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PW-May 21st

8:00 am, and I open the door, the cold breeze and smell of Marley flooring hit me in the face, abrupt but a gentle wake up after the hour-long nap on the car ride here. My friend and I walk through the dark studio to the change rooms; we are the first ones there that morning. Lying on the benches, we both try to stretch, drink coffee, and sleep at the same time, a combination we have mastered. All while questioning why we would do this to our selves every day. The other girls start arriving; every hair slicked back into a bun, the comb marks still visible. A funny contrast with the pyjamas and sweat pants everyone is wearing over their tights and bodysuits. We talk amongst ourselves calmly, as not to alert each other of the fact that we are supposed to be awake. We share our anticipations of how the mornings going to go; “Do you remember any of the exercises, cause I don’t.” “I pray she’s in a good mood.” “How long do you think we could distract her for?” are all phrases that are thrown around daily. It hits 8:15, and we slowly start to saunter one by one into the studio. Point shoes, wrap skirts and water bottles in hand, still wearing are sweatpants and pyjamas. I twist out my back, and a pop comes from every vertebra. At this point, we all realise our fate. Working out the kinks from the day before and trying so hard to wake up are muscles that should be sitting in a chair waiting for block one to start.  Instead, we are here. We warm up quietly as to listen for the sound of the padlock on the door. Those four beeps give me just about as much anxiety as hearing any of Tchaikovsky’s opus 20. When she comes in, we go quiet, slowly starting conversations trying to gauge her mood, seeing how much pain we will be in by the end of the daunting 3-hour class. Simultaneously trying to distract her from the fact we are not yet dancing, prolonging our much-anticipated suffering. Though I dread every moment leading up to it, once class begins, and I start to move, I realise why I am here. Despite the hours, pain and all-around lack of a good time, it is still what I want to be doing most in the world. 


May 21 PW: The Old Toy Box

A couple of days ago, I saw someone rummaging through a box of old toys my father had placed outside. At the time, I was in my room with the blinds wide open. Writing an English assignment until I heard a sound outside my house. When I glanced outside my window, I saw a person rummaging through our recycle bins. I noticed that an old blue box filled with toys had been placed next to the recycle bins. I watched attentively to see if the person would take anything from the toy box.

A lot of the things within the toy box were old but held some sentimental value to my heart. “I once used those toys,” I thought while watching the person. After a few minutes, which felt like hours, the person left. And I quickly pulled down the white string to close my blinds. With the blinds closed the only light within my room was the light coming from my laptop’s screen. My laptop’s screen illuminated the back of my wall. The light cast a shadow on my wall, of the outline of my head and shoulders. I opened the closed blinds slightly to allow some more light into my room. At the time, I was writing a DRJ. But the thought of losing my old toys kept on interfering with my mind. This drove me to open my blinds a little more so that the toy box was visible to my eyes.

I don’t know why I worried so much about the toys. They were quite old and dirty. But I guess I wasn’t ready to give up on my childhood. To be honest, a part of me ached to go outside and prevent the person from taking anything. What hindered me from going outside was me thinking that it’s too late. That I’m older now and there was no reason in trying to stop him. But there was a reason which kept crossing my heart. The truth that when those toys are gone, part of my childhood will be gone too. “Maybe someone else may like to play with those toys more than me,” I thought. At least then the toys would be used.


The Best Food

So, I have officially run out of ideas for personal writing, by this point, I’m just writing about anything that comes to my mind randomly. When writing this I’m currently very hungry, well I always am but right now especially.

 Now my favorite meals are probably pancakes for breakfast, a smoothie for lunch, sushi for dinner, and then cobbler for dessert. Now rarely ever end up eating lunch I just end up snacking on things throughout the day, but if I had to choose those are what I’m choosing.  Ever since I was younger, I could eat a ridiculous amount of pancakes every Saturday morning.  when I was 9, I remember eating 11! Now for lunch recently I’ve just been doing smoothies if I do end up eating lunch, but I will say it’s my new favorite way to eat.  It’s so easy to eat so many good things at once, it’s amazing. Another thing I have loved since I was a kid is sushi. Sushi has always been my favorite as it is for many people. After I eat sushi, I feel refreshed I don’t know why but it just feels new in a sense every time. Finally, it is my mom’s cobbler. This stuff is basically edible gold. It has a nice fluffy inside and lots and lots of blackberry sauce which is a dessert by itself. Now we rarely ever eat this but when we do It will be for someone’s birthday or something along the lines of that.  


