Personal Writing Aidan Bisgrove

Wednesday, Jan 18th the whole school had a ski trip to mt. Washington. I was extremely excited because I had not been skiing for 10 years and wanted to try it out again I honestly thought it would be easy and to my surprise, I was very wrong because I sucked at it and could barley stand up without falling. for the first 3 hours, I was failing every 10 to 20 seconds and was so fed up with the ski trip and wanted to quit and eat lunch until Dylan and I got lost and didn’t know our way back to the lodge so we had to ask some random people near the ski lift if they knew where the lodge was and they told us that we were a pretty far distance away and that we would have to go back up the ski lift and ski back down the mountain to get tp the lodge obviously I wasn’t too excited because that was like an hour more of fear for me but we only had 30 minutes so when we got to the top of the mountain I had to try not to fall or else we wouldn’t be able to eat lunch because we had a specific time limit that we had to eat lunch in which was 12:00 to 12:30. So we raced s fast as we could down the mountain and aculay made it down decently quick but we were still a little late for lunch but it was okay in the end and it honestly made me better at skiing because I didn’t have a choice but to get better or else I would have been stuck on that mountain for a lot longer than I would have wanted.

Personal writing#4 Vincent Van Gogh

Vincent van Gogh, in full Vincent Willem van Gogh, (born March 30, 1853, Zundert, Netherlands—died July 29, 1890, Auvers-sur-Oise, near Paris, France), Dutch painter, generally considered the greatest after Rembrandt van Rijn, and one of the greatest of the Post-Impressionists. Van Gogh, the eldest of six children of a Protestant pastor, was born and raised in a small house. His artistic career was extremely short, lasting only the 10 years from 1880 to 1890. During the first four years of this period, while acquiring technical proficiency, he confined himself almost entirely to drawings and watercolors in a village in the Brabant region of the southern Netherlands. In 1883 the urge to be “alone with nature” and with peasants which took him to Drenthe, an isolated part of the northern Netherlands frequented by Mauve and other Dutch artists, where he spent three months before returning home, which was then at Nuenen, another village in the Brabant.

Personal Writing #4: Revenge of the Purple-Clad Warrior Monkey

Midnight at the Whining Wharf, the purple-clad warrior monkey silently waits. Lurking in the shadow cast by a large crimson shipping container festooned with the company logo of his target . . . Wilson DeVon. As he waits, the purple-clad warrior monkey reflects on the week prior.


“Mr. DeVon, a comment please!”, shouts the paparazzi.

“People are horrified to learn the fire that destroyed the Amazon rainforest was started by your company. And all to free up land to build another mansion for your personal use! A comment, please!”

“Wilson, how does it feel?”, whispers one rather hairy looking man clad in a big purple sun hat.

“How does what feel?”, responds Wilson.

“To be the person who almost caused the extinction of the Rainbow-Clad Monkey?”

“No comment”

“Mr. DeVon will take no more questions and is leaving the building”, interrupts Wilson’s chief bodyguard.

Wilson is briskly escorted out and straight into a waiting limousine. Little does he know, this was only his first of several encounters with the purple-clad warrior monkey.

Wednesday, the second encounter…

Wilson DeVon is at his summer home, in a warm bubbly bath. The enormous tub faces the waterfront. Suddenly, a massive gull does a flyby drop on the gigantic wall to wall window. Foamy white liquid uric acid slowly dribbles down the gleaming glass and onto the perfectly manicured lawn. 

“BLOODY HELL!!! Someone go shoot that foul creature! And clean the putrid window!”

In 3 minutes, a loud gunshot signals the end of a life. To the horror of the house staff, the feathery remains of the dead mangled gull splayed out on Wilson’s welcome mat. 

Later that afternoon, when Willson interrogated his staff, the gardener admitted to seeing a hairy looking man in a purple baseball cap lurking around the grounds. The gardener said when he inquired as to who he was, the man gruffly brushed him off saying, “I’m the new security guard an’ I’m doing my first patrol so gettouta my face”.

Friday, the third encounter…

Wilson is out for a stroll, walking his two standard poodles. A hairy man in purple cashmere and a purple toque crosses the street towards him. Beelining straight for Wilson, he yawns, showing strangely pointed teeth. The man in purple bumps into Willson, startling him.

“Hey, I’m walking here!”

The man replies in a joking manner, “Oh sorry, I didn’t see you there small fry, heh”. He drops his voice,“Better watch your back, I’m coming for ya’”.


Back at the Whining Wharf, the purple-clad monkey warrior checks his watch. Wilson was scheduled to show at exactly 1 o’clock am. There was a sketchy deal to buy blood diamonds, and Wilson was the buyer. The purple-clad warrior monkey checks his watch again, half an hour to go. He decides to have a quick nap. As he drifts off to sleep he festers on why he hates Wilson. The Amazon rainforest was home to the Rainbow-Clad Monkeys. They had existed since the beginning of time. They had taught humans language, how to cook food, and how to build shelter. The Rainbow Monkeys got their immortality from the trees in the rainforest, so when Wilson burned it down, the monkeys all died. Except for purple. His tree was surrounded by a stream, thus he was spared. It was now the purple-clad monkey warrior mission to avenge the death of all Rainbow Monkeys and kill Wilson.

PW #4 – Ski trip

last Wednesday, January 18th, the school offered a one-day trip to mount Washington for a ski trip; I was genuinely excited about this trip because it was my first time seeing actual snow and also my first time skiing. We left school at four in the morning to take a three-hour ride to get there and have around seven hours of skiing. We could already see the snow on the trees when there was half an hour left to get there. I felt it in a movie, looking at all the gorgeous landscapes; I thought I was dreaming it was too perfect to be accurate. We arrived, and we got our skies right away. Because it was my first time skiing, I took a lesson right when we arrived, and it was tricky for me. Still, I started to get the hang of it, but after half an hour of the lesson, I got exhausted, so I took a break in the cabin and ate some snacks because we didn’t eat breakfast it was too early for that after that the day just went on and the hours went flying. We came back to the school around four in the evening, and almost everyone was sleeping on the way around. We arrive at the campus around seven o’clock. We ate some pizza for dinner, and I went straight to bed. The next day I got cramps all over my legs. This was one of my favourite trips, and I can wait to go skiing again.

Personal Writing #4: Quote Analysis

To improve my analysis skills, I though it could be a good idea to try and analyze a random quote to the best of my ability.

“It’s not a merit to tolerate, but rather a crime to be intolerant.” ―Percy Bysshe Shelley

First Impressions: It is clear upon reading this quote that the writer disliked intolerant behavior, either towards race, religion or other beliefs.

