IRJE #4 “Call It What You Want”

For the past two weeks I started reading a book named “Call It What You Want” By Alissa DeRogatis, This book has brought me lots of emotions and most of them where of angriness, frustration, and sadness. The main character, Sloane is a young girl stuck with the same guy for years, she can’t get over him which causes her a lot of problems during her young adult life. Since she broke up with  Ethan for like the 20th time, she compares every guy with him and can’t no longer be happy with neither of them. Sloane only wants to be with Ethan.

No one talks about the morning after a breakup enough. Swollen eyes.Waking up— if you were lucky enough to sleep— wondering if it was just anightmare. Realizing that it wasn’t. The pain in your heart re-appearing. No‘good morning’ text. No ‘I’m sorry I fucked up’ voicemail. Nothing. Thatwas your new reality. A cold bed, an empty stomach and an ache in your chest that you fear will never go away.

The quote from the text talks about the morning after a breakup, I related to this quote because I have felt this exact same feeling as Sloane, the feeling of an ache in your chest, unable to breath. I do not want to have this feeling ever again, even though it goes away after days is something I don’t want to experience again.

PW#4 My 17 Birthday!

I hate my birthday.My birthday creates mixed emotions, particularly on November 18. The day brings a sense of guilt and heart pressure, surrounded by the tradition of receiving gifts and hugs. The act of people spending considerable money on me and singing happy birthday creates discomfort, making the day less special to me.

However this last birthday here on Brookes with my friends I actually enjoyed it. It changed the perspective on my birthday. It made me calm down and actually realize the good things. All the hugs, cheers, smiles, and gifts I received made me have for the first time a good birthday experience. All my friends and my family from far away made it so special in many ways and It just makes me be so thankfully for them.

I can see a personal growth in my attitude towards my birthday. I anticipate a transformative shift on November 18 next year, where a big smile will grow on my face, and I’ll appreciate the moment. My perspective has evolved, and I now regard my birthday as a truly special day to celebrate with the people I love most.


IRJE #3 You’ve Reached Sam

For the past several weeks I have read the book of “You’ve >Reached Sam” The book has many quotes then remind me a lot of when I was back home, of missing memories and people and bringing the feeling of nostalgia.

“I listen to the message again. I listen to it on the way home, and several more times before I fall asleep. I listen to it the next morning when Mika comes over and I replay it for her. I listen to it again that night and the day after that. I listen to it on the days I miss Sam most and want to hear his voice again. I listen to his voice mail until I have it memorized, and I don’t need to play it anymore.”

I often find myself revisiting my own experiences and memories. I recall moments that have shaped me, like the melodies of a favorite song that refuse to fade away. They’re the stories I’ve replayed in my mind countless times, etching themselves into my very being.

As the days pass, my own memories become my refuge, especially during times of longing or nostalgia. They are the cherished moments that bring comfort when I miss the people and places I hold dear. Just as with that messages or voicemails, I have them memorized, etched into my heart.

In the end, like the enduring presence of those memories, my experiences and the people who have touched my life remain a part of me. They shape the person I’ve become, and their echoes resound in the way I live and love, in the way I connect with the world around me.

PR #2 All Quiet in the Western Front

The book “All Quiet on the Western Front” by Erich Maria Remarque revealed the harsh reality of war to me. Initially, I had a limited understanding of what war was like and the seriousness of World War I. I was uninformed and had never explored into this subject, but this book truly enlightened me. What struck me the most was the book’s refusal to romanticize war; instead, it portrayed it as a dreadful and senseless conflict that took a heavy toll on the soldiers. The characters endured immense suffering, and it was heart-wrenching to witness their transformation from hopeful young men into battle-hardened soldiers. Throughout the book, it emphasized how young soldiers essentially sacrificed their youth to the horrors of war. Before reading this book, I hadn’t considered this, believing that only adult men participated in war. The harsh reality was different. Men of various ages who knew how to use a gun were called to battle and willingly gave their lives for their country. It made me realize how young men were traumatized, how a soccer ball could suddenly become a grenade, or a toy car transformed into a machine gun.

Additionally, the book showed the circumstances that forced 16-year-old boys into war and how two young soldiers with promising futures could end up taking each other’s lives in the trenches due to the extreme conditions of war. This book significantly expanded my knowledge on the topic, and I am grateful for it. It made me realize the true significance of World War I and presented me the most realistic and brutal perspective on it.

PW #3 Why Christmas needs to arrive.

The anticipation of Christmas each year is a feeling that stirs within me with an undeniable sense of excitement and hope. It’s not about merely wanting the holiday season to arrive earlier so I can bask in the twinkling lights, fragrant pine trees, or the joy of giving and receiving gifts. No, it’s a deeper yearning, one that transcends the festive decorations and traditions.

Christmas, for me, represents a unique season where the world seems to collectively slow down just a bit. It’s a time when hearts open wider, when acts of kindness and compassion are more readily shared, and when a sense of unity fill the air. As the days grow shorter, the chill in the air becomes more pronounced, and the first snowflakes fall, there’s an undeniable and almost magical transformation that takes place.

The holiday season isn’t just about celebrating the birth of Christ or marking the passing of another year. It’s a time when people, from all walks of life and across the globe, decide to be a little kinder, a little more generous, and a little more understanding. It’s as if the collective spirit of humanity reaches its high point during this time, reminding us of our capacity for love and empathy.