PW: The Hurt, the Resentful, and the Accepting (May 21)

Disclaimer: This post features three versions of the same speaker, thinking/talking about the same situation. It shows how emotions progress with time, and what different approaches people take.

The hurt. 

After months of calling me beautiful, kind, and smart, you left; acting as if none of that mattered. You told me that the beauty of my mind and heart surpassed the beauty of my facade, and I believed you. I believed that my worth extended far beyond my looks; that it was within me. I believed that you admired my strengths and supported my weaknesses, but only because that’s what I did for you. I noticed everything you said, did, and felt, because it mattered to me. I wanted to know what made your mind tick, your skin crawl, and your smile beam. I wanted to know how to make you happy. I thought you wanted the same for me. That was ignorant. It was enough for me to know that my actions were strengthening you, even if they were simultaneously beating me down. It was enough for me, because through your radiant smile, bright eyes, and lively voice, I could feel that strength that I helped you achieve. I gave everything to you, and when I was around you, I thought that was reciprocated. I was misled. Your radiance was constant; unaffected by me. I hope you learn to appreciate others the way I appreciated you. That is an irreplaceable feeling. 

The resentful.

“You know… I wasn’t going to say any of this. I was going to keep my mouth shut and pretend everything’s fine like I always do. I was going to sit here and nod along, acting indifferent about everything you told me. But how is that fair? How is it fair to me, that you get relieved of all the pain and guilt that has been dwelling inside you, by giving it to me? Your words, your actions, your being there looking all too proud of yourself for “doing the right thing” enrages me. I am fed up pretending that everything is ok. What is it preserving? My reputation? Because I hate to break it to you, but my reputation is built off of my timidity. It’s built off of all the moments like this one, where I didn’t bother to stand up for myself, because I was scared of what I would be called. When you get angry as a girl, you get called irrational, sensitive, moody… You receive looks telling you to back down, and words telling you to “calm down.” You get told that you’re being hormonal, just because you’re raising your voice after months of being silenced? No. Get over yourself. You were the one who did something wrong; not me. I will not be treated like the villain, just because I’m finally defending myself. Kindness is something I always aspire to, but right now, you don’t deserve that from me.”

The accepting. 

I remember the first time I saw you. Your brown hair falling in lazy waves across the top of your head; your emerald green eyes popping against your sunkissed, tawny skin. I didn’t know you, but I knew I wanted to. Not because of your charm, because of your radiance. People felt lucky when you looked at them, because it felt like you were sharing your happiness. It felt like a gift, crafted solely for their enjoyment. Your kind words and generous smile shone brighter than the sun, and when you felt pain, everyone could feel it. I couldn’t believe it when you chose me. The whole world gravitated in your direction, and you gravitated in mine. The looks of shock I received forced me to wonder what I was doing with you. No… what you were doing with me. I wanted to travel the world with you, live alongside you, learn from you. But eventually, we realized that we weren’t meant to be with each other; and that’s okay. At first, it hurt. I resented you. As much as I loved the feeling of being lit up by your radiance, I hated the feeling of it being ripped away. My sun, my beam of light, my power outlet was being pulled away from me and I couldn’t believe how different I felt. I cried, I lashed out, I felt alone. Nevertheless, I ended up okay. I healed, I went through that process, I learned how important it is to do so. The initial pain is unbearable, but putting it in retrospect, it is essential. Which is why I urge you: keep being happy. Keep lighting up rooms, and filling people with joy. Be someone else’s’ sun, let yourself feel pain, and let yourself grow from it. Make that matter; because if that doesn’t, what else will. 


PW May 21st

My grandpa from overseas called a few days ago. He is a bit def for his age, so I needed to yell into the phone, but I’m glad he called. He saw my recent art posts and told me not to give up on art.

I’ve been drawing for 16 years. It’s not a very long time, but it is my whole life. I had many attempts to stop drawing, but I am already a dull block of a person, so I can’t imagine what I’d be without art. But I’m getting quite lost these days. It seems like I need to start giving meanings and purposes to my art, but they don’t mean anything. They are just products of the unconsciousness.

That’s why recently I persuaded myself to get a job. I started to draw for other people. It is the worst thing ever. It made me feel like a skilled robot. But I can’t do anything else except to draw. Maybe I am a skilled robot, after all.

I’d like to believe that I have talent. I genuinely enjoy compliments, because I really wish I had talent, or maybe I wish I had passion. I’m obsessed because I wouldn’t be anything without it. I just draw, and I don’t know why. I can’t tell when I feel happy about it, but I’m never sad. It’s just what I do, and I don’t really stop.


