IRJE #4 “The way I used to be”

The quote I chose is

“All you have to do is act like you’re normal and okay, and people start treating you that way,”

I chose this quote because I think that it focuses on the issue of how others opinions of us and their relationships with us might be influenced by the way we look. There may be two sides to this. When we’re not at our best, it might, on the one hand, be a survival mechanism, a way to avoid unwanted attention. However, it may also work as a mask, a means of keeping our actual emotions and experiences hidden from the outside world, which eventually can become harmful and lonely. I also think that with this quote we can tell that is okay not be okay all the time, and we should be able to express our feelings and not feel the need to pretend.

PR “All Quiet on the Western Front”

While I was reading “All Quiet on the Western Front” I had different emotions, and it was a different experience. this was an amazing book to read because it gives us an amazing perspective on the soldiers on World War I.

Paul, the main character, takes us on a trip that show us the awful realities of war and its significant psychological effects. The book was really difficult to read because of the representations of real horrors of war. I felt like if I was taken to the trenches because of the powerful and amazing description. The book also exposes the psychological and physical consequences that the war takes on soldiers, their loss, the insolence and the horrible impacts of combat.

Additionally, the book explores the idea solidarity and the relationships that soldiers developed the faced with suffering. Because of their common experiences, Pail ad his allies depend on one to another for supply. This showed us how how strong can friendships become in the chaos and sadness, this gives us a reminder and a lesson that the human on hard and difficult moments is super strong.

Another important thing that was on the book is the lasting effects that the survivors had, this were terrible effects shown in the book, for individuals and groups. Watching all the soldiers broken dreams was something super sad and it was an eye-opening symbol of the high human cost of war.

In conclusion, the book “All quiet on the Western Front” shows the horrific effects of war. It made me think a lotted made me see the perspective on the experiences of soldiers during World War I. This left an impact on me, forcing e to confront the realities if war and face the human spirit.

PW #3: My pets

In my house from Mexico I have 1 dog, she’s 5 years old, she’s a Yorkshire and its super small, she likes and playing and running all over my house. I have 2 other dogs, but they’re not in my Mexico’s City house, one of this dogs is a Great Dane and the other one is a Great Pyrenees, this ones are bigger dogs and I love playing with them.

IRJE #2 – Daisy Jones the Six

As I continued to read the book Daisy Jones the Six I saw this quote that was shocking for me and left me thinking

“Men often think they deserve a sticker for treating women like people.”

This quote left me thinking because this book talks so much about how people used to treat Daisy when she was only 15 years old, and how they only wanted to use her, so when I saw this quote I started to think; are there any men left who treat woman the way they deserve to be treated.? Because many times men pretend to treat us the right way until we are fully in love, and then they start treating us bad. So it’s hard for them to treat a woman the way they deserve to be treated, or even treat us like people.

So there are mens who think that they should receive a reward or be congratulated because of the way they treat a woman.

“PW #2” – How my boyfriend cheated on me

It all started when we were in Mexico, we had been together for 1 year, everything between us was perfect, we had fights but we always find a way to solve it. We were so happy together and we were trying to do our best to have a long distance relationship so that we could be together when I came here to Canada.

It was summer break and he was going on a cruise in Europe with his family, Even though I trusted him, I begged him not to cheat on me. He promised he would never do it so I stayed calmed. One day he started acting super weird with me, he didn’t texted me, he didn’t called me, he erased our profile picture and everything we had together on social media. I started suspecting he was cheating on me but he always told me he wasn’t doing it.

A week later, I was on the airplane because I was going on vacation, and I got a Instagram dm of a weird girl, I opened it and she told me that he had been cheating on me for 13 days, and that they had met at the cruise. I didn’t tell him anything and when he came back from his cruise I broke up with him.

“IRJE #1” Daisy Jones the Six

I am currently reading the book Daisy Jones the Six, this is a Sci-Fi Novel based on a Tv Series. This book is about a band and its history of how they become famous. The quote I chose was this one.

“People always say I don’t graduate high school but I did. When I crossed across the stage to get my diploma, Simone was cheering for me. She was so proud of me. And I started to feel proud of myself, too”.

In this quotation we can see how Daisy has no faith in her because everyone thinks she is a fail and that she was only who she was because of her parents, but that’s not true, she wants to let people know what she has done. Her friend Simone showed her she was proud of her so she started feeling proud of her self.

They shall not grow old

The movie “They Shall Not Grow Old” was such an intense experience. In this documentary about World War I produced by Peter Jackson. At first, I thought it was gonna be all boring and old. But the way the producer made the black and white scenes turned into color scenes was amazing. It was totally not what I expected.

This movies felt like if i was like going back in time and seeing what those soldiers went through. I couldn’t believe it. It made me realize that these soldiers who fought in the war were just regular people like us, not some distant characters from the past. For example that people between 19 and 35 were able to go to the war, but some kids lied about their age so that they could go to war. Even some parents wanted their kids back home but the kids that were at war didn’t went back because they wanted to be there.