Paraphrasing: When he says that “It’s not a merit to tolerate someone”, he takes of the credit off the people who might seem to brag about their tolerant behavior. Finally, by completing the sentence with “but rather a crime to be intolerant”, he says that being tolerant is a requirement, not an achievement.

Purpose: I assume that the purpose of this quote is to tell people that being tolerant should not be seen as helping a person, but simply as a persons duty.

Literacy Techniques: I was not able to see any specific literacy techniques displayed in the quote. This is likely due to that fact that I have a limited knowledge of the vast amount of literacy techniques that exist.

Observations: Though I could not identify any literacy techniques, I did take note of one particular thing in the quote. The fact that tolerate and intolerant are present in the same sentence. For some reason, this struck a cord inside of me. This also pulled my attention to the presence of merit and crime in the same sentence. I don’t know what to think about this specifically, but it is something I will take note of.

PW #4 – Nostalgia, and the 2000s

Sometimes I would find myself looking at a computer screen wondering how we have come to this point in history, where I can know the reason behind my sore throat just by looking it up on google. Well, I was around the late 2000s era to remember the initial excitement we had with technology. At first, my parents would usually hop on to MSN messenger to say hi to friends and family, which at the time seemed out-of-the-world. The whole point of the internet being somewhat complex to comprehend added to the excitement of using it, I felt like I was getting work done. Everyday after kindergarten, I would boot up my mom’s old Windows XP laptop which were filled with all these fancy animations and 3D text. Sound quality was a big issue for most people, but I always loved hearing the compressed sound playing from adobe flash player whenever I went to My experience with computers made me invested in technology, and is what got me into researching these kinds of topics on a daily basis.

But in the present day… (2016-2023)

Computer design has become very dull thanks to modern design trends. Whenever I would load up a messaging program, I would find myself staring at a black background with a bunch of text written on top of it rather than the old UI computers had where it had a lot of eye catching details such as 3D text or some nice design that would come preloaded in the background. Computer design has grown to be really flat, taking a more minimalistic approach rather than the old eye catching design computers had back in the days. 3D styled buttons became plain rectangles, Fancy notification sounds became very dull (mostly just filled with the same sound) and logging on to a messaging service doesn’t have the same experience it did back then. I will always miss the good old days for giving me the fantastic experience I had, but here I am, falling asleep in front of my monitor, with nothing to do.

PW #4

A lot would have been different if I had stayed in Korea without moving to Canada. Especially, there must have been a big change in life at school. My friends are all 11th graders now because the semester starts in March in Korea. I went to a Catholic school with strict school rules, and all the students took classes hard. Because of that, I spent a lot of time following the class every day. Other students around me went to the academy until at least 10. School ended at 5, so I often went to the academy right away without going back home. If I stayed there, I would have had a hard time as I would be in grade 11.
However, I had more fun in my spare time after class in Korea. I lived near downtown, and I was free to play after the semester. The food was to my taste, and there was no problem in communication. When I first came to Canada, I was very bored because I had little study to do and no place to go. It is also fun to hang out with friends I made in Canada, but I don’t think I would have had time to be bored if I stayed in Korea. I would have studied to death during the exam period, and after the grades came out, you would have repeatedly played.
I often imagine what it would have been like if I still stayed in Korea, but I don’t regret this choice.


Personal Writing #4

Skiing trips are always really fun. This particular ski trip was just as great as the last. My friends and I went up to Mt. Washington in a van and although it was really early and got rather stuffy in the van it was a rather enjoyable ride up. Once we got there we waited for the other students to arrive. I went with my cousins to get their ski rentals and then, we made sure Finn and Diego got to their snow kids lesson. Eli and I made our way to the top of the ski lift and did some runs with Ben and Belle. Mid day we met back up with Finn and Diego, had lunch, and then took them both on a green run. It was Finns first time skiing, when he finished his lesson we took him on a green and ran in to a couple problems but overall the ski trip was amazing! On our drive back we watched Rush Hour.

Personal Writing #4

Last week in the park, there was a poor unfortunate soul who was being followed by a police car. This boy was no angel, but that did not matter. After being caught smoking by a police officer, he ended up with a ticket for being in a smoke-free area. In the first place, his mother was always nagging him about going to the park and not smoking, but he could not because of his friends, and then secondly, it was not a smoking area. The boy walked into the park, and he sat on the bench for a few minutes.

On a Mission- Personal Writing #4

Yesterday, I went to Munro’s. With the wooden floor creaking, and my hair wet from the rain outside, I had a half-an-hour to peruse until my sister would find me. I was looking for a certain book that was recently released by one of my favourite authors. Somehow, I seemed to have looked through every section, and I couldn’t find it. Usually I take at least an hour at the bookstore, so I forced myself to not to get too distracted. The fiction tends to be on the left hand side of the store, so that’s where I spend most of my time.

Weaving through the aisles, I scanned each one thoroughly but quickly. My day was quite stressful, so I enjoyed having a moment alone, with a certain goal in mind. I managed to look through each aisle, even ones not of the same genre of the book I was looking for. In one of these, I found a different book I was interested in. Nevertheless, I grabbed it and continued my search. One might be wondering, why didn’t I just ask a staff member for some help finding it? I couldn’t do so because one of the only staff that wasn’t at the increasingly busy cash register, was helping out another customer.
Alas, I finally found the book. It turned out to be on one of the shelves at the entrance of the store. “New hardcovers”. My sister arrived in the nick of time, and she laughed at my dullness once I told her what happened. My total came up to around seventy dollars; outrageous for only two hardcover books. My gift card and store points came to my rescue that day.

Personal Writing

My winter break days

During the winter break, the main thing I focused on was basketball and fitness, every day I woke up at 6 am and got ready to go to the gym, it usually would take around 1 hour and a half in the gym. After the gym I would walk back home and get ready to eat breakfast, after breakfast I would study for 2 hours then hit the basketball courts, at the basketball gym I would focus on my ball handling for 30 minutes, my finishing for 45 minutes and end off by doing shooting drills. after I’m done with my shooting drills I would hope to play some pick up which is basically where a bunch of random people is placed on two teams for 3 on 3 or 4 or 4s, during this time the main focus for me was to use the skill work that I have been practicing in a game moment by doing this it would ensure that in a real game, I would be able to take those same moves and shots and make them. After I was finished id come home and get lunch, following lunch would be another study session for an hour just catching up on work and doing my 15 minutes of reading. By that time it would be around 3:30 and I would get ready for another session at the basketball court, id go over and take 50 free throws, do some footwork drills and run lines until about 4:30. once the sun went down head home to get dinner, This would be my routine almost every day during the break.

