frankel, a young boy named Claude explores his gender identity by dressing in feminine clothing, including dresses. One summer when Claude is five years old, his grandmother, Carmelo, tells him that she will buy him a new swimsuit; whichever one he wants. So, Claude picks out a pink and floral bikini. Later, on a Sunday afternoon at the pool, Claude wears his bikini in public for the first time. Claude’s mother, Rosie, voices her concerns regarding Claude’s swimsuit to Carmelo.

“He’s happy,” said Carmelo as if that settled it, as if it were just that simple. “Happy, healthy, and fabulous. What more could you ask?”

“Other kids will make fun of him.”

“What kids?” said Carmelo.

“I don’t know. Kids.”

“Kids don’t care about that stuff anymore.”

“They don’t?”

“No. And why do you?”

“You do realize,” Rosie turned to her mother, “that I’m supposed to be calming you down about all of this, not the other way around? I’m the one who supposed to be talking you off the ledge. You’re supposed to be panicking and dragging him off to church or something.”

“So few Jews at church these days,” said Carmelo.

“You’re too old to be open-minded and tolerant,” said Rosie.

“I’m too old not to be.” (p. 45)

I wish everyone was like Carmelo.


The book Love and Olives by Jenna Evans Welch is a fiction book that I have been reading for a while now. The novel is about a girl named Liv (Olive) who went to Greece (Santorini) to meet with her father after years of separation. The book will frequently refer back to old memories that Liv and her father lived through together, and I think that it an important part of Liv trying to let her dad back into her life. This quote is one of those memories that she is reminiscing about:

There was a bench in Grant Park that should have had our names on it because we spent so many hours there. I’d bring a colouring book and a pack of crayons, and he’d bring the sudoku puzzle he was working on, but he almost never worked on it then. Instead we sat side by side, silent and taking it all in. He said that there are two types of silence, the silence that is empty and the silence that is full, and its never hard to figure out which one your dealing with. (p. 279)

I think this is very important for Liv because it was a happy memory of her life when she was younger with her father. It tells us as the readers that they had a really strong and healthy relationship and could just sit together in a “silence that is full” meaning it was never awkward between the two of them.



I have finally finished reading all 340 pages of Stephen R. Covey’s The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. It was a good read and an intriguing book to help improve oneself. My favorite part of this book was Stephen R. Covey’s introduction to habit #7, “sharpening the saw”.

Suppose you were to come upon someone in the woods working feverishly to saw down a tree.

“What are you doing?” I ask.

“Can’t you see?” comes the impatient reply. “I’m sawing down this tree.”

“You look exhausted!” you exclaim. “How long have you been at it?”

“Over five hours,” he returns, “And im beat! This is hard work.”

“Well, why don’t you take a break for a few minutes and sharpen that saw?” you inqure. “I’m sure it would go a lot faster.”

“I dont have time to sharpen the saw,” the man says empathetically. “I’m too busy sawing!”

I thoroughly enjoyed this introduction because it is a good metaphor for what the topic is really about. Sharpening the saw is not about a physical saw, it is about sharpening yourself. It is about sharpening all four dimensions of yourself. Your physical, spiritual, mental and social/emotional. Strengthening yourself in these aspects will help make all 6 other habits more effective.

Hunger Games IRJE #4 – Change of Pace

While reading further more into the book, I have noticed a change of pace in terms of its overall tone with the reader. At first, it seemed a bit slow to further emphasize Katniss’ dark life back in district 12. But mid-way through chapter 2 when Katniss takes her sister’s place as tribute, things start to speed up a little. Katniss’ slow and grim lifestyle transitioned into a fast paced, roller coaster of events stacked on top of each other which gives us this certain feeling of anxiety. We also get a better glimpse of Katniss’ emotions.

“Prim let go,” I say harshly, because this is upsetting me and I don’t want to cry. When they televise the replay of the reapings tonight, everyone will make note of my tears, and I’ll be marked as an easy target. A weakling. I will give no one that satisfaction.

