PW #4 A Dark Christmas – Liath

Little boy Timmy stayed this whole night awake

To prove to his friends that big old Santa wasn’t a fake.

He spent the night hiding under his tree.

He never once got up, not even to pee.

And no matter how much he wanted to sleep,

He followed his task, ’till he saw it complete.

Suddenly befell a large thump on the roof,

And soon in the chimney, happened a ‘poof’!

‘Santa’? he asked, as a wonder filled fan,

Then he was startled to find out Santa, was none other than Morgan Freeman.

Yes he had become an actor to pay his bills.

Santa could do it all, from toys to great films.

Timmy gave Santa a hug and fell asleep in his arms,

And woke up the next day, safe from all harm.

He told his friends his story, down to the last ho ho ho.

His popularity rose and little boy Timmy became the king of his ghetto.

IRJE#3 – Liath

<                    In the book ‘Hamilton’ by Ron Chernow, Alexander Hamilton is combatting the tyrannical oppression of the British rule. He recently wrote “Farmer’s Refuted” which consisted of multiple essays that criticized Samuel Seabury and how he claimed that their society was perfect. Hamilton, never taking a days rest, continued to fight for change by writing even more essays written under different pseudonyms.

———— “‘At times, he repeated his anti- “Farmer” essays almost verbatim, saying of the British ministry, “They have advanced too far to retreat without equal infamy and danger; their honor, their credit, their existence as ministers, perhaps life itself, depend upon their success in the present undertaking'” ———————————————————–

<                 Part of the reason that this section stood out to me was because they chose to use the word ‘verbatim’ which we just studied in our English class. Hamilton is quoting himself as many prolific writers did in that time. The rest of the quotation depicts Hamilton as the relentless revolutionary he always was. He exhibits so much optimism that showing resistance towards their oppressors will elevate and better their country. I am enjoying reading this book and even though its tough because their are many words I am unfamiliar with and so I have to re-read the sentences, I am grateful of it because I am learning a plethora of new vocabulary.

The Uttur Brutality of War, Personal Response – Liath

                   “All Quiet on the western Front” by Erich Maria Remarque is a unique and interesting novel because it does not follow the conventional rhythm often found in other war-themed books. The chapters did not always consist of action packed battles and the heroic feats that one associates with war, Remarque instead intentionally left mundane chunks in between the thrilling action. These ‘chunks’ delved into the overlooked hardships and physiological tolls present outside of the trenches. Though I was not initially as interested in these chapters, I am glad that they were included because it helps defeat the trend of romanticising war.  Another aspect of the book that distinguishes it from others is the fate of its characters. I am accustomed to reading about characters improving from surviving the adversities they face in their story. Remarque however, chooses that the fate of the characters we’ve spent time getting to know, is to be killed by the unrelenting nature of WW1. This is to show us the destructive randomness that befelled countless soldiers, only for them to be replaced by younger optimists who would meet the same grim fate. Paul and Tjaden were able to survive by holding on to the friendship and bonds of their fallen comrades, up until the heartache of losing all his friends caused Paul to draw his last breath in the midst of complete quietness.


                   Each character being killed (except for Tjaden), though sad, was important to show the reality of war and the impact on those who fought it. These tragic deaths served as a reminder of how scarce survival was in this brutal conflict.The readers are exposed to the harsh emotional and physical tolls that the soldiers were cruelly forced to endure. Witnessing their friends and fellow soldiers meet horrific deaths on the battlefield, paints a picture of the relentlessness of war. I used to picture these types of deaths as statistical instead of understanding that each one is extinguishing one vibrant life. Paul was only 19 when he enlisted and I was haunted to find out, some of his comrades were even younger. These youths were robbed of their innocence and forced into a brutal life where they were being used as pawns for the interests of those in power. The youths experienced a sense of seclusion from the rest of society. Paul’s short connection with the woman across the river told us a lot about his character. After parting with the intimacy he had not felt in a long time. Paul felt lonelier than ever because he realised how much he missed that sort of affection that was bereft in his current life.


