Romeo and Juliet PR

Watching the play Romeo and Juliet I was deeply moved by the passion and love displayed by the main characters. As I watched their tragic love story unfold, I found myself experiencing a range of emotions. At first, I was drawn by the intense chemistry between Romeo and Juliet. It was clear from their first meeting that they were meant to be together, and I couldn’t help but feel drawn to their undeniable passion. The way they looked at each other and spoke to each other was so genuine and they needed to be together. As the story progressed, The obstacles that Romeo and Juliet faced, from the families being enemies and the misunderstanding of Mercutio and Tybalt’s death, seemed impossible. Despite their deep love for each other, it seemed as though fate was working against them at every turn. By the end of the story, I was left with a profound sense of sadness. The tragic ending of Romeo and Juliet’s love story was a reminder of how fragile life can be, and how even the strongest passions can be overcome by circumstance. Overall, watching Romeo and Juliet was an emotional rollercoaster, and I couldn’t help but be moved by the intensity of the characters’ feelings. Despite the tragic ending, their love story stands as a testament to the power of passion in literature. 

As for practicing and reciting the prologue was a little bit difficult for me as I sometimes have a hard time remembering specific lines and tend to get anxious when speaking in front of people which causes me to mess up and forget my lines. however, I enjoy watching Romeo and Juliet. 

PW#7 Punta Mita

During spring break, I took a trip to Mexico with my cousin. We stayed in Punta Mita, which was stunning, warm, and beautiful. My favourite part of the trip was visiting the breathtakingly beautiful beaches. While in Mexico, I went surfing almost every day and saw turtles popping their heads out of the water quite often. The food was amazing, especially the tacos, which were always fresh and delicious. We also visited a few towns near Punta Mita, including Bucerias, Sayulita, and La Cruz. I enjoyed browsing the local markets and buying some cool bracelets and T-shirts. my favourite part at night was watching the sunset from the place we were staying every night. It was incredibly stunning and soothing.


The book I have just finished reading over the break is called All You’re Perfects by Colleen Hoover.

All You’re Perfects is about Quinn and Graham, a couple who have a seemingly perfect marriage until they start facing infertility issues. The book is split into two timelines: the past, where they fall in love, and the present, where they’re struggling to keep their relationship afloat. As they deal with the possibility of not being able to have a child, their marriage starts to suffer, and they start questioning if love is enough. It’s an emotional read that delves into themes of love, loss, and forgiveness, and it’s a good reminder that even the strongest relationships can be tested by life’s challenges. One of the most powerful quotes from All Your Perfects by Colleen Hoover is

“Sometimes the waves bring with them things from deep in the bottom of the sea and they leave those things tossed onto the shore.”

This quote highlights the idea that people come and go in our lives, and they leave behind imprints and memories that shape who we are. It encourages us to cherish the moments we share with others, even if they may not be around forever, and to appreciate the memories they leave behind.


Layla by Colleen Hoover is a thrilling and emotional novel that follows the story of Layla and Leeds, a couple who have been through a lot of ups and downs in their relationship. They decide to take a break from their busy lives and go on a romantic getaway to a bed and breakfast in the mountains. However, their peaceful trip takes a dark turn when they encounter a mysterious and eerie presence in the house, which seems to have a connection to Layla’s past. As the couple tries to unravel the secrets of the house and Layla’s past, they are forced to confront their fears and insecurities and make some difficult decisions that will change their lives forever. The novel is a perfect blend of romance, suspense, and psychological thriller, and will keep you on the edge of your seat until the very end.

“I want to be the best part of your worst day”

The quote is a statement made by Layla, one of the main characters in the novel “Layla” by Colleen Hoover. The quote means that Layla wants to be there for her partner, Leeds, even on his worst days. She wants to be the one who can make him smile, even when everything else seems to be going wrong. She wants to be his source of comfort and support, and she wants to be able to make a positive impact on his life. Essentially, the quote is about being there for someone you love, no matter what, and being the best part of their day, even when everything else is falling apart. I love this quote as it shows the importance of love and how you will love someone on their bad and good days. 


I noticed a similarity between the books Brave New World and Amusing Ourselves to Death. They both show a future where people are controlled by technology and entertainment, making them lose their ability to think critically. In Brave New World, people are taught to accept their place in society and rely on a drug called “soma” and constant distractions to keep them content. In Amusing Ourselves to Death, it is argued that our focus on quick entertainment has made us less capable of thinking deeply about important matters. 

Both books warn about the dangers of blindly following authority and being too comfortable with the status quo. They have made me realize the importance of questioning information and being open to different viewpoints. These books also made me more aware of how technology and media influence our perceptions of the world. In summary, Brave New World and Amusing Ourselves to Death are thought-provoking books that have challenged me to think critically about the world I live in.