Train to Nowhere: 4

The perplexity of the tunnel makes Victoria feel isolated, despite having a few of her friends tag along. As her group look behind then, the light at the entrance grows smaller and smaller, she warily scans her group. Freya and Clair hold each other tight, while Kevin stands in between the twins, Jacob and Andrew. None of them are chatty, unlike how they always are at school. Even Robin and Doug, the dynamic duo, stare into nothingness. The lovebirds Mya and Tristan trail behind but still… Silence.

“Does anyone have a flashlight?” she asks to group. Jacob ruffles through his bag to find one, but in bright pink.

“Hey, isn’t that your favorite colour?” Andrew teases in an attempt to lighten up the mood. The joke is only met with soft chuckles from Kevin. 3 bright beams search the environment of the tunnel. Rustic bricks with hints of mold, spider webs, and purple slime.

“I have never seen that in my entire life!” Clair is fascinated by the obscure colour and scent of the slime on the wall. She whips out her walkie talkie to report to the other groups about the discovery, but it only responds with static. “Huh, I guess we’re cut off..”

As the group persevere deeper into the tunnel, the walls slowly close in, forcing them to huddle closer. Isn’t it odd that trains are supposed to pass in this tunnel but it can barely fit a group of teens in here? Victoria thought to herself. More slime up ahead, the flashlight beams reflects off the substance. The purple is more vivid than before, and the smell kicks the teens’ noses.

“Watch your head,” the unknown voice speaks again.

“SHOW YOURSELF ALREADY COWARD,” Doug screams, his voice reflecting off the brick wall. The ground shakes,

“AN EARTHQUAKE? NOW?” Robin shouts, his voice echoes.

“SHUT UP BOY!” the voice yells and a tentacle appear out of nowhere. It thrashed furiously, knocking Doug into the wall. Another tentacle appears, both now grabbing Robin. He chokes on the reeking smell of clam,

“I can’t…. bre—”

The tentacles catch Tristan by surprise when they grab Mya and flung her into the air. He screams vulgar words and burst into tears begging for her life. It was the most noise he had made that day.

“GUN! GUN!” Doug yells as Jacob and Freya draw their handguns, equipped in their trusty backpack and aim at the tentacles. They shoot mercilessly at the beast, finally releasing Robin and Mya from their misery. Kevin runs to check on Robin whilst Tristan embraces his girlfriend. ”We should really start thinking like a team, huh.” Kevin asks Robin who violently sobs on Kevins knee. Victoria stands over them with guilt on her face. Freya spots a dim light at the end of the tunnel. The group exits the tunnel only to find an identical train station that they left before. No signs of the other groups, no footprint. Only a few abandoned trailers that Victoria couldn’t recall seeing at the drop off,

“Let’s rest here for the night,” she says.

When I Ever Was Jeongmin (Pw #5)

Sometimes when I think about my life, I think that I am very unlucky. Most of the things that I wanted to happen never does, and all of the unfortunate events tend to happen on a daily basis. Most of the time I would get sick at the wrong times, such as the first day of school or before a long trip back home. I would get the worst grades and reports for the tests I studied the most, and I would get the best for the ones I didn’t even care about. I would get the worst headaches before the final exams, and I would be in my best mood on a useless weekend.

I don’t know why luck exists; other people look like they are having the best moment of their lives when my life has never been positive, and Other people look like they don’t have any problems in their lives when mine is full of them 24/7. I tend to compare myself with other people around me. When I talk to them and try to understand how their lives were, I always fail to do so. I am always jealous of how some people can stay happy and excited for most of their lives, if not the entirety of it.

My last memory of freedom was when I was a small child; when I didn’t have all the drama to deal with and the responsibility to take care of. I didn’t have a lot of homework and tasks to do like I do now, and I didn’t have to create multiple versions of myself to keep myself functioning. I always wish I could go back to when I was a baby so that I won’t make the same mistakes I made today. I wish I could be doing all of the things I wanted so that I won’t be dwelling around them.

I am very thankful to the people around me. From my family who provides me with a good environment and care – to my friends who provide me with joy in life when living in a foreign place that I have never lived in before. Being away from home and culture is not an easy thing to do, and so is skipping a grade and being younger than everyone else. However, these people help me get through these without any problems and if it weren’t for them, I would have been struggling with unanswered questions and curiosity about life.

I wish a very happy new year to everyone!

PW #4. Winter break back home

In the winter break I went back to my home place. I was very exited to go but also nervous because I had to take flight by my own. The luck was not in my favor the first two days. I los my flight from Victoria to Vancouver. So I had to buy another flight. When I got to Vancouver I had to change terminals because I had a connection flight. It was really stressful since I had only 30 minutes to change terminals and there was no taxis. I got into the fight and when I arrived to San Diego my bag didn’t arrive, but my parents surprised me by picking me up at the airport. It was really nice to see them since I had like 5 months that I didn’t saw them. When I got back home I hanged out with my friends and they stayed for a sleepover. The next day we went for tacos and ,y car got crashed and a bird popped my head. For obvious reasons I was really stressed but that night my friends through me a surprise Welcome party, so I got to see all my friends and it was really fun. Since it was holiday season I got to spent almost every day with my family and friends. I had a great time back home. I missed it so much. I almost dint want to come back to Canada.

PW: Why summer is my favorite season.

I do really enjoy winter and fall. I like the holidays and warm drinks, I love fall colors and winter clothes and christmas is of course one of my favorite holidays. But I can’t help but miss summer every single day. It has always been my favorite season since I was younger and I think it always will be for so many reasons. First of all, going to the beach is definitely one of my favorite things in the world If not my favorite one. I love beach houses, the sky, summer clothes, the music, coconut water, going in the sea and just everything about it. All my favorite memories are from summer. Summer trips with my family or summers where we just stayed at my town. I can spend entire days with my friends, staying up late without having to worry. I love the weather and late nights. The sunsets and sunrises are beautiful. The snacks are amazing, mango and watermelon are definitely my favorite fruits. I feel like no matter what I change and grow so much every summer and i can’t wait for this one.


PW: Winter

Winter is the coldest season in the year. Winter is usually three months a year November, December and January. People start freezing and the days are getting shorter. No one wants to go outside because of the bad weather. The nights are getting longer and scarier. Half of the day its dark, when you leave the house and when you come back. You have no motivation to stand up for the day or even go outside in the cold. Your hands, lips and skin are getting dry and you have to wear many and thick clothes so you don’t freeze. But there’s not only bad things about the winter. I love winter its my favorite season of the year, I think about the snow and the white trees outside. I like wearing huge sweaters and scarfs to keep myself warm and comfortable in these cold days. I love when you get home and can cuddle in the blankets with a warm cacao or hot tea. I love how you can watch the snow outside while being warm at home and I especially love the sports you can do in winter. Skiing, snowboarding or ice skating on a frozen lake are one of my favorite things to do in the winter. And of course the holidays in December. Your celebrating Christmas with your family and new years where you can maybe start a whole new era in your life or set new goals. These are all the things why I love winter and why its my favorite season in the year.  

