PW #4: Lethally in Love – Chapter 2: A familiar feeling

Cyane’s heat skipped a beat. A heart wrenching feeling, that she guiltily shoved down into the pit of her chest. “Perrrrrrresephone, my girl” Daphne stretched, smiling in a awkwardly “We were just talking about youuuuu, how have you been?”. Cyane slapped her forehead, as the sinking feeling in her stomach only grew deeper with every second. “Oh! I’m quite fine thank-you Daphne… I’m sorry you were what?”. “It’s nothing!” Cyane interjected quickly, shielding Persephone from Daphne’s fiery glare. “Yeah…” Daphne stretched again over Cyane’s shoulder. Her voice rung in a slithery way that she used to get under peoples skin. Persephone, looked uncomfortable as she shifted her weight and fiddled with her hair like she always did when she was nervous. “Oh, dear me, I don’t think I’ve told you this yet” Daphne blurted suddenly ” But Cyane’s been seeing a little someone on the side, isn’t that cute?”. “Who!” Persephone blurted, a hint of anger seething into her voice. Daphne smirked at Persephone as Cyane stood in confliction.

Was that anger in her voice? Could She be jealous of… me? “Oh its nothing really” Cyane added casually, her words getting caught up in the moment. What am I doing? Daphne winked at Cyane in reassurance . “W-Who is it” Persephone said with a longed smile. Oh no? what am I supposed to say, Aries doesn’t even like me. But deep in Cyane a fluttery happy feeling spread in her. A guilty pleasure. She hated seeing Persephone nervous and defensive like that. But the way jealousy seeped into Persephone’s voice made Cyane happy in a way she couldn’t put her finger on.

“You wouldn’t believe it if I told you. My sneaky little Cyane has found her way around to a God” Daphne sang putting her arm around Cyane. “Oh, its really not that big of a deal” Cyane mumbled “Aries has just been visiting me every now and then. He’s really not all that bad- we’re just friends though” .Her face flushing red from the insidious lie. “*Gasp* your blushing, Cyane!” Daphne teased turning her attention away from Persephone. “Sorry Pers did you say something?” Daphne said, a small smirk on her face. Persephone looked deep into Cyane, Sending a cascade of butterflies into Cyane’s stomach.

“Sorry I haven’t been talked with you in a while Cyane, I would have loved to hear about You and Aries earlier. I’ve just been down in with Hades in the Underworld” Persephone started, her gaze focused on Cyane. “Oh, yeah didn’t he kidnap you?” Daphne teased tensely, her eyes narrowing at Persephone. “Oh, no of course not! I mean I can see how that could be mis-interpreted but Hades has been treating me with such care and love. He can be really charming you know?” Persephone whisper dreamily, as she fiddled with her hair. “Did you come here to say something or why are you here” Cyane blurted, her jealously practically seething through her breath. Persephone looked startled for a second “Sorry I just wanted to see you again. But now that you mention it I really do have to be going”. Daphne waved goodbye to Persephone as she left hesitantly, occasionally looking over her shoulder as she walked away from their spring.

Cyane faced the cliff of the spring as Persephone left. A rage of emotions awakened by Persephone as she sputtered on about stupid Hades. Him and his stupid kidnapping and girlfriend stealing and- and stupid charming smiles. The stupid king she ripped my heart out for. Cyane thought as she fought back tears. “What was that? the tension between you two was tense enough to cut it with a dagger!” Daphne blurted rolling her eyes, as she swam to stand beside Cyane “And did you see her, she was practically shooting daggers at- oh gods, what happened?”. Cyane turned around to Daphne, her lip quivering. Suddenly all her anger and jealousy crashed down onto her. A tear fell from her eyes, and soon Cyane was sobbing. Uncontrollably. Suddenly Daphne’s warm arms wrapped around Cyane and Cyane fell into them. “*hic* I just- why would she leave me like that?”. Daphne patted her head, in her own hesitant way of condolement. “Because she isn’t worth your time Cyane. She was too blind to see your kick ass personality. So there’s no use in crying over selfish smug goddesses.”. Cyane stopped crying for a moment, her head still drooped into Daphne’s chest. “Set me up with Aries” Cyane whispered to Daphne. “What?” Daphne blurted “A-Are you sure?”. Cyane felt her anger swell up in her chest again before responding. She leveled her eyes to Daphne’s, her eyes still red from crying. “Please”.