PW#5 Thailand

Over the winter break, I went on a three-week trip to Thailand where I got to learn about the culture and participate in activities I never imagined. One of those activities was going to see elephants and being about to feed and brush them. This was an amazing experience, it’s something I never thought would happen. I got to learn all about elephants how they eat how they live and so much more! Over the three weeks, I travelled all over Thailand, I first stayed out in Chang Mai for 1 night and early morning we took a road trip to Pai which was amazing I loved Pai it was more of the countryside of Thailand and it was so pretty. We went to Chang Dao, Phuket, Koh Samui and Phi Phi Island. my favourite place out of the whole trip was Koh Samui Pig Island. Pig Island is a small island owned by a couple where around 50 pigs roam including babies! there were also about 25 puppies that were so cute you could just pick them up and snuggle with them. The beaches in Thailand were unimaginable whenever we were at the resort I was always at the beach snorkelling, sun tanning, or reading I never wanted to leave. I loved the clear blue water and all the tropical fish you could see. My grandpa, my stepdad and I went on a private fishing tour and I caught a pink fish! I was so overjoyed, I’ve never seen such a pretty fish it looked unreal. I loved the night markets it was such an experience ti see the culture, to see all the different types of jewelry, fashion and the amazing food! everyone in the markets would sent up their station in the middle of the day and would sell their stuff from 6 pm -around 3 am. The people there were seriously the sweetest always smiling at you saying สวัสดี which means hello. I’m so beyond grateful I got to have such an experience!


The book I’ve just finished reading was Heart Bone by Colleen Hoover, it’s a novel about a young woman named Beyah who spends a summer with her estranged father at his beach house. There, she meets Samson, and the two of them develop a strong bond as they navigate their complicated pasts. The novel is a heartwarming story about love, family, and redemption.

“It’s weird how your whole life can completely change in the hours between waking up and going to bed.”

This quote stood out to me as it’s so important to live in the now and always be grateful and express that in the moment as you never know what could happen. This quote represents Beyah’s mom dying from an overdose and her having to move to her dad’s house whom she barely knew. something I’ve always stood by was saying I love you to the people I care about every night and never going to bed mad or in a fight with someone I cared about as you never know what could happen.

PW#4 Christmas time

The snow is falling, the lights are bright, It’s Christmas time, what a delight!

The air is filled with love and cheer, As we gather with those we hold dear.

The presents wrapped with bows and strings, The carolers sing and angels sing.

The smell of cookies fills the air, And laughter echoes everywhere. The children’s eyes are full of glee, As they wait for Santa’s sleigh to see.

The stockings hung with care and love, Are filled with gifts from up above.

So let us cherish this special day, And keep the spirit alive in every way.

For Christmas is a time of joy and peace, And may it never, ever cease.

Asia’s IRJE#3


But sometimes you can’t control where your mind goes. You just have to train it not to go there anymore.

 The quote expresses the idea that certain thoughts and memories can be difficult to control or suppress, but with practice and effort, it is possible to train the mind to avoid dwelling on them. It suggests that our thoughts and emotions are within our control, and we have the power to shape them for our benefit. The quote is from the book “It Ends with Us” by Colleen Hoover and is spoken by the character Lily in a letter to Ellen.

IRJE#2 It ends with us


I recently started reading the book “It Ends with Us” written by Colleen Hoover. The book tells the story of a young woman named Lily who finds herself caught in a love triangle between two men – one of which is her first love, and the other is a mysterious stranger. As the story unfolds, Lily discovers secrets from the past that threaten to disrupt her present and possibly her future. The book explores themes of love, loss, forgiveness, and the complexities of relationships.

I feel like everyone fakes who they are when deep down we’re all equal amounts of screwed up. Some of us are just better at hiding it than others.

~Colleen Hoover, It Ends with Us, (Character: Lily Bloom as the narrator), Chapter 1, Page 16

This quote expresses the idea that people often pretend to be someone they are not and that everyone has their flaws and struggles. The quote suggests that despite our differences, we are all fundamentally the same in that we all experience challenges and imperfections. The difference lies in how well we can conceal our flaws from others. The quote implies that it is important to be authentic and honest with oneself and others, rather than trying to present a perfect image.

Personal Response #2 All Quiet On The Western Front

“All Quiet on the Western Front” is a book about war, specifically World War I. It tells the story of Paul Bäumer, a young german soldier. What I liked most about this book is how it shows the harsh reality of war. It doesn’t hide the brutality of it all. The author describes the fear, suffering, and death that the soldiers experience. It also shows how the soldiers find comfort in their friendships. The book explains how war affects the mental health of young men, as they lose their innocence and realize that they are just being used in a war that doesn’t make sense.

The book’s portrayal of the dehumanizing effects of war is particularly poignant, as it shows how the young soldiers are stripped of their identities and become mere cogs in the war machine. What makes this novel so powerful is its ability to convey the human cost of war, not only in terms of the physical toll but also the emotional scars that last long after the war has ended.

This book has left a lasting impact on me. It has given me a glimpse into the lives of soldiers during World War I and made me realize the devastating effects of war on young minds. The book has made me reflect on the importance of peace and has left me with a deep appreciation for the sacrifices made by soldiers. It has shown me that war is not just about winning or losing, but about the human cost of conflict. Overall, “All Quiet on the Western Front” has left me with a sense of empathy and a desire to promote peace and understanding in the world.