PW: May 21 (World History)

The Chaos Age and the Severance Pact

Long ago, during what is called the Chaos Age, the Inner Planes were unseparated, with everything from fey and humanoids to aberrations and monstrosities co-inhabiting one vast realm. Life for the mortals was a whirlwind of constant pandemonium and fear, and great clashes between the dominant races resulted in entire mountain ranges and forests being reduced to rubble. In the Outer Planes, the deities grew ever-more angry with each-other, all blaming one another for creating the destructive monsters that were tearing the Inner Planes to shreds. Three factions arose among them— Alsul’s Starbringers, Mlek’s Dusksingers, and Vikor’s Nightwatchers. After warring broke out on the divine level, Alsul, Mlek, and Vikor quickly realized that without armistice the Outer Planes would be torn to pieces, just as the Inner Planes were being. The three met in what is now called the Preservation Conference, and came to an agreement: the Inner Planes would be separated into three parts— Leriel, the Feywild, and Shadowfell. Each faction would receive one to rule over, and in it would reside the races whom their members had created. The Nightwatchers were given Shadowfell, with its horrifying monstrosities and empty black sky. The Dusksingers were given the Feywild, a twilight realm of beauty and rampant magic inhabited by playful fey. Lastly, the Starbringers were given Leriel, the most similar to the original land, which would be inhabited by a vast diversity of humanoid, beastly, and monstrous creatures. This was called the Severance Pact.

The Mellow and the Ingression

Thus, the Inner Planes were divided in three, and relative peace was restored to both mortals and the divine. For hundreds of thousands of years, in what is now called the Mellow, the deities contented themselves by watching their realms grow into empires, intervening when they pleased to shape their domains as they desired. The many races were given time to build expansive and diverse cultures and creations, exploring themselves and the new planes they had been given. Eventually, as the races developed more and more, the Ingression began. Some inhabitants of the Inner Planes started to discover ways of travelling between the realms. As the planes were stacked one atop another, with Leriel in the middle surrounded by the Feywild above and Shadowfell below, few portals connected the plane of twilight to that of shadow. In Leriel, however, rumours of fearsome aberrations and mischievous fae pervaded the land. Some even claimed to have visited other realms, but these were mostly dismissed as madmen. In the Outer Planes, as the deities realized their perfect secluded realms were once again intertwining, unease festered and began growing into a reestablishing of old grudges and hatreds. Each pantheon blamed another for opening the portals. Tension peaked when Yzarrelon, a particularly monstrous shadow dragon, burst through a portal into Leriel, ravaging dozens of towns before a group of Starbringer celestials descended from the Court of the Stars to slay the beast. Direct interference, especially physically setting foot on the Inner Planes, was, though not technically forbade, heavily disapproved of. The Nightwatchers were indignant of the celestials’ behaviour, especially since their incursion had resulted in the death of a Shaden. The Starbringers were angry with the Nightwatchers for not intervening themselves, and believed they were accountable for the death of the many Leriellans. The Dusksingers feared their twilight realm would be invaded as well, and were wary of both other pantheons. Heated discussions between members of the pantheons quickly devolved into skirmishes. At first, the deities made half-hearted attempts to stop the brawls, but soon they too ceded to their rapidly-growing loathing of each other. The Outer Planes broke out into war.

The Coalescence War

The Coalescence War, also called Chaos’ Echo and the Divine War, lasted three centuries, and resulted in both the Inner and Outer Planes being left in ruin. During the war, celestials often descended to the Inner Planes to encourage citizens of their realm to attack those of the others, and some even occasionally fought alongside their mortal subjects. An unwarranted outcome of this was the mixing of celestial blood into mortal bloodlines. These half-breeds were known as the plane-touched. Divine power raged on the Inner Planes nearly as much as on the Outer.

Only when Varius Tal-Kesek, the plane-touched descendant of a particularly powerful celestial, nearly killed Iyre, the Goddess of spite and storms, were the deities shocked back into reality. Finally, the rage of the deities subsided to fear as they realized the catastrophic damage they were doing, both to the power-balance and physical landscape of the Planes. The regal courts and majestic cities of the Outer Planes were reduced to rubble, with thousands of celestials laying dead inside. Each of the Inner Planes was affected in a different way by the outbreak of divine magic and warring. Leriel was torn apart, with barely a half-mile of land left inhabitable, and technological advancement reverted to a barbaric state. The Feywild was overrun with wildly lush and thick magical underbrush and forests, and its inhabitants were driven feral and mad. Shadowfell, previously gloomy, was wiped clear of any trace of light, and the blackness of the surroundings seeped deep into its residents’ souls.