                   Erich Maria Remarque masterfully conveys the pure hopelessness of war. Remarque remarks “Not even a fly can survive the endless artillery barrage” which shows us the sheer constant savagery in the trenches, and that even the most stubborn of creatures would eventually fall to the endless violence. I have always pictured soldiers as highly trained killing machines with each fighter having the ability to turn the tide of battle. Instead of the primary objective being to minimise casualties, the ultimate goal was to outlast the enemy with a relentless rotation of troops. One single life was nothing compared to the grand scheme of things, this is why war is a never ending cycle of misery, with the soldiers’ lives being replaced as quickly as they were lost.


                   I think this book is well written and immersive to the reader. This book drew an emotional reaction from me by intricately describing the death of so many people, some that we had come to know and others who we did not. “All Quiet on the Western Front” used a unique way of storytelling, had interesting characters who endured a lot, and accurately expressed the hopelessness of war.

The Brookes Chronicles Volume #4 A Terrifying Transformation (Created By Liath Emmett Industries) PW#3

(Note, Volume #3 Will be submitted late by Emmett so do not read this until then.)

Liath was paralyzed on the floor as the Evil Witch Tish prepared to shoot him with an energy blast powered by the purest evil. The cackling witch aimed right between his ribs and released  the deadly blast, but at that moment the no purified Cerbasage, leaped in and took the blast in his place. The Evil Witch Tish wailed as her puppy fell to the floor. Liath knew this was his chance and so he gathered all his energy to teleport to the only person that had a chance to stop Tish, Emmett Hastie. Liath appeared at Emmetts feet and explained to him how the Evil Witch Tish needed to be stopped. Emmett Hastie wasted no time in aiding Liath to a bed then rushing to face the Witch Tish. When Emmett finally found her, he was in shock by the scene. Tish had split into too people, an unconscious pure Tish cradling Cerbasage in her arms, and a now unfiltered absolute evil, Evil Tish Incarnate.

To be Continued on the next Episode

Liath IRJE#2 The Hurricane

I have started reading the book ‘Alexander Hamilton’ by Ron Chernow. I have thoroughly enjoyed the small percent I have read so far because needed to read it multiple times to understand it. One quote that stood out to me did so because it used complex words while keeping the flow of the sentences.

——” Hamilton viewed the hurricane as a divine rebuke to human vanity and pomposity. In what sounded like a cross between a tragic soliloquy a a fire-and-brimstone sermon”——

This description refers to the deadly hurricane that plagued his childhood home. Alexander was tasked by encouragement of Knox to inform the colonies of the tragic news.  As weirdly different Chernow chooses to describe Alexander’s work “a cross between a tragic soliloquy and a fire-and-brimstone sermon” it is equally as accurate as it essentially represents the essense of the youthful writings of Alexander.

The Brookes Chronicles Volume #1 The Evil Saga (Made By Liath and Emmett Industries)

There once was brilliant but vile prodigy by the name of Evil Dr. Neil. He was the founder of Evil Knievel Industries, a software company used by major companies in North America. One dank afternoon after a lonely night of drinking from Evil Dr. Neil, he got fed up from the ‘one’ place that did not use his software. That one imperfection that mocked him and consumed his every thought. That night the drunken genius, in an act of pure lunacy, sent a lethal device towards that one place. A device that would turn all the people to mice in that ‘one’ place. This ‘one’ place went by the name of Brookes Westshore…

The oblivious students and faculty carried on with their day, unknowing the sheer dread that was awaiting them. It was at lunch time when the device emerged from the clear blue sky, strapped unto a balloon as red as blood. It was not Evil Dr. Neil’s best work but you must remember he was stoned out of his mind. As the entire school confusingly stared at the floating metal box, a hero emerged from the bathroom stall. A student named Emmett Hastie instead of becoming frozen by fear, acted to save the school. Emmett Hastie Hastily grabbed a sharb pencil and with perfect aim launched it and popped the balloon. The box came crashing down and the school was saved from Evil Dr. Neil’s destruction. The sheer force in which Emmett had launched the pencil had broken his arm and he was forced to rest for the next month. Thought it was a happy day one incident had happened that day, when the box fell from the sky a green liqued shot out from it landing on a different student, a girl named Tish. This liqued infected Tish and amplyfied all her most Evil desires in exchange by giving her powerful magic fueled by hate. With Emmett injured who would put a stop to the new threat, the Evil Witch Tish…