IRJE “Girl” By Amelie

The book that I’m reading Do not say we have nothing by Madeleine Thien is about a girl called Jiang Li-ling or Marie; her English name. In the book she lives in Vancouver with her mother who moved from Hong-Kong. Her father had died when she was only ten and all Li-ling has is her mother. Li-ling and her mother’s relationship is complicated as they used to be close, but the death of Li-Ling’s father made her mother more distant and professional. Soon when Li-ling is older her mother tells her that her cousin Ai-Ming is going to be living with them. Once Ai-Ming arrives Li-Ling is distant but soon grows fond of Ai-Ming’s company and the two develop a bond.

” Ai-Ming told me that I would always be family to her, I would always be her little sister, Ma-li, Marie, Girl. With my many names, I felt like a tree with crowns of branches.” (pp. 53)

This quote in page 53 is greatly significant to me because It captures just how many names Li-Ling has. It was strange for me to hear at first, most people only had one name. In here she has many, as a daughter of a immigrant parent with a Chinese name. Ai-Ming called her Ma-li because she couldn’t pronounce Marie, and her mother called her “girl”. This was especially confusing for me because I have never once heard someone be called ‘Girl’ or ‘Boy’ before in real life. I’m not exactly sure for the reason, however I can draw the conclusion that her mother only called her girl in the presence of other people (Ai-Ming) and called her Marie or Li-Ling when they were alone.

PR #2: All Quiet On The Western Front- Amelie

The book All Quiet on the Western front by Eric Maria Remarque is a book that will forever stick with me throughout my life. It was things like the context and the emotions of this book. It was things like the ironic sense of reality that soldiers can be boys and death can be normalized. Even the outlook on life, which was so blunt and simplistic, was almost animalistic. It is the things that most other books do not possess are what I remember from this book.  

Today’s novels that I have read have very different outlooks on wars and their soldiers. The soldiers at war are always strong, admirably brave, smart and willing do anything for their leaders. The leaders are always smart, kind and always do the best for their country. The enemies are always evil, cunning and evenly matched with the ‘good guys’. Granted it is natural for people to fantasize things, however it put things out of context. To read the nitty-gritty experience of war from the eyes of a soldier boy was flooring. To see the soldiers be ripped of their dignity on the trench lines like the young recruit from the German trench lines. An example being in chapter four when Paul, Albert and Katczinsky were placed in the front trenches and the bombing began. The story of military glory and bravery was ripped from my mind when the reality struck me. When the young recruit literally crapped his pants and cowered in fear from the bombing. Especially when even in the stillness of the night the mad sound of horses screaming in pain could be heard. The realization that soldiers were no more than boys who had lost their way was almost humbling.   

Living in the society I live in today and seeing the ways of life presented in All Quiet on the Western Front increased the impact. To see what Paul saw as normal or everyday was bizarre and almost scary for me. I feel almost childish thinking that I fear such trivial things. One thing that especially bothered me was when Paul came home on leave. In my mind I had built up this mentality that his friends and family would rejoice in Paul’s return. I had imagined that Paul would come and never want to leave. What I would not have expected was for him to become distant and vague with his friends and family. When his mother pleaded him to tell her if he was hurt from the war, he dismissed her and told her that he was fine. But what shocked me the most was how Paul felt as if he belonged nowhere in his home. He described hometown it as foreign and the people: unfamiliar. Even trivial things like the screaming of tramcars reminded him of the shrieks of shells from the frontlines. The people I thought would be open with Paul were telling him about war. No one ever listened except for his mother who he could not even bring himself to tell the truth. 

