PW #1 My first weekend in Brookes

I have really enjoyed my time here, at first It was a little different than Mexico, but I’ve already got used to it, my first weekend here I went to downtown with my friends for dinner, we went to a place called milestone, we arrived by bus and that was my first time riding a bus alone without my parents, in downtown we took a lot of pictures, the ride back was a little chaotic because we almost lost the bus and a friend was injured of her foot, so we couldn’t run as fast as we needed. On Saturday it was supposed to be a chill day, go to a mall and just hangout, but we ended up in downtown again and I met with a friend from my hometown that came to study here too, so that was really fun. On Sunday we went to a hike with the school, it was really fun seeing all the nature but a little tiring too, but when we got to the top everything was worth it, the view was beautiful, after we went to Dairy Queen, that wasn’t so sporty of us.

I have had a really fun week I can’t wait to have more.

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