I eagerly anticipate the arrival of Christmas because it’s a season that embodies the very best of humanity. It’s a beacon of light in the darkest of winter nights, a time when we collectively embrace the idea that, despite the challenges and chaos of everyday life, there is still a wellspring of hope within us. So, I long for Christmas to arrive early not to rush through time, but to embrace the spirit of love and unity that it brings, and to be reminded that we can carry that spirit with us in our hearts year-round.


IRJE #2 You’ve Reached Sam

The book that I’m currently reading is You’ve Reached Sam by Dustin Thao. This book has many quotes that I represent myself in and it makes me relate to the main character Julie, Julie is a young teenage girl who is passing through many problems in her life making question herself about the reality.

″You end up missing the little things, the moments you don’t think matter- but they do. Moments that make you forget about everything else.”

This quote really impacted me in someway because I related to it. When I was in Mexico I thought I wouldn’t miss the little details like going for ice cream with my family or even watching a movie with some friends. Once Ive been in Canada I noticed that I do miss does little details even if they don’t have anything important, when I get stressed I just remember does small intercations and forget all about my actual problems, just like Julie, she remembers details she had with her partner before he died and how does memories she thought weren’t important are now the reason why she is happy.

PW#2 A Mexican living in Canada

Being in a place where they don’t speak your first language is kind of hard, you don’t have the same humor nor the same cultures or traditions. People use to say that going into an exchange year is easy, that is like a sabbatic year but not in my occasion. When I arrived to Canada it was like a dream everything was easy and I couldn’t believe that this would be like vacations for one year. School started and reality came through, everything was way different that in Mexico, I got desperate and stressed cause I did not understand this new things. The reality is that exchange year is not easy and even more if they use different things such as ManageBac, I hate ManageBac I couldn’t understand it at first but through the last couple of days I have understand it way more. However I love Canada, its normal to feel stressed at the beginning, you just have to adapt yourself to the situation with help of others or just placing way more strength into the situation, through the time goes by everything will fall into place I just have to keep pushing my self.

You’ve Reached Sam

“They say moving on becomes easier over time, but I can barely hold a photo without my hands trembling,” this quote is from the book You’ve Reached Sam and is from the perspective of Julie. I started reading this book weeks ago and this quote captured my eye.

Many people have experienced the struggle of trying to move on from something or someone important in their lives. The quote speaks to the universal human experience of holding onto cherished memories and struggling to let go when the time comes. I relate a lot to this quote because something similar happened to me.

PR#1 They Shall Not Grow Old, Vittoria Barocio

Can something in the past change the present into a different way of living? WW1 had a big impact on the modernized world, it changed it in many ways, and the soldiers who were part of that war changed the world for the better.

Soldiers do not regret going to war, that was one of the quotes the documentary “They Shall Not Grow Old” Started with. This quote symbolizes a lot to me and represents a lot of things in WW1 because it shows how men of all ages, gave their life for the war. Without this man fighting, the world wouldn’t be the same as it is now. We are who are because of these soldiers. At the beginning of the documentary I was completely uninterested, but once I started observing the hard work all the soldiers apported to the war, I understood that they did all of that for the future of the world. The world is so much different, from how it was back then, maybe if those soldiers hadn’t joined the war, and done everything to stop it, the world would still be fighting. I have so much respect for all those people who made the war go to an end, and not only soldiers but also the people who sported in many different other ways; Like women, women filled men’s jobs while they weren’t available, or also the medics, people who took care of all those extreme injuries created in the ear. Overall I’m so thankful for the people who risked everything they had for the benefit of others, without World War One people’s actions we wouldn’t be who we are now.


PW #1 First Canadian Blog

Winter was one of the reasons why I came to Canada. In Mexico everything in winter is so much different than here, there’s no snow and it’s not that cold, however here in Canada is a dream come true. I love snowboarding, which means Canada is specialty in snowy mountains.

Winter is a season that fills me with wonder and excitement. When the first snowflakes start to fall, it’s like a magical moment straight out of a storybook. Each snowflake is unique and beautiful, and they come together to create a soft, white blanket on the ground.

One of the things I love most about winter is how quiet it becomes. The world seems to slow down, and everything is so peaceful. I can hear the crunch of my footsteps on the snow.

Winter is also a time for cozy moments. I enjoy sipping hot cocoa by the warm fireplace and wrapping myself in a soft blanket while watching a good movie. It’s a season for spending time with family and friends, making memories together.

Im counting the days for winter to arrive in Canada, even though we are right now in autumn I want winter to arrive right now. Winter makes my nose turn red making a realization that it arrived, also its starts smelling like cinnamon and pumpkin spice, meaning Christmas is here! Definitely Winter is the best.


The best Mexican introduction by Vittoria

Hola! I’m Vittoria Barocio Gonzalez, Im originally and proudly from a small but revolutionary city in the north of Mexico! It’s called Torreon, there’s not many things to do there but you definitely have some love for that beautiful city. I just arrived to Brookes last Thursday and I’m planning on staying this whole school year. My biggest interests would be snowboarding and basketball.

Of course there are many Mexicans who love reading, thankfully I’m not one of them. I hate reading, and of course I know the benefits of reading but my brain just do not work at reading. Yeah, if I have to read its school related but if I had to read for my own like, I just wouldn’t. Maybe in the future I can start reading at least 10 pages a day, but for today I´m good without reading.

There are many Mexican writers who are amazing and what they do, and of course I’m planning to becoming one of does amazing writers. I come from an American school in Mexico so that means I have to write a lot fun and boring essays, but that’s what makes me grow as a writer. I consider myself a good writer because I have amazing ideas and I love to explain to full detail all the information creating an amazing story.