Unfamiliar yet very inviting – part one of my poem about my South African journey:

It all started with a long journey to an unfamiliar place,

Yet it felt like home.

Although its seemed sketchy, I had a smiling face,

because I didn’t feel alone.

Hot and sunny,

Beautiful and bright,

The mall was busy,

But not too tight.

Good night’s sleep is needed to recover,

After all that drifting,

I get under cover,

And I start to dream.

Food was amazing,

My mouth was watering,

Biltong, droewors,

Lots of candy.

A red bus is what we used to see,

The beautiful Cape town city.

Lots of flowers, lots of trees,

Many new faces on magazines.

Monkeys climbed,

Even on me!

But they weren’t scary,

They didn’t even bite.

Meeting people…

I never knew existed,

But they felt like family,

Almost like sisters.

Going to school,

I embraced my inner “Matie”,

Only to learn,

So did many in my family.

That first week ,

All new and exciting,


Yet very inviting.

Personal Writing #4

Wallows is an alternative/indie rock band who released their first single “Pleaser” in 2017, and continue releasing music and going on tour to this day. The band is made up of 3 people: Dylan Minnette, Braeden Lemasters, and Cole Preston. They are easily one of my all-time favorite artists as I really enjoy their music and the groups bond. Most of their songs follow the same, upbeat style. For me, listening to their songs never fails to boost my mood. The bond between the three of them is so strong and makes me genuinely happy watching interviews or music videos where their true personalities are showing. But their music videos connect both these aspects into one uplifting video. They use many visual tricks done by using interesting angles and editing. There is always an excess of colour in the videos, adding to the already upbeat music. My personal favorite music video that they’ve released is “I Don’t Want to Talk”. The video perfectly sums up the groups’ bond and the energy that is in each of their other music videos. If you haven’t heard of this band I highly recommend to search them up on YouTube, Spotify or whatever other music streaming platform you use.

Nyah Sharratt 01/18

PW#4 If there were only one language in the world

During the winter break, I realized how easy it was for me to speak in Japanese. I was a little homesick during the break because I couldn’t go back to Japan. I have friends here, and I also hung out with them, but I still missed my friends in Japan. So I called them every single night.  Of course, they speak Japanese. I have spoken Japanese since I was born. Japanese grammar and English grammar are so different. For example, if you say I go to the school today, we say today I the school to go. The word “go” in Japanese is “iku”. How can they be so different? How much I resented those who created the languages. We don’t need that many languages. If there was only one language in the world, we wouldn’t have to learn another one. It’s easier for everyone to communicate with whoever we want. But I still need to study English because of its existence.

English homework

I’m sitting in the cafeteria, working on my school homework. It’s cozy here, full of plants and extraordinary coffee. The couches are upholstered in dark purple and dark green colors. The sun is shining through the big windows in which I can see people passing by and some walking into the train station. The coffee started to get cold and vibrated once. That felt like an earthquake, I joked to myself. I probably accidentally kicked the table. I’m trying to figure out what to write in my English homework – it’s a personal writing assignment. I have always liked this type of homework but today, I don’t know, I don’t have any inspiration lately. I’m sitting here for an hour and a half,  waiting for something interesting to happen, while my surroundings have completely changed around me. I checked my phone overall about fifteen times. Not even there, on my phone, is happening anything that I would consider as interesting. Today is a peaceful day. How unfortunate for me. I’m thinking to pack my things and call it a day for now.  While I’m leaving, I see police sirens rushing around the cafeteria stopping before the train station. Well, this is interesting. I hurry to get there and see what is happening before they close the whole place because of…I don’t know what yet. When I’m getting closer and closer, I can hear people panicking and talking hysterically. What happened? My curiosity is now unstoppable. I need to know now. I go inside the station and listen to the police talking between themselves. “…it is a catastrophic situation.” says the first policeman. “It truly is, 26 dead people and many more injured,” answers the second one. What? How? “Do they know how it happened? Have you asked the witnesses?” asks the first one. “Yes, half of them think something broke and exploded, but the second half believes it was sabotage from one of the passengers,” declares the second policeman. So I did not kick the coffee table, it was the explosion.” John, what do you mean?” asks the confused policeman and John is looking a little uncomfortable about what he’s going to say. “Well, many of the passengers who were in the same wagon as the explosion happened to believe they saw a suspicious-looking guy with a black briefcase. And there is also one more thing Adam,” answers the policeman called John carefully. “John, god, just tell me the whole thing so we can go home.” sights policeman Adam. “I don’t think we are going home today any near time. You see, It happened that in the same wagon was also, ehem, a newly elected president of the Czech Republic,” says john in a whisper but I still could hear him very well. WHAT? From my country? What was he doing here? What did he do? I stay here for a little more, no one around is paying much attention to me. There are lots of injured people who are the most importatnt now. When I realize there will be no more information, I walk home. The instant moment i open the main doors of our house and see my parents, I tell them everything that happened. They are as shocked as me, perhaps even more. I walk up the stairs to my room, inspiration by the events, and start to write “Anna is sitting in the cafeteria, working on her school homework. It’s cozy there, full of plants and extraordinary coffee. The couches are upholstered in dark purple and …”

PW #4 Seeing my Family

Seeing my family after 4 months was awesome, I felt so many new emotions. I didn’t thought that leaving my family would be an impact for me and something that big. I remember I arrive at the airport at night and I was really tired, I walk to the exit after graving my bags, the exit doors open and I first saw my dad. I remember I run to him, I gave him a hug and I started crying. Then I saw my sister and little brothers and run to them, hug them all and started crying again. At last I saw my mom and gave her a huge hug. It felt really nice seeing them all again, as if all my problems and thoughts just disappear. I tried to spend all the time I could with my family, we went to eat, to the movies, we chill all together at the house, and many thing. I think this second time coming back to Canada was harder and more depressing after seeing my family, I think I could have done more things with them and I wish for more time. I’m happy because Im going to see them again in March. Meanwhile I’m having a great time here with my friends.