The perspective I have now on war has changed and warped over the span of reading this book. It showed me how different life can be. How simplistic and even terrifying it can be. Even as I end this personal response and move on with my life, this book has given me a tool. A tool to look at the past and the future with a new lens. 

Personal writing #3: Lethally in Love

It was a clear summer evening in the pond. The sun began to settle under the beautiful view of mount Olympus. The view from her glorious waterfall was something to be in awe. “Cyane? oh Cyane!” a sweet yet exited voice called out to her. “Daphne?” she called back, sweeping her hair to the side to see Daphne splashing in her direction. “Is it Persephone? Is she back?” she called, crossing her fingers. Hades after all had promised she would be back for the summer. Her heart bloomed as she remebered the time the first flowers came to life meaning her return was soon. “She must be by now” Daphne said distracted as she twirled her long blue hair in her pale fingers. Cyane looked at her in confusion for a moment. “You mean you don’t know yet?” Cyane pondered, her gaze shifting to a lily pad near by. Daphne rolled her eyes at her, as she wore her signature smirk of disapproval. “Why would I? Its been months since she’s been here. Just because Demeter hasn’t gotten over her departure doesn’t mean we have to stick our heads in the dump. We’re much too beautiful to be doing something like that Cyane dear”.

Cyane felt a rock of sadness burying into her as she slowly turned around to the edge of the waterfall. Her attention was fixed on the petals of the lily as she  ripped off one on top of the other. “I guess your right” she remarked. Daphne pushed herself though the water gracefully as she landed right next to Cyane. “Anyway… Guess who just go invited to Mount Olympus by the stunning god of the sun” Daphne said smiling broadly, her hand over Cyane’s. Cyane rolled her eyes at Daphne and smiled under her breath. “Your not seriously thinking that Apollo is complete in love with you are you?”. Daphne gasped and splashed the cold spring water at her. “Who wouldn’t Cyane?! Are you saying that I’m unlovable” She demanded sarcastically, her hand flung over her forehead in a dramatic fashion. Cyane giggled as swirled her black hair around in the water. “You know I don’t mean that! Any mortal man would fall head over heels for you but Apollo is just bored. Never trust the Gods, they’ll just rip your hearts out” Cyane thought sadly as the memory of Persephone flashed through her head. No Cyane she never loved you- she was just bored like they all are! Her head cut in before a tear could fall from her eye.

“Well its not like I expect Apollo to love me till the end of time you know. I just enjoy the pampering and attention it comes with dating a god” Daphne said teasingly at Cyane, her eyes wandering to the setting sun. “Anyway” Daphne started, shifting her gaze to Cyane “You’ll get your chance with the gods. Then when you do we can Finally have something to talk about.” Cyane glanced at Daphne’s beaming smile, another picture of Persephone passes through her mind. “You really think so?” Cyane mumbled wistfully. Daphne grabbed her shoulders rapidly. “Listen, with your sky blue eyes and raven black hair, your only moments away from having your first godly boyfriend.” Daphne declared proudly. Cyane forced a laugh and smiled awkwardly. If it weren’t for Daphne’s short attention span, she would have notice the reluctancy in her voice. “As for me” Daphne whispered glancing over her shoulders before focusing her attention of Cyane again “I think It’ll be Ares”. Cyane burst out laughing as the picture of the fierce, fiery-eyed god pushed its way into her brain. Daphne wasn’t laughing. “Oh my gods Daphne, your kidding right?” Cyane giggles wiping tears out of her eyes. Daphne looked slyly at Cyane with a smirk on her face. “Why not, you know he’s always had a thing for big breasts” Cyane’s face turned vermillion red as she sputtered out excuses and questions. The shock of the statement had left Cyane wordless. “I don’t think so Daphne” She said waving her hands in dismay. Daphne only smirked “Oh come on Cyane grow up a little, who’s to say that you can’t score that hunky god”. Cyane pondered it for a moment. It had been months since Persephone left. Maybe it was time she began perusing other gods. Suddenly a familiar voice rang out from the trees. “Cyane?” Cyane whipped her head around to see an amber haired goddess with a gracefully sleek black dress and a familiar round face. “Persephone”.