There once was a girl who turned five.

She thought it was time to leave the hive.

She stepped near the edge

and fell of the ledge,

though the next day she was found alive.



May 21 PW

Which season of the year do you like best? Why?

I like winter the best. This is because there are several wonderful things that would happen in this season. First of all, we got Christmas Holiday in winter. That means I could have time to relax myself as I would be free of homework for 2 weeks. Instead, I could go to eat all sorts of nice food like hot pot and buffet meals. I could attend Christmas parties too. During that time, I would go back to Hong Kong, so as my friends who study in United Kingdom, United States and Australia. So it is a perfect time for gatherings and reunions.

In addition,  winter in HK isn’t that cold. The coldness is acceptable. Some foreigners would consider it as cool. I don’t think it is cool but I would prefer winter more than summer. The summer in HK is hot and humid. I think the heat in summer is intolerable in HK. For winter, you can always add layers (to wear more) if you feel  cold. However, if you feel hot, there is no way to take off your “skin”. If you want to stay cool during summer, then you could only stay indoor with air-conditioners on. I don’t like to stay indoors all the time, so I don’t like summer. Also, I don’t like spring in HK is because it is a really humid season in HK and everything you touches feel sticky. I hate that feeling so I don’t like spring too. In fact, Autumn is not that bad in terms of its weather. However, winter is better because of the long holidays.

In conclusion, I like winter the most among all the seasons.


PW- May 7th

My sister

 Her eyes are big and blue; you can swim in their optimism like the Pacific sea. Her hair that once glowed like sun, now black to prove shes impulsive. Her heart is so pure, and she cares so much, not always for the better but with the best intentions. It’s easy to admire her free will and the hope that she fronts, though that’s not how she sees herself. “A chipped vase that is no longer usable,” she says, with her pessimistic self-view. The way her self and world view differ so drastically is astonishing. As she is just as much a child of the universe as the trees and the flowers she admires so much. Forced to hold reality in her head, but still, she lives with fairytales in her heart. You are my sister. We can talk without words, fight without cause, and love each other boundlessly.


IR May 15th

In the Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins, Katniss and Peeta are given the chance to train for the games. When Haymitch asks Katniss and Peeta about their skills,  they soon find themselves arguing over how impressive the other is. Katniss explains that Peeta is strong and is a very talented wrestler. Meanwhile, Peeta states that Katniss is capable of shooting arrows through the eyes of squirrels.  Haymitch tells them to stick together, to act as though they are friends, and to spend their time in the training center learning new skills. The Training Center is open to all the tributes for two days. People from districts 1 and 2 train their entire lives for the games and volunteer to take part in them. In District 12, these voluntary tributes are called “careers.” At the training center, the careers spend time together, excluding everyone else as though the other tributes are no threat.

In District 12, we call them the Career Tributes, or just the Careers. And like as not, the winner will be one of them. (p. 94)

I chose this specific quote because it points out the inequality between rich and poor in Panem. In which children s can have their names entered into the reaping multiple times in exchange for extra rations of food, the poor are already more likely than the wealthy to be chosen as tributes. Since the poor are also ill-prepared for the Games when compared with the Career Tributes, they are at a serious disadvantage. Being chosen as a tribute is a death sentence for the poor, whereas Career Tributes often volunteer to compete since winning for them is an honor.

However, there is a huge exception for Katniss and Peeta. They have more abilities than they think. Katniss is good with knives, throwing spears, and with her bow of course. Peeta turns out had a good hand for camouflage.


PW 7th May

In Germany lots of people ride  bicycles. Lots of people ride their bicycles in the town and in the mountains. Right now I want to buy a new bicycle and it is very difficult to find a right one. There are so many types of bicycles so it is very difficult to find the right one. There are also bicycles in all prices available. (from 300 Euro to 11000 Euro)  Now I decided to buy a new e-mountainbike, but now there was a new problem. Because of the Corona virus it is difficult  to get one, because the manufactures don’t produce enough bicycles in the moment. In Germany lots of people want to buy a new bicycles now, for going to their work , because they don’t want to go by public transportation.  For me it was strange that not lots of people ride bicycles in USA or Canada. Everybody goes by their car or public transportation.  I think more people should ride their bike,  so it will be an advantage for the environment.



