The book that I am reading its called “IT END WITH US” and is about a girl that she explains many moments of her life. In those moments they involve her parents and some important people for her, and she is talking about good moments, bad moments and until traumatic situations.

“There is no such thing as bad people. We’re all just people who sometimes do bad things.”

What I understand from the quote is sometimes us as people make errors that can mark relations with people that you love. Not a single person in this world is bad, they just accumulate a lot of errors and maybe they fix them or they keep them like they are. By constantly creating errors, you as a person can destroy relationships that you consider important. Its normal to do errors, you just need to learn and fix your problems.

Winter in Mexico

I this personal writing I want to talk about going back to Mexican December, I am so excited because its something that I have been waiting before a long time and I am excited because im going to see my family my dog and my new born cousin Andrea, I am also exciting because I miss so much the hotness of the beached going to the sea and spending all the time in summer clothes.

IRJE #3 Every Summer After

For the lasts weeks I have been reading a book that is called every summer after, and in it I´ve could found many deep quotes that I still remembered and one of those is:

The way I felt about you was always so clear to me—even when we were young I knew you and I were meant for each other. Two halves of a whole. I loved you so much that the word ‘love’ didn’t seem big enough for how I felt. I did want you.

I just chose this quote because I felt it super deep because it is about two persons that are in love of each other, but they can’t be together and he is expressing to the girl the whole emotions that he have, so is an super painful story.

My Personal Response All quiet on The Western Front

All quiet on the Western Front is a very good and powerful novel that had a lot of impact on me. It’s an eternal classic story of the sadness that people lived in the war and the hardest emotions that they passed.

The story is narrated by Paul Baumer, a young German soldier who is sent to the front lines during World War I. In his own brutal and bad perspective. It’s incredible how he shows the reality that he passed, and in the time of the transmit of reality of the war when he shows. Unvarnished reality of the front lines from the constant fear and violence to the environment among soldiers.

One of the aspects of the story that shocked me the most is the way it explores the laws of innocence in the form of the younger generation who where trust into the horrors of war. Paul and his colleagues are just teenagers when they are send to fight, and they quickly loose the youthful idealism as they confront the brutal truths. The novel shows the profound emotional scars of those who survived.

The book also gets deep into the absurdity of war, showing the disconnect between soldiers and the front lines and also the leaders and politicians who made decisions of the safety of their officers. Its a reminder of the humane cause of the war.

“All Quiet on the Western Front” it’s a novel that makes you reflect and catch hard emotions about war and the sacrifices made by those who serve and the profound impact of violence in humans. Its a book that serves as a powerful reminder of the importance of peace and understanding in a world makedby conflict and fight.

PW#3 The weather in Victoria

When I was in Mexico looking on my options of school where I am going to study I just chose Vitoria for the weather, because I watched a new about the city withe the best weather in Canada and it was Victoria. Since I arrived here the most difficult challenge to accustomed me have been the weather, because although I’ve seen in the new that Victoria is the city with the best weather in Canada, here every time is raining different than in mazarían from where I am and also every time I caught a flue and this is very stressful to me because I’ve never caught a flue in Mexico.


When I was reading the book “star girl” I found this quote:

“You’ll know her more by your questions than by her answers.”

I choose this quote because I was very struck by the fact that you can know a person more by all the doubts they have than by the answers they have to give.

Personal Writing #2

My experience in whale watching

In the past weekend, I went with my friends to whale watching and was an unfordable experience, although in Mazatlan where I live we have whales also but have seen the whales in Canada is a super different experience, beginning for the weather was so cold as much that I caught a flue, also we watching dolphins and sea lions, I love this experience. We took many beautiful photos and videos and I sent it to my parents and they love it.

IRJE #1. Stargirl

I am currently reading the Star Girl book written by the author: Jerry Spinelli. The book is a fictional novel based on the lives of some teenagers in high school. The novel revolves around a new girl named Star Girl, who arrives at high school as a student.