This quote reminds me of the saying, “don’t judge a book by its cover” as it shows Katniss’ inner feelings towards others around her. The book portrays her as this poor teenage girl who has taken the responsibility as her sister’s caretaker ever since her mom couldn’t bear the load of her husband’s passing and who as a result, tends to have frequent blackouts. Even though if it would cause her to look through her town’s garbage, she would do anything she could to keep her sister away from getting taken away from her family. This quote makes Katniss seem like the brave person she really is and even starts to depict her in a more aggressive way as she wouldn’t want to be seen as a coward.


Hunger Games IRJE #3 – The Less Fortunate

Like many dystopian novels, Hunger Games makes note of many issues which occur in several totalitarian countries. In the post-apocalyptic country known as Panem, people do not have the right to speak against the government as they have complete control over all twelve districts. As stated in the first book of the series, the most common punishment for speaking against the government is death, usually by firing squad. In the first chapter, Katniss is reminded by her mom to be mindful of what she says around other people and in the house so that she and her sister Prim would avoid facing the consequences.

When I was younger, I scared my mother to death, the things  I would blurt out about District 12, about the people who rule our country, Panem, from the far-off city called the Capitol. Eventually I understood this would only lead us to more trouble. So I learned to hold my tongue and to turn my features into an indifferent mask so that that no one could ever read my thoughts. Do my work quietly in school. Make only polite small talk in the public market. Discuss little more than trades in the Hob, which is the black market where I make most of my money. Even at home, where I am less pleasant, avoid discussing tricky topics. Like the reaping, or food shortages, or the Hunger Games. Prim might begin to repeat my words and then where would we be?

In certain countries, this is usually what certain people must go through when they speak against certain measures imposed on them. In countries such as North Korea, Iran, and Saudi Arabia, people are held captive in jail under inhumane conditions or are even executed. This only demonstrates how lucky and privileged we are to live in a country where we can speak against modern day injustices or even criticize the government publicly without facing the harsh consequences experienced in these certain less-fortunate countries.

Justice and Utilitarianism (IRJE #4)

In Justice, by Michael J. Sandel, a professor of philosophy at Harvard, the author introduces the meaning of justice, and what it is. He further describes justice as something that is meant to be done; the right thing to do. As the book continues into chapter 2, the author moves the topic onto utilitarianism. Utilitarianism is a concept, in general, which promotes happiness and pleasure, but on the other hand, opposes things that can cause unhappiness or damage. The author uses an example to describe the following:

We all like pleasure and dislike pain. The utilitarian philosophy recognizes this fact and makes it the basis of moral and political life. Maximizing utility is a principle not only for individuals but also for legislators. In deciding what laws or policies to enact, a government should do whatever will maximize the happiness of the community as a whole. (pg. 34)

In the following quote, the author Michel J. Sandel describes the concept and philosophy of utilitarianism, with detailed examples. He further states that the following concept not only benefits an individual but also a community. The author additionally states that this should be promoted amongst governments,  “to ensure and maximize the happiness of the community as a whole.” I am yet to fully understand this heavy concept and is out of three ranges I could fathom. However, this book has influenced me and was memorable enough for me to trace back to the following book I read not a long time ago.

– Jm.Y




In the Handmaids Tale by Margaret Atwood, There are two maids talking to each other when a man walks up to them slowly and starts proposing an idea to them that women should not be going to go find jobs they should be staying home with the kids and feeding/providing for the children while the men go out and work.

“We can make things so much better! The women won’t have to work they can stay home with the children isn’t this great!” He says

“Better never means better for everyone,” she says

“Its the right thing trust me” he says and walks off

This was a very realistic saying and if you think about what she is saying it has a lot deeper meaning and is usually true in most cases. Someone will always be unhappy with the choice that’s just the way it is.



In the Handmaids Tale by Margaret Atwood is a science fiction tragedy novel about a woman living in sexual slavery. Olfglen a character in the book keeps trying to make the men who are basically controlling her but she wants do things that she wants to do but the men keep refusing.

“But i want to do things as well, is all,” she says grumpy again

“No you must finish what you been asked”

“But cant I do the chores after?”