The Quadratic Formula

One of my favourite formulas that I have learned in math recently is the quadratic formula. The quadratic formula is used to find the x-intercepts of a quadratic function; an equation that looks like a “U” shape on a graph. A quadratic function usually comes in two different equations: standard form as y=ax^2+bx+c or vertex form as y=a(x-h)^2+k. Yet, only equations written in standard form can be used with the quadratic formula. The quadratic formula is written as follows: y=-b+(or)-√b^2-4*a*c/2a (everything after the “√b” to the “c” is under the square root). So, the numbers that represent a, b, and c in the standard form of a quadratic equation are substituted as the same values in the quadratic formula. Also, if the quadratic equation has two x-intercepts, then two forms of the quadratic formula are used to find each x-intercept. One equation has a “+” before the square root, and the other has a “-” before the square root. Or, if an equation only has one x-intercept for whatever reason, both equations of the quadratic formula should calculate to find the same solution.

Moreover, if one wished to determine if a quadratic equation has one, two, or zero x-intercepts, a shorter version of the quadratic formula can be used instead: √b^2-4ac (the whole thing is under the square root). In this case, if the solution is greater than 1 then the equation has multiple x-intercepts, if the solution is equal to 0 than the equation has 1 x-intercept, and if the equation is a negative square root than the equation has no x-intercepts because negative square roots are mathematically impossible to solve.

So, there you have it! A thorough explanation of the quadratic formula– my favourite formula– in a few simple paragraphs. You’re welcome!

PW #4 Why school should get rid of English class

Although English is a very important language and is becoming the most spoken language in the world, I dont thing I need to learn 20 complex words in 2 hours that I will shortly forget. Why learning 20 complex words is useless? Because I can use easy short words to describe each word. Creative writing where Essays and assignments which have word limits that if you have enough or have to many words will lose you marks. Why am I limited to a certain amount of words when I want to speak freely and be creative isn’t that what being creative means. Why do I need to know how to write when without errors when theres more people’s first language isn’t even English then actual fluent speakers. I don’t want to spend an hour and a half everyday on something I don’t want to do.

Personal Writing

Over the winter break I did a day trip to Mt. Washington. We got up really early and dove to the mountain. We got our ski rentals and got ready to go skiing. The first half of the day was really nice. Half way through the day, the weather started to get bad. There was so much fog you could barely see five feet in front of you. As I was going down a slope, I couldn’t see the sign and I started to go down a side trail by accident. As I was going down I saw a little jump in front of me. It was too late to stop or avoid the jump at this point so I just had to go for it. As I went over it I dropped into the hole and nearly lost my balance and started flailing around but managed to stay on my feet. It was a very fun ski trip.

Missed chances

Its new years eve

And I’ve wasted the year

So I’m left to grieve 

While everyone else is left to cheer


I see the future and the past

A junction of all that could be

A record of all I’ve amassed

So I turn to flee


You can’t run from a problem

But I can sure as hell try

Maybe I’ve hit the bottom

But maybe I’ll fly


The writing on the wall

Teaches me how to fall

Personal Writing #4     

Last weekend was my brother Ben’s 17th birthday. To celebrate we gathered some friends and organized paintball. To start we were guided through the rules of the game along with safety precautions. Teams were put together and were fairly balanced. Everyone was set and ready to go. We went to our first game which was five on five elimination. I ran onto the field and hid behind a plastic tube. Unfortunately my height was not an advantage and I was hit right away on my mask. Next game I decided switched up my strategy. I army crawled along the dirt with Dylan until we reached a safe spot. Dylan fired at the opponents and was hit immediately. This scared me so I ran back as fast as I could out of cover and was hit again. From this point forward I realised I was not the best at paintball. Although I still had lots of fun and would do it again. During the evening everyone came to our house for homemade pizza. We went on a walk and enjoyed each others company. Ben’s birthday was celebrated well and was considered and big success.

Personal Writing #4

I am going to tell you about how I broke my finger. It was a thursday morning and I had been invited to train with the senior women’s team. This team consisted of players that ranged from the ages of 20 to 38. It was an honor to have been invited to train with them. So I did! I was looking forward to it the whole day. When the time came I was doing amazing passing well, doing every drill well and then we played a game of touch. This game was a variation of touch where when you touch a player, that player and yourself MUST do a push up. So.. I touched a person and as they were getting up I was just going down and then metal cleats jumped and slid across my hand resulting in a broken finger.

Personal Writing: Skiing

This Winter break I went skiing a lot, and I got to see one of my long time friends, Chloe. I haven’t seen her for about a year because she was on a world travel.We met up in Vernon, which is just outside of Kelowna, on New Years eve at her grandparents house. After a couple of hours, went to the ski resort of Vernon called SilverStar. There was a light show with people skiing down the mountain with flares and lights on them, and after there was nearly a ten minuet show of fireworks.

In the morning, on New Years Day, we headed up to the ski hill early so we could get a full day of skiing in. That was the first day of skiing this year for me, and it was sunny, and blue sky, it was awesome. There was also some fresh powder, so we could go in the trees and the un-groomed runs and they wouldn’t be icy.

I skied for 3 days in a row, the third day being with my dad at Big White, the main hill in Kelowna. But the day at Big White was a struggle, it was so foggy and it was hard to see five feet in front of me. Big White is hard to determine for weather, and it is known for being called Big Whiteout, because of the fog and horrible visibility. Overall I had a great time skiing, and it is always one of my highlights of every year.

PW #4: A Chapter In Your Story

Was I at least a chapter in your story,

Was I worth that much to you

Or maybe I was just worth a sentence.

I believe I deserve more than a seven-letter line for the suffering you caused me,

Did you ruin me for fun, was it all a game

Did I really mean that little to you?

I accepted the love I thought I deserved

it turns out I deserve so much more.

Personal Writing #4

Taking part of the personal project has been tough to say the least. However, I have found that I have learned a great bit about myself and my project. For my product, I am writing a golf book about Tiger Woods. Shocker, I know. Anyways, when I first began the book in October of 2022, I was under the impression that writing a novel was easy. If I knocked out a chapter per week, I would be finished with plenty of time to spare. But oh boy, was I ever wrong. Here I am in mid-January with my book that is on the verge of completion, when I first expected to finish before winter break. I truly under-estimated the amount of planning, researching, and editing that goes into writing a novel. My book currently sits at 46 pages, which is nothing compared to the 70+ hours I have put into it.

Analyzing Tiger Woods’ career has been something that I have wanted to do, I just never got around to it. But the personal project gave me an excuse to make my idea a reality. There has been countless times of me sitting over my laptop, simply not wanting to work anymore. But pushing through those times and getting some real work done is all worth it in the end. When all my hard work is completed, I will be overjoyed. Even now, every time I open my document to work, I scroll down through all the pages, thinking to myself, “Wow, this is a lot of writing.” And it is. The feeling of finishing any project is always amazing, but finishing my novel will give me a feeling of gratitude like no other.