IRJE: Haroun and the Sea of Stories

In the book I am currently reading called Haroun and the Sea of Stories, The son of Rashid called Haroun lived in a country called Alifbay. Alifbay was a country of sadness where all of its inhabitants were something of a sorrow crowd, where the cities were towered with soaring sadness factories. In this country of sadness the was a story teller Rashid Khalifa who was loved by all the country. He would rattle on story after story to the people. His wife Soraya was a sweet woman and used to sing and hum to her hearts content however one day her song disappeared. Rashid: who was to enveloped in his stories didn’t pay much attention to Soraya’s lack of song.

“Then something went wrong. (Maybe the sadness of the city finally crept in through their windows.)                                                                                                                  The day Soraya stopped singing, in the middle of a line, as if someone had thrown a switch, Haroun guessed there was trouble brewing. But he never suspected how much.

Rashid Khalifa was so busy making up and telling stories that he didn’t notice that Soraya no longer sang; which probably made things worse. But then Rashid was a busy man, in constant demand, he was the Ocean of Notions, the famous Shah of Blah.” (pg. 15 – 16)

This quote shows how even in the happiest household in the country became infected with sorrow. As well as this, the quote serves an example of overshadowing the future events when Haroun told the reader that: he never expected how much trouble was brewing. This could infer that in future chapters there will be much more at sake than Soraya’s singing. As well as this the quote talks about how even Rashid Khalifa could be so busy as to overlook his own wife’s happiness. This also connects to when Soraya becomes to feel neglected later in the book, and leaves Rashid Khalifa for Sengupta who- in her words – has no imagination.


Creative Writing #2: A Star called Luna: Chapter 2

“Luna” Luna repeated to the girl in the crater. “Yes, I am Luna” It said smiling. “You are—- Hunman?” it remarked tilting It’s head, its grey hair shifting slightly. “Uhhhhh huuuuuh” Luna breathed through her teeth. Meanwhile her head was exploding. Not only was something like this highly un-logical, It wasn’t even possible! A Person, not at all an orange or purple alien! she thought defeatedly. Especially given the fact that that person should be BURNED to the bone and splattered into pieced from that impact. “What’s a splattered?” It peeped, no less than one inch away from Luna’s face. “ACK” Luna blurted, jolting away from the alien. It stared at her transfixed, looking a mix of confusion and curiosity. Suddenly the alien’s gaze snapped right above her head, a heavier look of confusion fading onto her face. Out of curiosity Luna swiveled her head around to see what it was looking at. Her mood immediately became deflated when her eyes met the baffled blue eyes of Bane. He stood still in utter shock, his shoulders pinned up and his eyebrows raised. “Who are he!” It exclaimed, pointing its pale finger at Bane. “T-that’s Bane” Luna breathed “My brother”. The girl-like alien looked down, her expression almost saddening and damp. Should I comfort her? Luna wondered as she glanced at it’s sorrow expression.

Luna reached out her hand to comfort it, feeling the warm aura radiating of it’s skin. Suddenly, Bane angrily swatted her hand away. The girl flinched away from Bane reverently, her expression only dampening further as Bane gritted his teeth at her. “D-Don’t touch her!” Bane lashed at the girl, pulling Luna behind her protectively. Luna glared at Bane and yanked her hand away. “Don’t yell at her!” Luna lashed back furiously. Bane stared at her with a blunder of confusion and anger. “That girl did Nothing wrong! And I’m not a child anymore so don’t treat me like one!”. Luna seethed at Bane. “Then stop acting like one!” Bane shot back, looking Luna dead in the eyes. “I’M acting like a child!? Bane really?!” Luna retorted. Bane scoffed at her remark as if she’d just said the most ridiculous thing. “Luna you were just about to approach an monster who JUST shot out of the sky!” Bane yelled, “Your acting like a damn baby!”. “She’s not a monster!” Luna shot back at Bane “Your a monster for thinking she is!”. Bane didn’t respond, his eyes were focused at the girl. “Oh you have nothing to say do you?!” She retorted at him, looking for a response. “Luna” he said pointing behind her. Luna whipped around impatiently, getting hit with guilt as she saw the look on the girl’s face. the first thing she saw were glowing white tears falling down the girl’s face, her face distorted in sadness. We must have scared her with all that yelling. Luna realized. “Hey now” Luna said softly. But the girl swatted her away and began running through the field. Her tears of glowing white pelted heatedly down on the fields of amber. Suddenly, like a flint to a steel the amber caught fire in the contact of the tears. The trail of fire following the girl as she ran. Nothing but fire lay ahead of Luna and Bane as she ran.