“No” He repeats angrily (p. 287)

This is a sad part in the book in my opinion because the women in this book are trying very hard to take a bit of control over thier lives but cant and arent even coming close and it makes it even harder because there are not many women that wanted to fight for thier rights at this time anyways


IRJE 4, the dumb kidnapper

The second book of the Folk of the Air series The wicked king is a great continuation of the first one named The cruel prince. The whole series is famous and well-known across the world among young people. The story continues after a few months where the first one ended. The main character, Jude, tricked everybody into crowning a new king that was in her power because he signed a bargain with her. She, in fact, became the King of the Elfhame and needs to deal with every problem in the country. Her old bullies and kingdom enemies hate her and plan a vicious scheme about how to get the crown for themselves.

“I don’t know what trick you performed on him, but I will discover it,” she says, unnerving me with how close her guess comes to the mark.

“You think I performed a trick because Cardan likes me better than you,” I say. “But you shot at him with a crossbow bolt. Of course he likes me better.”

Her face goes pale, her mouth opening in surprise.

This was one of the funny-serious situations. Jude is kidnapped under the sea in the Sea kingdom on the order of the queen. The queen’s daughter, Narcisia, is one of Jude’s bullies who is in love with the real king. It is hard for Narcisia to believe that he talks to Jude more than to her. She believes that she tricked him into something and that he does not love her. Jude answers in a funny way that of course he likes her more when you shot him with a crossbow (which she really did, out. of jealousy).

IRJE #4: Sinners Condemned

In the book Sinners Condemned by Somme Sketcher, Rafe is a man who owns multiple casinos in Las Vegas, he is part of a really big family of gamblers. He had been sitting outside of a gypsy’s wagon and then when the lady came out he had asked her to read his cards for him.

Internships at Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan. A master’s degree from Harvard Business School. Hell, the only reason I bought a casino in Vegas was to learn the ropes before I built my legacy back home.
Home. Fuck. I’ve always thought home is where my family is, but now I’m not so sure. I know I could always go back to the Coast. Uncle Alberto would take me on as a Caporegime for the Devil’s Cove outfit, or if I wanted to keep my hands clean, he would give me a position on the board at his whiskey company in Devil’s Hollow. (p. 18)

I chose this quotation because it made me think about home. How some people may not think of their family as home but rather something else. Perhaps, they feel home isn’t with their family but at school with friends, work or a place like the beach. For me I feel like I have multiple “homes.” Of course I have my actual house and that’s one home with my family. I also feel like when I’m at my friends house, I’m also at my home. I also feel like rivers are another “home” I have. However, this is different with Rafe. Rafe isn’t sure wether he feels that home is with his family or if its down at the Coast and I think that that’s normal, to not know because you have more then one place you call home.




I am reading the book The Catcher in the Rye by J.d Salinger the chapter 5 of the book talks about Holden eating dinner at the dining hall with his friends, then they all get ready to go on the bus and when everyone is getting ready holden goes outside and makes a snowball

It says” while he was doing it, I went over to my window and opened it and packed a snowball with my bare hands. The snow was very good for packing. I didn’t throw it at anything, though I started to throw it at a car that was parked across the street I changed my mind.” (pg.41)

When I read this part in the book I thought about last winter when I and my friend were all packing snow with our hands and throwing it at cars for fun, and also when we got into trouble with the security around the mall for throwing it at a moving car.


The book I am reading is “All for You” by Louise Jensen. Let me talk about the scenes of the mother Lucy’s feelings. These are sentences after Lucy lost everything that she had.

I’m alone.

I’m alone.

I’m alone.

A wife without a husband. A mother without any children.

Help me.

I cannot cope with this. I just… can’t.

The flowers. The white car. Connor. Kieron. Aidan.


I’m so so sorry for the things I did, for the things I didn’t do.

I hate you, Connor had screamed.

I hate me too.

The smell from the flowers fills my nostrils, I crawl down the hallway from them.

A spinning top of thoughts, whirring faster and faster until I’m dizzy.








Death. (p.208)

In this quote, we can see that Lucy is blaming herself and she is terribly upset.  The author repeated “I’m alone” three times. I can say these are messages for each three Connor, Kieron and Aiden. The sentences “A wife without a husband. A mother without any children.” can break our images of wife and mother. Lucy is talking to herself. We can find the feelings like sadness, regrets and despair. And the worlds “missing” “taken” “funerals” “death” express how it ruined her life. Though this book seems to be only mystery, it shows us some feelings that we do not show to others.