And those voices, the ones from the actual soldiers, were so real. It’s like they were telling their stories right there with us in the theater. Hearing them talk about how they felt when they signed up, the fear they felt in the trenches, and the match they had with their friends, it was all so emotional. Some of the phrases that the soldiers say were “I don’t regret going to war”, “Even though it was a sad experience watching how they killed my friends i would repeat it and go again to the war” and “The men’s best friend at was is the rifle”. This phrases shocked me so much and I was so sad listening to this.

Another thing that stood out to me was the way the soldiers became so close and created a really strong brotherhood. They formed these strong bonds with their fellow soldiers, and it made me think about my own friendships and how important they are. It’s crazy how in the middle of all that chaos and danger, these guys found support and friendship in each other.

And the way the film handled the darker aspects of war, like the injuries and death, was really eye-opening. It made me realize the true cost of war, how it affects not just the soldiers but their families and communities too. It’s not just a bunch of numbers; it’s real people. The way they said that that about 1 Million British people were killed was so heartbreaking.

What I really liked was that the movie didn’t softened anything. It showed the harshness of war, the mud, the rats, the injuries. It was tough to watch, but it felt real. It made me appreciate what they went through and made me think about the sacrifices they made for our generation. It also made me realize how easy our lives are compared to what they went through.

The sad part was not only the war, also when the war ended the soldiers weren’t able to find a job, it was very difficult for them to get a good job. This happened because they wanted to make a reflection of the economic and social challenges that many veterans faced during the post war period. This movie shows the struggles of these veterans and provides a glimpse into the challenges they faced in reintegrating into society after the war. It serves as a sad reminder of the human costs of war and the lasting impact it can have on the lives of those who served.

This movie isn’t just a history lesson. It makes you realize that war isn’t some cool adventure; it’s a brutal and heartbreaking thing. It’s a movie that every teenager should watch because it helps us connect with the past and understand the price of freedom.

PW #1 Valeria Reinoso

Hello, my name is Valeria Reinoso.

I am a boarding student from Mexico City, Mexico. I am 17 years old. I am staying in Brookes Westshore for 1 year and I am hoping to make new friends and have new experiences and enjoy my time here while im studying and socializing with people from other countries and with different cultures. I will talk about ice skating and my experience there.

I have been ice skating since I was 3 years old, everything started when I was a little kid and my mom saw a summer course in the ice rink in mexico, so she decided to sing me in. She saw I was very good at it so she decided to take me to classes and tat that moment she decided that was going to be my sport.

Everything was going well with me ice skating, and when I turned 6 years old my sister started ice skating as well, she was 3 years old too, so the two of us started going to classes, we had a very good time and we became very good at it. When I turned 12 years old I broke my arm so I needed to stop ice skating for a while, while my arm healed. My sister continued to ice skate, when I returned 1 week later I broke my nose so I count skate for another month.

I got better and I returned to ice skate, everything started going very well and my coach told me I was ready to go to nationals, so I started practicing my solo to compete, but I broke my foot. I could skate for 3 months because I needed a surgery but my mom didn’t wanted me to get it, so I only went to therapy for my foot. When the 3 months passed I returned to skate but I lost all my doubles so I had to start prating again and started training for Monday to Saturday, 3 hours.

When I got my doubles I started training for my solo again and I started doing everything to be able to get to nationals. I was going to Queretaro, that is a city in Mexico, but I was playing soccer with my sister and I Brooke my foot again, all this happened in June of 2023, so I needed a surgery again but I was coming here to Canada, so I went to therapy again and I recovered until August.

I started training again for a month and I wasn’t able to go to nationals, but here in Canada I went to the tryouts for the JDF ice skating team and got in. So now that I have a good opportunity to become better skater here I will do my best. When I go back to Mexico I will try my best to go to nationals but now with a better level. I hope this time I break nothing, including my foot.

This is my story of ice skating, I hope everyone enjoys reading it. Thank you.

Vale Reinoso’s life

My name is Valeria Reinoso, I’m from Mexico City, Mexico. This is my first year attending Brookes Westshore. I’m staying here just for one year, but in case im doing great I will try to convince my parents to stay longer. I love ice skating because I’ve been practicing since I was 3 years old, I love sports and spending time with my friends.

I honestly do not like reading, because I find it a little stressful and boring.  1 month ago I found a book I really liked so I started reading it, but I got bored so I never finished it. I would like to make reading a habit because I know it will help me to become more intellect and to have more knowledge.

I think I am a great at writing stuff I like, for example essays of a topic I find interesting or something I enjoy writing about, but I also think I am good at writing about not so interesting stuff. I personally think that that writing makes me feel better because it is a way to vent and express all my feelings and letting out all the stuff I have inside.