PW #4 – Acapulco

Acapulco is a beach 4 hours away from Mexico City that people go the with friends family etc its a beach for everything because they are beach clubs that are for families or just clubs at night and parties it so much fun I considere it my happy place.

I have a house there and it has one of the most amazing views for me my favorite part is that I go to the sea in our boat and I water ski there and is really fun the fun part about Acapulco is that it also has a river but is more foe water skiing after that we take the food out and we eat there and for the end of the day we are all red for being in the sun so much.

Personal Writing #3 – (Written by Grade 6 Me)

Once there was a man

Who wore a scarf with pride

The scarf was red and kept him warm

Without his scarf he cried


He had an English major

A brain full of things to write

This man had a name you see

His name was mr Macknight


One dark and gloomy day

The room seemed really weird

And then he cried, “For heaven’s sake!

My scarf has disappeared!”


The children looked around all day

But no red scarf was seen

He cried and cried and cried away

His actions were profound


It’s been three weeks and he was sad

The scarf seemed gone for good

He would not smile or laugh at all

Though try the students would


One morning while he looked around

He saw it on the ceiling

It really was his red red scarf

“Oh joy” he said with feeling


He danced around and came to school

The kids were so surprised

To see him acting really happy

He stood so tall with pride




The Paragon Hotel takes place in 1921, before the Great Depression. The main character, white girl Alice James, runs away from her home because of issues with the police and mafia in New York. Alice is traveling with a bullet wound through the whole country to get to a safe place. When she finally arrives in Oregon, she met a black guy on the train named Max who took her to a hotel, which is full of black people who are trying to survive in America. They are being attacked by police and later by Ku Klux Klan and their only safe place is the Paragon Hotel.

Transaction complete, Officer Overton waves the truncheon

“Do you see what you’re dealing with now, Miss James? What lee of people these are?”

“Yes, it’s not at all what I expected,” I answer timidly.

“Well, it’s a fine thing that you’re writing an article about the place, then, isn’t it?” he scrapes, towering over me. “You can expose the sickness that lives inside every one of these animals.

“That isn’t-“

I find this quote, and the whole book, very interesting because of the huge racism that’s happening there against black people by the police and most of the city population. I live now in times where it is more of a taboo to talk about any rase now and it shocked me when I started to read this book. I did not expect it at all and it is a whole different writing style that I’m not used to. It shows how cruel white people were (are?) and how dangerous it was for black people. This quote is one of the more subtle insults that was said, but still a big one in my opinion.

Personal Writing #3 – Mèxico Middle School

When I lived in Mèxico I obviously went to middle school, my middle school was huge, I have a lot of good memories of it. The school was had big football fields and cafeteria were they sold all types of stuff, and on the week they would have special days like, sushi tuesday, mollete wendsday, tacos dorados lunes, etc, everything was really good, props to the chefs. Some of the best moments I had in this school were for example when a friend sticked a note in my back that said dumbass or something like that, and I went to the bathroom and some kids were laughing at me and I didnt know I had a note on my back, so yeah. A kid vomited next to me one time, I wasnt hit thankfully. But the best thing about middle school in Mèxico was that with my best friend we had history together,and the history teacher loved me, but disliked my bestfriend(thats what he says) so the funny thing is that I would sit with my friend, do nothing and the teacher would say I did a good job, but he always said my friend needed to improve and stuff like that when he did all the work(we worked in groups of 2), and she would walk around the class all the way to my friend which he was in the farthest corner to say he needed to improve, it was really funny. I also remember sitting with all the boys in lunch and roasting each other on everything, now my friends have some horrible nicknames. I would also talk to my friends of playing videogames after school and we did. The end.

Personal writing #3

I dont remember the exact year this was but I was going on a trip to Vancouver with my hockey team for a tournament. This was when the team was really strong and we had our best players so we could definitely win a few of these games. On the ferry ride there we were all running around the boat playing tag or something. We were a big group of kids so it didn’t take long for people to get annoyed with us. In about ten minutes after we started our game someone came on the speaker system and told us to stop, it was quite funny. When we got to Vancouver we all got set up in the hotel. We all went to a Boston’s Pizza for dinner and then went back to the hotel. When we got back to the hotel, it took about 30 minutes before someone on the group-chat had the great idea of ding dong ditching everyone on the 5th floor.  This is a bad thing to do when your a large group of people, very easy to get caught. But we made it work. We were playing in the hallways and causing a ruckus for everyone. The next day in the locker room of the first game the coach yelled at us for being a bunch of annoying little kids.

Personal Writing #2

The snow outside is cold and white,

like petals falling from the sky.

So glad to be inside tonight,

with all my friends that have come by.


Christmas cheer has flood the room,

with presents under the tree.

Desserts we’re eager to consume,

with lots of holiday glee.


So gather around the tree tonight,

and sing the holiday song.

For its a golly good sight,

for anyone who tags along.

Lost my voice PW 3

I feel like i have lost my voice

not in a literal sense, I can still speak but no one can hear me and if they can they don’t care for what i l have to say. I suppose what I am saying may not be important but i am starting to feel as if i am not important. All admit when I speak to her I feel as if anything I say is used to start a war where every word is twisted and she has little regard for empathie and I am left with pain and damage. She builds up my story’s like sky scrapers and when i get to the top there is endless beauty and then she pushes me off and it all evaporates. She wins and yet agine I am left with no voice. So I put my pain in paragraphs and my sorrows in sentences and I one day I will speak and she will hear me.

Personal Writing #3 – Champions League

In 2016 my dad told me he was going to Europe with some of his friends to go watch Real Madrid in the Champions League Final in Milan, I ended up going with him, I think I asked him I dont remember. So we went to Europe to go to Milan, It was a long trip but we got there and we explored Milan at it was the best thing ever, the food, the agriculture, the icecream, the ice cream was so good I remember I ordered lime ice cream, it was the best ice cream ive ever had. The day finally arrived when we got to see Real Madrid play against Atletico de Madrid, I was finally gonna get to see the team me and my dad followed through the television and was gonna get to see my favorite player, Cristiano Ronaldo, we put our Real Madrid jerseys on and headed to the stadium. The stadium was massive, we got to our seats and were happy to be there, the match started and back then I wasnt the type to scream a lot I was very shy, so I didnt move or do a lot throughout the match but I was very excited, my dad and his friends were screaming the entire time, and next to us were some people from the other team and they seemed concerned to say the least. In the end Real Madrid won through penalties, it was a really good time to be alive.