Without the musician, all life would be loneliness. -IRJE #4

For my Independent Reading Journal, I have chosen a quotation from the novel Do Not Say We Have Nothing , written by Madeline Thien. This book follows a ten year-old Chinese-Canadian girl named Marie. The story initially takes place in 1990, but the time varies as her family invites a guest into their home. Ai-Ming is young woman who has fled China, following the Tiananmen massacre. Marie befriends her guest, and together they recount the history of their families, following many different eras from Mao Zedong’s reign in the 1940s, to the very event that caused Ai-Ming to flee in the first place. One particular focus in the book is the power of music, and the emotions it can invoke. This particular quotation is from Ai-Ming recounting the story of a young man named Sparrow, who is living in 1949, nearing the end of the Chinese civil war.

      She gave him a single pear syrup candy. “This will keep your voice sweet,” she whispered. “Remember what I say: music is the great love of the People. If we sing a beautiful song, if we faithfully remember all the words, the People will never abandon us. Without the musician, all life would be loneliness.

Sparrow knew what loneliness was. It was his cousin’s small corpse wrapped in a white sheet. It was the man on the sidewalk who was so old he couldn’t run away when the reds came, it was the boy soldier whose decapitated head sat on the city gates, deforming and softening in the sun. (p. 30)

I really enjoy this quotation, because it shows how much music affects Sparrow. It displays what images come to his mind, in a world of loneliness, without music. Another reason I enjoy this excerpt, is because of how it can also be interpreted as inspirational. The first, minimal piece of dialogue by Big Mother Knife has the power to give some purpose to Sparrow, during such a difficult time, which also spurs his passion for music, which develops further as the story continues.


For the past few weeks I have been reading Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austin. It’s about a love story between Elizabeth Bennet and Mr Darcy. The book is about how they both overcome their biases to be together. As you’re reading the novel Elizabeth Bennet and Mr Darcy learn to leave their pride and their prejudice. I also think it is a feminist novel because Elizabeth Bennet thinks that it’s wrong that men are considered superior than woman.  Love and class really stand out in this novel.

I am the happiest creature in the world. Perhaps other people have said so before, but not one with such justice. I am happier even than Jane; she only smiles, I laugh.”

Pride and Prejudice, Page 361, Volume three

This words start out to me because after what they’ve Benn through they finally announce their engagement so Mr Darcy written a letter to their gardeners showing his joy. Personally I think this quote is full of happiness, since they’ve learned to leave the pride and they’re prejudice to be together. This book is well known for being one of the most revolutionary love novels and I agree with that. Although it was at some point hard to reed I enjoyed it.

Broken bones beneath the beauty IRJE #4

In the book Washington Black by Esi Edugyan, Washington is a slave boy born on a plantation, ironically named Faith. Washington’s master has died, and the master’s nephew has come to take over the plantation. The new master, Erasmus Wilde, was accompanied by his brother Christopher Wilde. Christopher was nicknamed Titch because he was sick as a child and was very small. Christopher has asked to be called Titch because “Mister Wilde is my father.”(p. 36) Titch and Washington have climbed a nearby mountain, Corvus Peak and Washington has been asked to draw the landscape.

But as I surveyed the terrain, a slow feeling was growing in me, a feeling I could not account for. I watched Titch at his exertions. And as I began to draw what I saw with a clean accuracy, I realized I was troubled by the enormous beauty of that place, of the jewel-like fields below us, littered as I knew them to be with broken teeth. The hot wind snapped at my papers, and in a kind of ghostly sound beneath this I thought I heard the cry of a baby. For the few women who gave birth here were turned immediately back into the fields, and they would set their tender-skinned newborns down in the furrows to wail against the hot sun. I craned out at the fields; I could see nothing. Far out at sea, a great flock of seagulls rose and turned, the late afternoon light flaring on the undersides of their wings.

I chose this quote because it speaks of the double-sided nature of everything we see. The quote talks about the beautiful landscape, yet the evils contained within are still there. It makes you think about how if you walk far enough from something it becomes more perfect. I sort of think of the quote as unfocusing a camera, it can become beautiful, yet you miss half the details. So what problem have you not looked hard enough at recently?

