The midnight library by Matt Haig is about a 35-year-old woman who attempts suicide but fails, but on the process, she wakes up a library, that library is between life and death. In that library there is infinite books, and each one of them are her life, but in different. scenarios whenever she opens a book, she can go into it and life the life she is living in that book.

you have many lives as you have possibilities, there are lives where you make different choices. And those choices lead to different outcomes. if you had done just one thing differently, you would have a different lifetime story. and they all exist in the midnight library. They are all as real as life.

I like this book so far because I like how it illustrates life, and how any choice you make can change your entire life.

All Quiet on the western Front – #PR2

“All Quiet on the western Front” By Erich Maria Remarque is a book of high quality and interesting novel, I’d say this because it is not a basic WW1 book, I like how this book talks about the experiences effect of war in young men. In some of the chapters Erich Maria Remarque would add more feelings and physiology into the novel, which I feel other WW1 novels wouldn’t do, for example, I’d say other novels would consist of action and battles and heroic moments since the start. Thats why I enjoyed some of these chapters, because I feel it helps to understand other chapters and glorify WW1. Another thing I really enjoyed of this book was how Erich Maria Remarque, would make us get to know the characters, physically and emotionally, the author would explain in detail the personalities of the character, and their physical appearance, and after getting to know the character and empathize with them, Erich maria Remarque, would choose their fate, making the reader let go of them harshly, Making us feel how WW1 truly is.

I absolutely enjoy how the author made me empathize with characters and give me a good perspective of WW1. Some of the quotes in the books made me see how hopelessness was WW1, for example ” We loved our country as much as they; We went courageously into every action; but we also distinguished the false from Ture, we had suddenly learned to see” Personally, what I get from this quote is how soldiers realize the enemies aren’t the bad people, that there are just exactly like the rest of the soldiers.

I think this is very well written and it can lure the reader. I enjoyed how this book is, emotional and touching to the reader, I like how the author used and amazing way of explaining WW1 to us in a non-basic way.


IRJE#1 -The catcher in the rye

The catcher in the rye is a novel made by J.D. Salinger, in short, this novel is about a 16-year-old boy, that when he was little his life was fine but then his little brother Allie dies of cancer, that leads Holden to have depression and just have a bad attitude.

“How was the fencing?”

“We win or what?”

“Nobody won,”


“Nobody won.”


WWI personal response – Maria Prida

Through the tone of the classroom, I assumed I was alone in my feeling of contempt. The film didn’t evoke a sort of sadness; in all honesty I didn’t feel anything. I was more concerned about the feelings of the people featured in the film than I was my own. I didn’t feel bad because the film didn’t confirm my pre thought image of WW1. Before watching the film, I imagined WW1 as very serious, violent and depressing. This thought of war was shaped by me by the previous teachings, the tone of the explanation of World War 1 further instilled in my thinking the seriousness of the topic. This was codirected by the film particularly by the narrations of the soldiers. They explained the war as such as a core memory, the tone was softer and talked about in a calm tone. The soldiers did not talk about the war in such a way I would talk about my personal sad memories. I would talk about my sad personal memories in a quieter tone and avoid making jokes. Towards the beginning of the film, I had no genuine instrest in film, nothing resonated with me. As the film progressed, I started feeling more connected to the characters and began gaining empathy. My interest in the film was only through empathy and not interest in the topic of WW1 itself.  

Get to know me – Maria Prida

Hello, my name is Maria Prida del Rio, I am 15 years old, I just turned 15 on Monday 9/11, normally when I tell people my birthday is that that day, they get surprised because it is not a happy day for most American people, and I can understand it.

When I was little, I really liked to do sports and try a lot of them, but when I tried, Aereo dance I knew it was my favorite, technically it is a sport where you do different artistic disciplines that combine contemporary dance and gymnastics, I did aero for 2 years, but when I moved to Canada, I lost passion and interest in the sport.

When I moved to Canada, I was really sad because I really liked Mexico, and I also came at an age where I was trying to find myself, so at the moment, I hated the idea. But after my first year of school, I really liked it and realized I met really good people, I plan to finish high school at Brookes, and go abroad and study something I’m not sure what its goanna be, I just know I’m excited about the future.


Maria Introduction

Hello, my name is Maria Prida. I am from Mexico, Puebla. Most of the people I’ve met don’t know where Puebla is, Puebla is 1 hour away from Mexico City, The capital of Mexico. I moved to Canada when I was 13 and this is my third year living In Victoria. I never moved out of my country so coming to Canada was a big impact, gladly all people are nice and welcoming. Some of my hobbies are hanging out my friends, watching movies, and bake.

I do not dislike reading but I would say it’s difficult for me to concentrate while reading or find a good book. The only book I’ve ever read is called the power of NO by James Altucher, the book is about the power of saying no to things that are not the best for us. I really liked this book because by the time i was reading it was difficult for me to say no to people, so I’d really recommend this book if you struggle to say no.

I really like writing, specially about topics I like, if it’s a topic I don’t know about I also like to get creative and research and get to know the topic I will write about.  I really like the way you can express opinions and ideas trough writing and i love to see other people’s writing Aswell.