IRJE ‘DragonSlayer’

In the book I am currently reading Dragonslayer, One of the main characters: Leaf, was dubiously deceived by the village Dragonmancers and his parents. In doing this they told him that a dragon had viciously killed his sister Wren when she was off in the woods. However, unknowingly they set Leaf down a path of vengeance against all dragon kind.

“Gone?” Leaf echoed, puzzled. “She ran away again?” Once she’d disappeared for an entire day, then reappeared the next morning with a grin on her face and twigs in her hair. Saying she just wanted to see what it would be like to live on her own in the forest with no rules. She’d lost all three of her toys for a month because of that, and Leaf had secretly carved her a little wooden snail to replace them. “No, dear,” his mother said, looking more tense than he’d ever seen her, which was saying something. “She wandered off and got eaten by dragons. ”Leaf felt like he was in a story, but the wrong story, one he’d stumbled into by accident, where very dramatic sad things were happening to someone, but of course that couldn’t be him. “She wouldn’t,” he said. “You’re wrong. Dragons wouldn’t dare eat Wren. ”His father let out a shaky laugh. “That is what she would say,” he said. “But as I’m always telling you, death could swoop down at any moment. We should all be more scared. She should have been more scared,” he finished mournfully. “It was really her own fault,” Leaf’s mother pointed out. “You know how disobedient she was. She brought this on herself.” She had her hands wrapped tightly together, as if she was pressing her feelings flat and thin between them. (pg. 18-19)

This quote basically shows the narrowmindedness that most the village people have, Leaf’s parents were not even affected by the loss of their daughter and instead using it to push this ideologies of Leaf. What I made out from this quote is that Leaf doesn’t want to face the fact that her sister is dead and rather uses minor meaning excuses to push away her death. As well as this I gathered that Leaf’s parents were almost glad to be rid of Wren and saw it as a relief.

They shall grow old (My personal response)- Amelie


They shall grow old. The name of the movie They shall not grow old, felt like a lie to me as I wrote my first drafts. As I wrote in my draft: “to say I was shocked at the atrocity of these soldiers would be a lie” felt uneasy to me. Although I am not at all shocked it still felt wrong to write it. These soldiers- these boys were 16 to 19 years old, the thing that felt wrong, was that I overlooked the fact that they were just my age. Leaving the soft beds of their home on the thread of a promise of military glory. They shall grow old because there were 16 year-old’s tip-toeing among the adults, charging into the raging fire of war: unaware of the danger’s ahead.

In the beginning of the Documentary the host asked a few of these ex-military men If they regretted this war. The part that stuck with me more than anything in the documentary was their response. Many of them took a breath in, and casually told the host that they did not regret the war. Some even casually mentioning that it was for the will of the country. I feel conflicted. There were these men on the documentary- some of them 16 or 17 years old at the time of the war -that ran past bullets beyond bullets, watched their comraded die to a graveyard of mud and slept with an undying nerve at the back of their heads telling them that today was their day. These same men talking about the war as if to be distant memory of an old job. Although at the very same time: there was a little person in the back of my head understands such casualty. How could they think of such an event in their lives as a horrific event if their whole lives they’d been told that the war was just another job. Their drill sergeant told the that it was their job to toughen up. The years on the battle field taught them a sense of normalcy. Even as they came back home, the people around them didn’t want to talk about the war and acted as if they came back from a big vacation. It was once described to me that a human mind is like clay in the sense that it hardens over time: however before it hardens it’s as moldable as play-dough. How could these ex-soldiers known that the war they’d lived through was a million times worse that the version in their mind if people had been molding their brains to think little of it.