Personal Writing: Molly PW #3

The day we got our puppy was one of the best days ever. I remember we drove form our house in Metchosin all the way to around parksville. We had been blasting music and was really exited to be getting her. Once we got there we say her and her sister run out of the house and head straight for a dirt pit where they began rolling around. The lady who was giving us one of them had talked to us, then went over and picked up the smaller of the two and passed her to my mom. We were laughing because either Molly wanted to greet her right or she got so excited she peed on my moms shoes. We could tell right away she was a trouble maker because she kept running to the grape vines and trying to eat them, which you most certainly should not eat.

Once we got her in the car and shed said good bye to her sibling and mom we pilled into our van and began discussing names. We drove all the way to Alex and Will’s lake cabin so she could have a break. We took her down to the lake and she began playing in the water with me and my brothers. She sat on mine or Isaacs lap when we drove all the way back to our house. Once she got there our grandparents came to meet her and our cousins came.

We decided her name would be Molly and that’s how we got a new puppy.

Personal Writing #3 – A Friday Night

This long weekend was very hectic and many things were going on in my life. I had a lot of work to do, and personal problems to solve, but I also had to go through them with all the errands I had to run during that time. On Thursday night, I tried to improve my social skills and make more friends and I decided to go bowling. It did not go very well, leaving me with more anxiety and panic attacks. I tried my best to quickly end the game and escape the place. After that, I went back to my room and tried my best to gain relief. That is how my long weekend started off. While I believed that my time was wasted and the weekend was hopeless, I finally got to have a time of relief the next day. I stayed in my room and spent time truly for mental and physical recovery. Every day in my life seems very miserable; everything feels meaningless and exhausting. Things that shouldn’t be happening in my life tend to happen on a daily basis, and these sometimes make me anxious. However, I try to motivate myself by committing to my hobbies, such as reading and listening to music, or just by staying in my room protected from the brutal world and reality. These work very well, and I belive it is just a part of life – growing up.

Mitsu – Chapter 2 – PW #3

The time has arrived, the time for me to escape. To venture out and explore this large and fascinating world. No more school, no more curfew, no more-

“What are you doing?”


“That, you were just staring blankly into the wall.”

The only time I get to think to myself around here…

“Anthony, like you, I haven’t gone anywhere, I want to see the world, explore places. Could you do that for Mr. Griff here?”

Kaitlyn trusts me? To take care of her treasured dog toy? This is interesting.

“What are you getting to?”

“I’m sorry for being so rude to you last night, I hope this would make it up for both of us.”

“Did mom make you do this?”


“Fine, I’ll take your dog- “

“Mr. Griff?”

“Whatever, just cause mom said so. I still won’t ignore the fact that you have been treating me like crap these weeks.”

“I’m telling mom!”

“Katlyn, go to bed. It’s way past your bedtime.”

“I don’t go to sleep at 9 anymore! I’m not a little girl!”

Kaitlyn stomps out of the room slamming the door behind her. She wasn’t always like this…

“C’mon Anthony, any time now.”

“In a minute dad.”

A new adventure is about to unfold.


“You made it! Looks like Mr. Bowman spared you the consequences.”

Liam gives me a warm greeting as I arrive at the airport. At times like these, I usually find myself grouping up with Liam, James, and Jennifer to spare myself all the meaningless conversations I have with my 5-year-old-minded classmates. They’ve been my closest friends ever since I moved here in Melbourne. At this point, it feels like I’ve lived here for my whole life which is starting to make me feel uneasy.

“Surprise, Surprise.” I respond

“Anthony! You made it!”

“James! What’s up? You feeling better already?”

“Wouldn’t want to miss a trip like this.”

“And Mason, you feeling better already?”

“Cold went away in a day.”

“Yeah, Mason couldn’t live a day without his anime.”

“psst, shut up.”

Glad to see the group back together.

“Alright class! Today’s the day! Now let us get started. Can I get Thomas, Jacob, Liam, James for group one.” Says Mr. Bowman

“For group two can I get, Mason, Jennifer, Lucas, Kyle.”

“And with me, Group 3, Emma, Charlotte, Evelyn, and Joshua.”

“OMG JOSH!” screams the entirety of group three in unison.

“And lastly, can I get Monica, Jeffery, Anthony, and Jennifer.”


“I believe that’s everyone. Please see me if you have any questions, we should be boarding in about twenty minutes.”


: )


As I make my way across the large pathway inside the plane, I double-check my ticket to find my seat, it’s a window seat.

“Hey Anthony.”

“Jennifer! You startled me!”

“Did you find the bathrooms yet?”

“Yeah, they’re at the end of the pathway to the left.”

“Gee, thanks. Man, Germany, far from home, isn’t it?”

“I’ve never been to Europe. Is the food as good as it looks?”

“I guess you would have to try it out for yourself, I personally am obsessed with European food, especially German food.”

“So, like schnitzel and bratwurst?”

“Ha! That’s just the tip of the iceberg!”

This is great. This is the longest we’ve ever held a conversation, at least until Jennifer’s bag of chips falls onto the floor during take-off, which we spend the next 5 minutes joking about. The sun’s quickly going down, and the lights are turned off inside the cabin. I quickly fall asleep until I am awakened about five hours later by the flight attendant who offers me a drink which I immediately reply with “ginger ale.”

Candle – Personal writing poem PW #3

The ferocity of the desert complex No more

Explain the prison to the polar bear

Contaminate the polar bear with Rothschild virtue

Affix all desire

To the polar bear

Hoist him to Afghanistan

Let him chastise the propane tank


Gift him the candle

As you have gifted him greed

Watch him play golf in the storage unit

Personal Writing #3 – Port Hardy trip

Last weekend on November 19th I had 2 hockey games scheduled up in Port Hardy against the Tri-Port Wild. Early on Saturday November 19th My parents and I packed up the car with my hockey gear and overnight bags. My friend Kalina who is on my team soon arrived at my house to carpool with us to Port Hardy. We left my house at around 9am and got to the hotel at 3:30pm. Once we arrived Kalina and I bought Subway and got driven to the arena to warm up for our first game. Once the whole team showed up, we got to our workout and then got dressed in our hockey gear. Our first game was challenging but exciting, we won 3-1. The next day we got up nice and early with a big breakfast. We checked out of the hotel and were on our way to the rink. Time flew by as we played against Tri-Port, we tied 2-2.  We were all thrilled with how we played this weekend and excited to come back.