People receive gifts throughout their life. A gift is an item you give to someone you care about. Gifts are expected to be freely given. When giving a gift, you should not assume that you will get one in return. You receive gifts from friends, family and from those who care about you. They are most often given on Christmas or Birthdays. Whether a gift is given during these important times of the year, or on any special occasion, it is sure to make a person smile. Gifts bring happiness to a person. Not only because of the gift but because it shows that someone cares about you. The person giving the gift wants you to be happy, and they want you to realize that you are special. It doesn’t matter if the gift is expensive or not. What matters is how the gift makes you feel on the inside as either the giver or recipient.

If someone does not give you a gift, it doesn’t mean that they don’t care about you. People who feel the need to give a gift will do so. I feel that if you assume that someone doesn’t care about you because they didn’t give you a gift makes you a bad person. The thing is, not all people like receiving gifts. Yes, it may make them happy but at the same time, it may make them feel bad about themselves. Since they may not have a gift to give in return. If it is your birthday, you are not expected to give gifts. Rather accept them. If it is Christmas, people usually receive and give presents. But again, when someone gives you a gift, they don’t expect you to return the favour. It is up to you. If you feel like giving them a gift as well, then go ahead.

Throughout my life, I have received many gifts. Receiving a gift makes me feel happy.  What I love about giving gifts is seeing the person’s reaction to my gift. Seeing their eyes light up and a smile coming across their face makes my day. Their happiness is what I live for. I love to make people happy and giving gifts is just one of the ways I can do that. I remember earlier this year during the Christmas season, I had bought a packet of Lindor chocolates. As a gift for one of my teachers. Upon handing my gift to my teacher he had rejected my gift for a specific reason. He did not like eating sugar. I continued to try and persuade him to take my gift. But he wouldn’t. At that moment, I felt quite annoyed inside. I ended up giving the chocolates to the teacher common room for them to share.

On Christmas day, I remember wrapping a gift for my cousin. I had decided to use a light blue wrapping paper and add a dark blue ribbon to make it stand out. I had written my name in sharpie and ended up smudging it with the side of my hand. After handing the gift to my cousin I felt uneasy. Seeing my cousin feeling the present with his hands, and hearing the sound of the paper tearing was suspenseful. Within me, I was hoping he would like the gift. When he had taken the gift out he looked at it for a second and then looked at me. A smile across his face. He got up, hugged me and said: “Thank you, brother!”

The best gifts are not always expensive, what matters is the effort, kindness and love someone puts behind the gift.



 During these times we find ourselves becoming incredibly bored very easily. This has forced us to come up with new ideas to try and keep ourselves productive and busy. Since most of us are locked inside of our homes coming up with new ways to stay busy has become much more of a challenge. We have things that we will automatically do without thinking when we are bored. For example, just about everyone when they are bored naturally will gravitate towards their fridge. They will open it, then it will take them about five seconds for them to realize, “why am I here and what am I doing”. Everyone has there habits of what they do when they’re bored. 

So throughout quarantine, I have been trying to find ways to be active to stay in shape, or just to feel useful for something or someone. Two weeks ago I asked my parents If I could build a halfpipe in the backyard. After an hour of trying to convince them that it’s a good idea, they finally gave me the green light. I made sure to never tell them the dimensions of the ramp I would be building because I was gonna make it 16 ft wide, which we did. So after I got permission I texted my two older brothers and within the next day, we started building. The ramp ended up being double our budget but was worth it. We went into building it with no plans, but it turned out amazing. I have been riding the ramp with my friends every day while trying to stay within six feet of each other.

Another thing I have begun doing to stay busy is working out five times a week. Before I started working out I rarely did just due to not having enough time an when did I was just too tired to try. But since quarantine began I have nothing but time, So I wanted to try to see if I could try to challenge myself, mainly just to see if I have enough discipline to do it each of those five days. So far I’ve only missed one of those days but I’m betting that number will get higher knowing me.

Overall I’ve just been trying my best not to become bored easily. Through these two activities, they have been effective but I still do find myself starring at the ceiling wondering what life is right now.


PW: No Trespassing (May 7th)

I live by the ocean. Not on the water; my house is at the top of a hill. I can see most of Victoria, the ocean, and some of Washington state from where I’m situated. I can see the whirling riptides, the boats that are constantly travelling through our harbour, and the rolling clouds. The blue sky is so vast it looks limitless. The ocean is so deep it looks bottomless. It’s a peaceful place to live.