IRJE #4: Adults taking advantage

The Catcher in the Rye is a novel by J.D. Salinger. Holden Caulfield is a 16-year-old teen who ran away from boarding school because he doesn’t find passion nor motivation in passing classes. He decided to stay in a hotel since he didn’t want to go back home.

Then, all of a sudden, I got in this big mess.  

The first thing when I got in the elevator, the elevator guy said to me, 

“Innarested in having a good time, fella? Or is it too late for you?” 

“How do you mean?” I said. I didn’t know what he was driving at or anything. 

 “Innarested in a little tail t’night?”  

“Me?” I said. Which was a very dumb answer, but it’s quite embarrassing when somebody comes right up and asks you a question like that.  

“How old are you, chief?” the elevator guy said.  

“Why?” I said. “Twenty-two.” 

 “Uh huh. Well, how ’bout it? Y’innarested? Five bucks a throw. Fifteen bucks the whole night.” He looked at his wrist watch. “Till noon. Five bucks a throw, fifteen bucks till noon.”  

“Okay,” I said. It was against my principles and all, but I was feeling so depressed I didn’t even think. That’s the whole trouble. When you’re feeling very depressed, you can’t even think.  

“Okay what? A throw, or till noon? I gotta know.”  

“Just a throw.” 

“Okay, what room ya in?” 

I looked at the red thing with my number on it, on my key. “Twelve twenty-two,” I said. I was already sort of sorry I’d let the thing start rolling, but it was too late now. “Okay. I’ll send a girl up in about fifteen minutes.” He opened the doors and I got out.

“Hey, is she good-looking?” I asked him. “I don’t want any old bag.”  

“No old bag. Don’t worry about it, chief.”  

“Who do I pay?” “Her,” he said. “Let’s go, chief.” (p. 99)

This reminds me of times when adults tried to take advantage of me since I am a kid and tried to sell products to me that are illegal and illegal to kids. This is sad because this is the reason that some kids get themselves into trouble or addictions. 

Hunger Games IRJE #2 – The Loaf of Bread

As I venture onto my second book in the Hunger Games series, I am placed in the shoes of a young teenage girl, Katniss Everdeen who has been met with one of her largest challenges in life as a resident of Panem, the reaping. The reaping is an event where two candidates of ages 12-18, male and female are chosen to participate in the Hunger Games, where they are to fight to the death amongst themselves and the candidates from other districts. At the beginning of the book, I was fascinated with Collins’ detailed description of imagery especially in the part where Katniss goes hunting with Gale, her childhood friend and start to make jokes about the reaping to help relieve themselves of their fear of getting selected for the games.

“Look what I shot” Gale holds up a loaf of bread with an arrow stuck in it, and I laugh. It’s real bakery bread, not the flat, dense loaves we make from our grain rations. I take it in my hands, pull out the arrow, and hold the puncture in the crust to my nose, inhaling the fragrance that makes my mouth flood with saliva. Fine bread like this is for special occasions.

The part of this quote which really stood out to me was the imagery associated with the bread and the way they joke around to take their minds off the reaping. The inclusion of the very detailed description makes me imagine the current situation of the citizens of district 12 and how hungry and desperate they are for something as simple as a loaf of bread. The way how the bread was described, the smell, the feeling, and even the mention of it being fine bread compared to their traditional flat bread made me imagine that this surely is a loaf of bread to be cherished.


In the book Rebel by Marie Lu, Daniel and his brother Eden have moved to a new city in the hopes to start a better life after having lost their family in a civil war. Daniel hopes that a new life will keep his little brother safe and give him more opportunities but unfortunately Eden becomes involved with Dominic Hann, a major crime lord in the country. In one of Eden’s meetings with Dominic Hann he tells Eden about all the things he has gone through to get to where he is now, all the hardships he has faced that have turned him into who he is today.

And I found myself wondering about the fine lines in our lives that turn us one way or the other-that the hardships my brother or June faced twisted them in one direction, while Hann went in another.” (p. 315)

I picked this quote because I found it interesting to think about how people react differently to similar situations, but how it can impact them in different ways. Some people learn from hardship and grow from it while others get stuck in the hardship and never let go of the pain it caused them. The same experience can make people go down different paths.