This book makes you think and feel deeply. It reminds us of the terrible effects of war. It is essential for anyone who wants to understand how war affects people’s minds and why peace is important.

PW#W2 Everyone is home

You’re 10 years old and everyone is home. Mom is cooking, Dad is cleaning, and your siblings are doing their own thing but everyone is home. You look out your window dreaming of the day you grow up and be alone. You wanted to be older so badly that you forgot to live in the now in the comfort of everyone being home. Now, you are in your 20s and you wish you could go back. You and your siblings have moved out. Your parents have aged, they are trying to get used to the empty house you notice their gray hair and wonder where the time went. You realize there will never be another day you all live together, your siblings aren’t just in the other room, they are somewhere else. Now and then you will visit. But won’t stay. You will never be 10 playing with your siblings again, you won’t wake up and eat breakfast together every morning. You won’t even see each other every day. I long for the feeling of “home”, but I can’t ever return. My childhood is gone pieces are scattered but it’s gone. 

Nobody is home 


I selected a quote that caught my attention from the class book, All Quiet On The Western Front.

“We march up, moody or good-tempered soldiers- we reach the zone where the front begins and become the instant human animals”

This quote caught my attention because it highlights the importance of showing up and fighting back, no matter how the soldiers felt. War is a sensitive and emotional topic, but it’s clear that soldiers must push their feelings aside and give their all in battle. It’s almost as if they flip a switch and tap into a deep reserve of strength and determination.

They Shall Not Grow Old

At the start of the film, “They Shall Not Grow Old” there was mention of people ages 19 to 35 being allowed to join the army. Some soldiers expressed they were happy to join and fulfill the job. Even boys as young as 15 would try to sneak in by lying about their age as they were proud to go fight for their country. Being 15 myself, this was shocking to me. Watching the beginning, I felt surprised at how most soldiers seemed eager to join and help fight. Once we got deeper into the film, soldiers were expressing their feelings after being in the war and fighting. Hearing all the brutal words, I was devastated for all these innocent people giving up their lives for their country. Although some soldiers mentioned how they were “used” to the war and used to fighting, I felt horrible about all the suffering the soldiers had to go through and how many died trying. One soldier mentioned how the shooting was typically 10 minutes. I couldn’t imagine the thoughts and feelings going through their minds. As one of the soldiers was talking, it reminded me of a prison as he said they ate the same thing every day and had the same routine. I couldn’t imagine the pain of the families whose kids didn’t make it out. When the war was over, the ones to make it out alive had suffered so much and now have an unbearable amount of trauma and I couldn’t imagine all the pain and brutal memories. I have so much respect for and admire all the soldiers who gave up their lives for a future, our future. 

PW#1 New York

This past summer I had the opportunity to embark on an incredible trip. While my sister was on a leadership program in Costa Rica, my parents and I decided to go on a trip as well. Initially, my parents had told me that we were going to Seattle for some shopping, hiking and other adventures, which got me really excited. We first made our way to Vancouver for a night and then in the early morning we headed to the airport where my parents said, ‘Here’s your ticket with gate B12, go find it’.
When I arrived at B12 I was confused as it said Toronto!? I went back to my parents and said something must be wrong it said Toronto and not Seattle? My Dad said you’ll need this connecting flight ticket as well, when I read it, it said Manhattan, New York, as soon as I saw that my jaw dropped and my eyes lit the room! I was so surprised! The one place I dreamed of visiting was New York, I was so excited. 8 hours and two flights later we arrived. We checked into our Manhattan hotel and my views were amazing.
Several buildings were illuminating the NY skyline with their beautiful lights. Even the iconic Empire State Building was right outside my window!
We were in New York for a week and it was the best time of my life.
We went on a helicopter tour and viewed the whole city which included the Statue of Liberty and and the Brooklyn Bridge. I got to learn about the Twin Towers and visited the memorial at Ground Zero. We did some shopping, rode bikes around Central Park and had the most amazing food. My favourite thing we did was Broadway.
We watched, Wicked, it was the best! I got to learn a whole bunch of US culture, new foods, and geography. I’m so grateful I got to go to New York and I look forward to many more travel adventures.


Hello! I’m Asia Leggett and I’ve been a student at Brookes Westshore since I was in grade 7. I absolutely love it here! Travelling is one of my favourite things to do, and when I’m older, I would love to travel the world and learn about different cultures. In my free time, I enjoy going to the gym to stay active. I have an older sister named Summer who is also a student at Brookes, currently in grade 12.

I have never been a strong reader as I find it hard to focus while reading books. My goal is to try and read more this year and find a good book I truly enjoy. I have never really been motivated to read as it’s not an interest of mine. I prefer audiobooks as they allow me to multitask and listen while doing other things, which helps me concentrate.

I have always loved writing, whether it’s creative or writing for an essay. I enjoy researching and learning more about a topic that I’m passionate about and incorporating the information into my writing. I’m excited to expand my vocabulary and improve my writing skills further.