Blog Comments

Please remember that you are not on social media: this is an academic blog for your English class.


  • Comments should be kind.
  • Comments should be helpful: this means they should be specific. A comment like “Great post!” is kind, but it is not helpful because it is not specific. What, exactly, is great about the post?
  • Comments should be focused on the writing.
  • The aim here is to engage in a conversation and help each other become better writers. Respond to the thoughts and feelings expressed in the post. Point out details that you like. Point out anything that confuses you, but do not critique or correct grammar, punctuation, spelling, etc. Before posting a comment, ask yourself this: If I received the comment I have just written, would it help me become a better writer? Would I appreciate receiving this comment?
  • Comments should avoid humour and remarks about the writer. Attempts at humour can be misunderstood, and remarks directed at persons should be delivered either in person or not at all.
  • Comments should be written in standard English, with capitals where needed, proper spelling, and punctuation. Do not write on this blog the way you write text messages on your phone.

Your first comment must be approved by me before it appears. After that your comments will appear immediately, but I do monitor comments. If you post something inappropriate I will delete the comment and and speak with you in person if there is some confusion about what is appropriate, and what isn’t.

—Mr. MacKnight