As I write out these paragraphs there was a feeling of something that has been alluding me for the longest time as I’m sitting in my desk. The feeling of nervousness? or uneasiness? As I write sentence on sentence on these young soldiers this feeling continues to pester me. I suppose for reasons beyond me I can relate to these soldiers. Which from an exterior point of view could sound very presumptuous teetering on ignorance. Although for reasons I don’t have words for: the tone of the soldiers’ voice, the fact that these boys of 17 and 19 years old getting looked up and down as if shiny new weapons and told to grow up: swallow their tears and follow orders. Feels all to familiar. I remember teachers, peers, instructors, family tell me to grow up my entire life. Telling me to swallow my tears, do another hour, take pride or that they know I can do better. The feeling of being told to be an adult even though I’m not. As I sit in my desk I can’t help but feel a sense of sympathy mixed with a sense of familiarness. I suppose everyone does in the bigger picture. Everyone gets told to grow up: to to swallow their tears, do another hour or take pride.

As I reflect on this documentary the impact of the movie begins to sink in; the sense of uneasiness, the familiarness and the confliction. The feeling that life in this unforgivable world everyone is just running past bullets beyond bullets, watching their comrades die to a graveyard of mud and sleeping with an undying nerve at the back of their heads telling them that today is their day. Even if these bullets and mud looks different in everyone’s life. They shall not grow old made me look at this war an it’s soldiers in a different light- a brighter one. One in which it made me reflect on how these soldiers were told to grow up. Just as many of us were to to grow up. They shall grow old because they did. I did… We did.

Creative Writing #1: A star called Luna

It’s a day. just like any other for the matter. Luna thought tiredly watching the sun set on the old vast farm that she’d so tirelessly worked on. Day and day again. Working on something as monotone as basic field work was never one of her ambitions, although she never minded. “By god! there’s no need to act like you’ve never slept a day in your life Luna!” She hear a teasing voice tease behind her. Luna re-adjusted her hand on the cold dry grass as she swung her head over to see Bane – her brother – walk nonchalantly over to her, his smug smile etched all over his face. Luna sighed over a laugh “I’m too tired for your nonsense, leave me alone” she whined sarcastically. Bane plopped himself next to Luna, crossing his arms stubbornly. “Heck no! there is no way I’m listening to another one of Uncle’s lectures on laziness. Like he’d know anything about working!”. Luna snorted in his face “Yeah neither would you”. Bane shot her a look of annoyance. “Hey I did NOT come here to be bullied!” He said putting on his best angry face, that looked more like his version of sick old grandpa than anything. Luna laughed dryly, “What are siblings for?”. They sat there in silence for a moment, listening to the faint wiring sound of the windmill. Letting a days worth of memories wash over them.

Suddenly Luna spotted a star in the sky. Weird isn’t it to early for there to be stars out? Luna pondered as the star sparkled brightly at her. Luna shrugged, decidedly ignoring the early star as if it were another grass in a field. “Hey Luna” Bane said, tapping Luna on the shoulder, almost franticly. “What! What? I told you to stop tapping my shoulder it’s annoying! What do you want?”  she hissed, swatting his hand. “Look!” he blurted pointing his finger out to the star, his gaze fixed of the white shine of the star. The star was still shiny as ever, sitting on top of the sunset like a bird waiting for dawn. Nothing particularly strange. “Nice star” she tried glancing at Banes nervous expression. “Don’t you thing that’s maybe a little to big for a star?” Luna shot him an annoyed look “look I’m too tired for another of one of your crrrrrazy the-” Suddenly she saw a bright flash in the corner of her eyes. She whipped her head over and the star was gone. “Wha-“. “It’s over there!” Bane blurted loudly, Luna’s gaze suddenly catching on a moving light across the horizon, the star! Luna rubbed her eyes franticly to make sure what she was seeing was real. The star only grew bigger and brighter as it descended the horizon. Going down faster and faster with every passing second. Suddenly it shot through the sky and crash right in the fields of their family. A cloud moving boom ripped out of the air, hitting Luna and Bane like a rouge wave.