One morning we had a rare rainfall. It came during her gym class. The teacher told everyone to come in. On the way to the next class they looked out the windows. stargirl was still outside. In the rain. Dancing.

In the quote, I realized that the main character was very interesting and peculiar because she was different from the others and even though her classmates saw it as a little strange, she continued with her thing.

My Personal Reflection

The Shall Not Grow

My feelings when we saw the video were like a rollercoaster because in many parts the scenes were very hard and so many feelings, were like I want to cry but also I cant because I was in the middle of the classroom so were encounter feelings, but also in many parts I had feelings of proud, about the sacrifices that the soldiers have been doing, because since the moment that the soldier go out to his home is so hart to left the family and don’t have the answer that if you going come back. I like the documental because in all the scenes was how if I was living in this era, this help a lot of to comprise the realistic situation that the soldiers lived in the past. This times were very different as now in the actually, for example the roles in the society of women and men were having many changes in the past of the years, so now we have wars but not how were before, one of the most important changes is the innovation in arms technologies, we have a lot of types of arms than in the past. I was very shocking with the places in the soldiers have been and the circumstances that they had, so in the actually we won’t be able to sleep in the ground for many days especially the young, but in the past they it for the proud of their country. And also the food that they were eating was a little portion and only like bread and a cup of water. I like a lot of the language that the military used in all the movie, because it feel very informal how if I was talking with any friend and this helps for feel us more comfortables and be more conscientious with the hard situation that they have been living. The images that shocked me were when the young soldiers die, how they buried them was very shocked to me because this is a big sadness for the family that is waiting with hopefully to them relatives, these are the hardest moments for the families and also we can realize that the harder sacrifice is for the soldiers but also for the families that are waiting. The only part that I felt confused was when the scenes changing so fast and I lost in the story and in the moments. I think that the sergeant used a very realistic language and for the occasions that he been speaking, because for each parts he used the appropriates languages and tones. The situation that had been lived in the past is very different that in the actually, only the interests were changing a lot of, and also the way to see the world of the society. The characters and my actually consider that we share the obstinate that I am with my all goals and challenges, that what I propose I won’t stop until I accomplish it. Well for the end of my written, I consider me a very obstinate person but in a different way of the soldier and this is the reason for why I am so proud of them, because our environments are so different, in the actually we live more comfortables and still  we complain, and the circumstances in them were living many times were so hard. That I thinks after I see this movie is that we have to be more conscientious and grateful of that we have and the circumstances where we living and the lucky ones that we are.

PW #1

My first personal writing will be about my change of home, so I decide to come brookes to live a different experience that I was living in mexico and until now has been so excited, since the moment that I said good bye to my friends and family in mexico was a challenge my emotions were like a rollercoaster then when I arrived to the school felt very safe because they made me feel at home,The moment I met my friends we had an incredible connection until we felt like they were my sisters and when I began classes was very nervous but this day was so excited, so I am getting more used to in all the routine that we have here in the dorms, this is an experience that I recommend every single young that has this amazing opportunity.My expectations of this year are arrived mexico with a very well level in English, do a lot of friends, know about of the Canada culture and another cultures, improve my knowledge, live many experiences different as mexico, taste so much delicious food specially typical from canda and Victoria, and last but not least and obviously have fun.

tete as exchange student


My name is Maria celeste and I am from Mazatlán México, I live in a city that is a touristic port, so all year is very hot but is a nice city. I am accustomed  to live in a little city so this is the reason why I choose Victoria to study, and until now I Iove here.

The really true for me as a reader is that I only read a few books in my life, but I really want to improve as a reader because I think that is a really fun habit and helps you in many things, so I want to begin reading drama books, I hope it will soon.

I consider me as a good writer because since I was in middle school I love to do like many paragraphs and resumes of topics that teacher gave me, and now when I begin to write I write all my ideas, because I consider that I have a lot of imagination when I do it.