There is a trail on my street that leads to the beach. The path becomes steeper gradually, except at the end, where it is quite abrupt. When we moved to this house six years  ago, I thought I was the luckiest person. To have a beach in my backyard,  and nothing but time to  explore it. I would walk down frequently, despite the challenging trek back up. My parents and I discovered this area, near the bottom of the hill, that was covered in blackberry bushes and broom. There was a fence that always intrigued me, but I always adhered to  the, “No Trespassing, Violators Will be Prosecuted” sign. 

As the years went on, I went to the beach less and less. My priorities changed; my schedule filled up. I  would still go occasionally, but it wasn’t something I made time for. Until now, the time where we have unlimited time. We have online school, and lots of homework, but not so much that  it fills up the entire day. Near the beginning of isolation, I started  walking down to the beach daily. It became a routine that helps me cope with everything;  that helps me stay sane. Regardless of the weather, I would walk down at least once a day.

Like the years prior, I noticed myself being drawn in by the fence that I was not allowed to cross. I could see a path through the chain-link fencing, and there was an opening in the fence that was calling my name. I advanced through the broom and blackberry thorns, surprisingly without a scratch. I maneuvered my way through the opening, and then I was on the other side. I kept going. I kept going through the tall grass, with the ocean on my left. I walked further up, and reached what I thought was  a summit. It wasn’t. I looked around, and the field was enormous. Piles of gravel were placed in a seemingly unstrategic manner, and the  ocean looked beautiful through the multicoloured trees. The wind was refreshing, and the space was so open it was calming. On my right,  there was a hill that I immediately recognized. Not the path that I walked down on, but the hill behind my house that I occasionally take my friends to. It’s a much  steeper hill. And there’s no path. The grass is high,  and there are patches of clovers and flowers throughout. I walked towards it, and when  I reached the bottom,  I started climbing up. As  I got higher, the view got even more beautiful. Although it was steep, I was determined. I made  it to the top, and I could see everything. I could see all of Royal Bay, some of Metchosin, and a large portion of Colwood. I could see the sky, once again vast, and the ocean, once again deep. I could see the city, the clouds, and the trees. And to think that I followed the “No Trespassing” sign all these years. What a shame. 


PW April 21

Write about the most recent book you read. What was good about it (and what wasn’t)? Who would you recommend it to?

Wonder by R.J.Palacio


Wonder is a book written by R.J. Palacio about a boy called August, in other words, Auggie who possesses a rare form of genetic disease and that causes his facial abnormalities. Since his birth, he was homeschooled by his mother until grade four. When he was 10, his parents decided to send him to a private school such that he can learn how to interact with people and get used to the society. “Wonder” is an inspiring story about Auggie’s life – changing experience at school. What makes this book so special is that it is told from 6 different perspectives, which are our protagonist (Auggie), his elder sister (Via), his sister’s friend (Miranda), his sister’s boyfriend (Justin) and his two schoolmates (Summer and Jack). Each person has provided an insight into Auggie’s beautiful personality and has proved to us how amazing life can be.

Things that I like 

What I like about this book is that it brings out an important message that we shouldn’t judge others based on their appearance but their personality. Maybe Auggie is unappealing to others, he is actually a smart, kindhearted and hilarious boy. For example, Auggie has been homeschooled for the past 9 years but his grades are still at the top of the pack. Moreover, I think that it is a smart choice of the author to not describe his appearance at the beginning of the book such that it can let the audience to imagine it themselves. Details were added later by different characters to emphasize the hardship Auggie has been through before from his 27 surgeries. In addition, I think the author clearly understands the emotions of each child. She understands what we are thinking and she knows when we can be horribly mean or incredibly brave and kind.

Things that I don’t like 

On the other hand, the only critic I will give to this book is that the story is too bright and uplifting. In my opinion, someone like Auggie should have a more complex and complicated character, but it came across that his character is very simple. I found the story a bit difficult to believe in because Auggie seems to fit into everything perfectly without struggling. For instance, it is only his first time going to a public school but it seems like he deals with all those trials and problems easily. I think the author should try to include Auggie’s feelings and emotions towards his struggles as well in order to make the story more realistic.

To whom would I recommend it to? 

I would recommend this book to everyone because this is an inspiring story that teaches us how to be empathetic and accepts others’ flaws. Moreover, the words used in the book are quite simple and the way how the characters speak is casual, so young readers would also be able to understand the story. In conclusion, I enjoyed this book very much and I hope that you will enjoy it as much as I did.