Luna lied in shock against the dry old willow tree behind her and Bane. A ringing feeling of shock and confusing spun around her head, playing catch with her thoughts. “L-Luna?” Bane quivered, his voice sounding just as frazzled as Luna felt “W-What- What was that?”. Luna peered over at Bane tentatively. His face was ridden with shock, lookin almost as if someone had shook his soul out of his body. I wonder if ma and pa heard that? Luna’s head wheezed. Luna felt dead drop terrified that it may have been an alien- or maybe even a space ship, however once she gathered her thoughts her once slow-paced brain became riddled with curiosity. Maybe its an astronaut that had a crash landing- or an alien- I wonder what an alien would look like? Like a human but purple- or even ORANGE? or like a rabbit or lizard! But smart like Bane and I? Or even- “I’m telling ma about this Luna” Bane wheezed hoarsely, cutting through her line of thought. “NO!” Luna scolded, grabbing Bane’s arm before he could run “this is my one chance to do something exiting and you are NOT about to ruin it!”. With that Luna stubbornly shoved herself off the patchy ground, excitement and anxiousness humming through her bones. Luna ran down the hill, passing stalks of beige grass and warped trees as she glided down the hill to the crash site.

The crash site was small, it couldn’t have been bigger than two or three barrels wide. The moist soil around it was thrashed and tore up. a smoked up crevice was all that was left. A deep grey smoke that enveloped the middle of the crash, making it near impossible to see the item of the sky. Suddenly a pale hand reach out from the smoke. followed by a shoulder and then the rest of the body. Luna gasped. It was a girl, she had shining yellow eyes that looked right into Luna’s. her starlight hair, reaching down to her waist and a glittering star patten that traced all around her body. “Hello” it whispered softly “My name’s Luna”

My first (ever)Blog

To start this fantastic blog: my full name is Amelie (but you can call me Ami or Emily). I was born in Vancouver but I recently moved to Victoria just about two years ago and attended St. Johns Academy from grades 8 – 9. It was only after I finished grade 9 that I moved to Brookes Westshore, so yes I am a new student this year. Both my parent lived in Mexico most of their lives so something about me is that I can also speak a fair bit of spanish. Some other things about me is that my favorite coulor is yellow and my favorite food are tacos. Some of my biggest interests would firstly be rock-climbing (which I’ve done since I was 10), drawing and story-writing.

As a reader I’ve always been very fast paced and impatient in the fact that I often read very fast and I catch myself often only skimming the book. I don’t mean that I hate reading because I don’t, I actually love reading books. The only problem is, naturally I am a very restless person who without a doubt hates cliff hangers and suspension. Despite my very restless nature I often gravitate to fantasy or horror novels such as: The Fire Within, Percy Jackson or Small spaces. As a reader I also tend to gravitate as well to book series, the reason for this being that I enjoy a longer story that extends beyond one book to show the different perspectives a story could be viewed at.

As a writer I’ve never been an essay or basic paragraph type of person, for as long as I’ve known I’ve written in first person stories as much as I could. I write stories for assignments, in my free time, and sometimes to vent about my day. So far I’m in the process of writing two novels: Drifting Magic And The Trials of Zerpeia, Which are both fantasy novels that I started short of half a year ago. As well as writing up stories I’ve also been quite fond of writing poems. I stated to enjoy writing poems under a year ago, whereas before I thought them to be confusing and unnecessary. It was until grade 9 where I had to write a poem about something abstract (I chose darkness) where I found just how beautiful and rich a poem could be.