To Be Continued In “The Brookes Chronicles Volume #2 The Rise of Tish”

Liath (Carrying the Boat) – IRJE #1

I am currently reading a book given to me by my good friend Samuel, titled Can’t Hurt Me by Mr. David Goggins. I can see why people find this book inspirational since it is full of impossible situations in which Mr. David Goggins was forced to endure through. A relatively early quote in the book which sets the tone for the rest of it is,

————— “You are in danger of living a life so comfortable and soft, that you      —————   will die without ever realizing your true potential.”. p. 32

This quote is very true and made me think about the path of my life that I am on. The author knows that this is true because he has been pushed to and beyond his limits and that never would have happened if his life was soft and comfortable. One thing that is clear to me now is that I have to push my limits in order to find my true potential and lean away from my comfort zones. I am half way done with this book and I have enjoyed it so far, and while Im excited to finish reading it I am equally excited to put to practice the lessons he teaches.

The Game of War-liath

I was surprised at the beginning of the film, They Shall Not Grow Old, because of all the young people who enlisted in the war as if it were a game. Children of my age or a little older were signing up to their deaths as if it were the soccer team. This fearsome thought got me thinking about what would occur if there was a war in this century, how hesitant me and the people I know would be in joining the bloodshed. Throughout the film there were the voices of veteran soldiers explaining their thoughts and feelings about what was happening and every last of them expressed excitement and a sense of wonder which made me feel very uneasy.

I was particularly disgusted in the way they pressured kids to lie about their age and bully them into enrolling in the military. Soldiers usually had to be 19 years of age to be able to do this but everyone pretended to know none the better when it came to it. I remember one story that one of the veterans told. The young veteran had gone to enlist in WW1 but he was only 15 as he told the officer and to his and my surprise he was told to go then come back and say he was 19. I’ve always pictured soldiers as these robotic killing machines so it is hard for me to imagine them as adolescents with real life families strapped with guns. 

As the movie went on, the illusion that it was just a big game continued to fade. No man’s land was shown to be plagued by the deaths of both British troops and the German ones. It was haunting for me to see the surface of how much violence there was, the artillery barrage killing countless people in mere seconds or the gut-wrenching images of soldiers getting their heads blown off by the seemingly endless rain of machine gun bullets. There were stories told of the men hiding in holes in the ground to avoid getting killed but their teammates were not as lucky as they were bleeding to their death right next to brave soldiers.

I am glad that I watched these men telling their perspectives in the war because I have learned to understand the emotions that were felt during the harrowing days fighting.

The Tale of the Hungry King-Liath

There was was a man who called himself king

He treated his people as if they were nothing

One day a witch came from far away

But the cruel king turned her away

With the few moments in which they conversed

The witch left the king eternally cursed

No matter how much food the king inhaled

An itching of hunger would always prevail

The chefs were forced to cook feasts galore

But it was no use, the king just wanted more

The costs caused his country to go from rich to poor

He was forced to sell his daughter as if she were a whore

Until one day he disappeared like Houdini

He had eaten himself whole and that was fini

A happy accident – liath

In the dark corners of Mexico city, emerged a miraculous light in which the locals named Liath de Leon. I am Liath de Leon and I spent most of my youth in that dark corner until I turned 6 years old and we witnessed a murder on the street outside our home. This is usually a sign telling you to move and so we decided we wanted to move to the most interesting city in the world, instead we moved to Vancouver. We spended a wonderful 7 years renting a house in west van but we noticed quite a bit of flies had moved into our wallet so we set our eyes to buy a property in Victoria. I was now living on the edge of the world, Arden road and attended Brookes for the next two years.

I could definitely improve as a reader as I don’t consistently read every day but I read multiple books at a time. currently I am reading the harry potter novels in English because I had read them in Spanish but never English. I am also reading a biographical book by Ron Chernow on one of the founding fathers in which he gives a lot of detail and I am finding it very interesting. 

When I am writing I can get stumped really easily and just stare at the screen but at the same time when I start to write I fall into the flow and just basically spit out words. I have been told that my handwriting leaves something to be desired which is why I have practice writing on paper more often.