I am still currently reading It starts with us by Colleen Hoover. Atlas and Lily have reunited and they have started dating. Lily told Atlas she wanted to take things slow because she know that her ex husband Ryle hates Atlas. Sure, she has no feelings for Ryle anymore but he is the father of her child and still has to see him almost everyday. After Ryle and Lily have a fight/argument on the rooftop of her old apartment building (where he lives now), she feels overwhelmed and goes home. She then gets ready for bed, as she’s climbing into her bed she gets a FaceTime call from Atlas. She tells him about her day and he offers to come by her house and give her a hug. Lily says;

“You’re going to drive five miles just to give me a hug?”(p.122)

Atlas then replies with;

“I’d run five miles just to give you a hug.” (p.122)

I love these quotes because it shows the love and appreciation he has for her. He is saying that no matter what happens he will always be there for her, and that there is nothing more important than making her feel like she’s is the most important person in the world and making sure that she feels and is loved and cared for.

IRJE #4: Serious Delirium

Roddy Doyle captures the quintessence of childhood abandon in Paddy Clarke Ha Ha Ha. For 10-year-old Paddy, the world consists of his friends and family; the universe consists of his small north Dublin neighbourhood. Paddy and his school mates are a rowdy bunch. Their complete lack of restraint can sometimes lead to cruel behaviour, and sometimes to beautiful inhibition.

I’d hold my arms out straight till they ached and I’d spin. I could feel the air against my arms, trying to stop them from going so fast, like dragging them through water. I kept going. Eyes open, little steps in circle; my heels cut into the grass, made it juicy; real fast — the house, the kitchen, the hedge, the back, the other hedge, the apple tree, the house, the kitchen, the hedge, the back — waiting to stop my feet. I never warned myself. It just happened – the other hedge, the apple tree, the house, the kitchen — stop — onto the ground, on my back, sweating, gasping, everything still spinning. The sky — round and round — nearly wanting to get sick. Wet from sweating, cold and hot. Belch. I had to lie till it was over. Round and round; it was better with my eyes open, trying to get my eyes to hang onto one thing and stop it from turning. Snot, sweat, round, round and round. I didn’t know why I did it; it was terrible — maybe that was why. It was good getting there — spinning . . . The world was round and Ireland was stuck on the side; I knew that when I was spinning — falling off the world. (p. 173)

This quotation perfectly exemplifies the weird, random acts kids sometimes feel compelled to do without really knowing —or caring— why. The sensory overload Paddy experiences spinning, takes me right back to Year 2 hanging out in Coram’s Fields. One time, Mateo coerced Davide and I to climb onto the merry-go-round. He promised he would stop when we told him to, and of course, never did. The world was spinning; Mateo was running; and we were shrieking; equal parts terror and delight. Eventually, Davide and I were flung aside and landed with a crash onto the playground sand. Just like Paddy Clarke, I stared up at the sky, feeling a frenzied, swirling state of serious delirium. 

IRJE #4 – It Ends with Us

I am reading “It Ends with Us” by Colleen Hoover. This book is about Lily Bloom and Ryle Kincaid, who meet each other on the roof top of an apartment building, as they were both up there for some peace and quiet because they were struggling with a few traumatic events occurring in their life. At first glance they were both fairly attracted to each other, and their personalities meshed well together, yet Ryle didn’t want a long-lasting relationship whereas Lily is a hopeless romantic. As their conversation flowed, Ryle got called in from the hospital where he works as a Neurosurgeon. Ryle leaves Lily on the rooftop where again she lays alone.

He looks at me. Like really looks at me. His eyes meet mine and he just stares, hard, like all my secrets are right there on my face. I’ve never seen eyes as dark as him. Maybe I have, but they seem darker when they’re attached to such an intimidating presence.   (p. 9)

Lily describes Ryle as an “intimidating presence” and as the book proceeds, he doesn’t appear to be that intimidating and instead he listens to her, he is interested in what she has to say. They both have instant chemistry when they meet and their energy flows between each other which is why I find it so interesting to read, how complete opposites in the social view can be so alike when they are alone together.