I have never played soccer in my life and I don’t know the rule neither. I heard that we had world cup this week from my friend who likes soccer very much. At that time, I just didn’t care about it because I’m not  into it. However, I checked the result of the game Japan versus Germany with just curious. There was an unbelievable result that Japan won against Germany. Everyone was surprised at this as well as me. On tiktok, everyone was talking about Japanese soccer cartoon called “blue lock” after this news broke because one of the member of soccer team in Japan played similar to the character of blue lock. This cartoon is one of my favorite Japanese cartoons so I was so glad that blue lock became popular in the world. Though I’ve never been interested in the actual game before, I paid money for watching World Cup yesterday. I hope that Japan can prove that the game against Germany was not a fluke by winning against Spain.

last summer. #3



Last summer I went on a cruise with my family and we invited my best friend and my cousin. The cruise shipped from New york so we had to take two flights to get there and we stayed 3 nights in New York city. We ate at very pretty restaurants and we visited the city although we have been to New York several times. I find it fascinating. After the three days passed we got on the cruise. It was so fun, we danced, made new friends and we ate a lot . I love going on cruises because it’s like a floating hotel. I personally think it is the best way to travel. The bad thing is you don’t have wifi but that’s also a good thing because you get to really enjoy the experience. The cruise was 1 day at sea and our first destination was Bermudas. Bermudas was really pretty, the waters were beautiful and the food was great. My brothers went swimming but i went shopping and exploring with my cousin and my best friend. They gave us half a day to get to know Bermudas but since it is a small place we got back into the cruise. The cruise was 2 days at sea. In those days they had parties and an all white dinner. The next stop was Saint Marteen, it was also beautiful. We went to a beach where planes arrived very close to you. We bought stuff, took pictures and headed back to the cruise. The following day we arrived  in San Juan Puerto Rico. This was personally one of my favorites because I have been to Puerto Rico four times and every time I go I like it more. Puerto Rico is awesome, the vibe was amazing and the people were great. We sang bad bunny, took pictures and got to know the city’s history. When we headed back that night we had the captain’s dinner and that was really fun. The next day we arrived at Haiti which was amazing. We had a lot of fun because we all got into the sea.  I was so sad because the cruise ship almost ended and when you leave a cruise is like leaving a life because of your friends. I loved that we had the opportunity to invite my best friend and my cousin because I think it’s an amazing experience and plus I had a lot of fun with them. We arrived in NYC and we stayed 2 days. The boys went to a baseball game, meanwhile we went shopping and we got to see the city from a helicopter which was amazing. It was a really fun summer 

Train to Nowhere: 3

Never has Theo feel so alone in his life; despite his friends standing right in front of him, the only thing he wants right now is home. What is home, anymore… I won’t go back for sure. He tells himself while watching the clouds run through the sky. Tears well in his eyes before being interrupted by Teddy’s scream,

“Hey! The bags! They have our names on them! Come get them guys!”

How could one be so hopeful and joyous right now? Theo thinks before grabbing his backpack and inspects its contents: a flashlight, a small bottle of colourful liquid, a book, and a knife.

“Cool, they gave us a book to kill a psycho,” Shane scoffs, “Never mind, Theo, I have a gun!” He pulls the trigger and shoots at the ground. The crowd laughs.

The year leaders, Alex and Georgie gather all students together and command that they all should go explore as a group. But when the group arrives at a crossroad between a tunnel and a dimly-lit staircase, a voice booms from the tunnel,

“The students have made the wrong choice to stay in a big group.”

”WHO IS THAT?” Brandon yells back. Silence. “SHOW YOURSELF, MAN!” More silence.

“Do we split up then?” Justin asks the crowd, “you heard the… guy.”

“Hell no! That’s how we die!” Simon shouts, “Not even these muscles can save all of y’all.” He kisses his biceps, the crowd groans.

“As much as I hate to admit it, I think we should split up,” Alex nervously tells his classmates.

“I’ll take 9 others for the tunnel!” Victoria smiles optimistically, a few of her friends join, but other are just mutuals.

“I can go explore the building…” Ivy says. She was one of the extroverts of her year, so many immediately join her group, including Simon who drives her crazy.

“I saw a latch at the front gate… we could explore that,” Georgie says. He is the smartest kid, many rushes to join his group, but Alex can only watch him as he gains teammates.

“We can look around the train tracks,” Alex says before many introverts join him. They find him comforting with his humour and company.

“Parker gang here!” Giggled Parker before the rest of the students join him. Theo feels lost because he doesn’t feel familiar to any of the group. Sure he is a social butterfly at school, but he never feels like he belongs anywhere; not with the popular girls, or the jocks. He didn’t really fit in with the smarty pants, or the quiet ones either.

“Theo, join us!” Patrick smiles as he reaches his hand over and Theo accepts.

The five groups split their path, not knowing what lies ahead.


It was a sunny day. The birds sang their songs while trees slowly moved in the autumn breeze. It looked like a typical day for me. Except it was not. The lesson ended after an hour and ten minutes and everybody was hungry for lunch. I crossed my fingers, hoping for good food. I don’t have any more money to buy my own lunch so this is the only hope I had. Which then paid off. The food was exclusively magnificent that I had to take more portions. But to have the full experience of it I still needed a desert. Fortunately, there were fortune cookies which I personally love. Today is a suspiciously good day, I thought to myself. But why would I be mad or sad about it? It is awesome to have good days. I chose a random cookie and sat back down at the table.

“Where did you get it from?” my friend asked me after she saw the cookie, “I didn’t see it there,” I explained where it was but she did not want it anymore. It was too far supposedly. Bad for her. I had planned to eat the cookie and throw away the paper inside. It was almost the beginning of the class so I threw the cookie in my bag and forgot about it until the end of the school day. When the classes ended, my friend had big news for me, “There is a big lottery for a million dollars today at the shopping center that we love! We should try to register there.” I don’t really believe in lotteries and this kind of stuff, but why not? I had a good day so maybe I could have a chance? I was thinking about it on the way to my house until I remembered the cookie. They usually have lucky lottery numbers inside! I’m glad I didn’t throw it away before.

After I got home and did my work, I took my computer out of my schoolbag and searched for the shopping center’s website. It was easy to find. I clicked on the Lottery icon and registered myself. In the meantime it was loading, I found the cookie and broke it open. Good days and bad days will find a way to get to you and will rotate one after the other. Your lucky lottery number for today is 1233 21 666. What a weird fortune. But I still tried it and put the number from the cookie on the site and waited for announcing the winner. And guess what. It really was my good day! I won! I told everyone and then went to bed filled with joy. But the cookie was right in more than just numbers. The whole thing became a curse for me which I realized soon enough. The good days started to be followed by terrible days and there was nowhere to run.

(pt. 2 probably next time)