PW#8 Spring and Autumn State (2)

After Duke Huan of Qi die, there’s still many capable emperor, next one who overtake the power is Duke Wen of Jin, Duke Wen of Jin was a young prince. He was modest and generous, and was good at making friends with talented people. He escaped from Jin for 19 years during the Li Ji Rebellion. In the spring of 636 BC, with the support of Duke Mu of Qin, he returned to Jin, killed Duke Huai of Jin and established himself as the emperor. He use talent people for his state, which give him multiple useful advices and build military alliance with Qi and Qin state, also build diplomacy with Cao and Wei state. Then the state of Chu send troops to attack Jin, Duke Wen of Jin ordered the troops to retreat forty-five kilometer. The Jin army retreated to Chengpu of Wei State. Chengpu is close to Jin State’s boundary, and it is convenient for supply and forces. In April 632 BC, the Jin and Chu armies began a decisive battle. The Jin army lured the enemy deep into the Chu army, and the Chu army was surrounded and annihilated. The Battle of Chengpu created a famous example of military retreat and then strike back. After this the Emperor of Zhou send him two arrows which mean he can attack freely without his permission. Duke Wen of Jin have a perfect emperor life, he expand Jin state boundary and build strong relationship with many surrounding states, he’s also the first people that use “strike back” tactic.

There’s always successful who overtake the torch from last emperor, Duke Mu of Qin ascended the throne, he immediately appointed Baili Xi as the Prime Minister, Jian Shu, and Gongsun Zhi as important staff, supported Duke Hui of Jin to ascend the throne, and also provided aid to Jin when they were in trouble with food shortage. However, after Duke Hui of Jin ascended the throne, he not only did not send five cities to Qin (Duke Hui of Jin promised: if he succeeded in seizing the throne, he would give Qin five cities), but instead turned his kindness against Qin. When Qin was also facing food shortage, he did not sell a single grain to Qin. Duke Mu of Qin was furious, and personally led Meng Mingshi and others to attack, and captured Duke Hui of Jin alive, successfully obtaining five cities and expanding the territory to the west bank of the Yellow River, which build a strong base to expand their land to East for the Qin to unite whole China after 400 years.

PW#7 Spring and Autumn state (1)

After the Western Zhou, China start moving to Eastern Zhou Dynasty after moving the capital from Fenggao to Ruyi. The Zhou Dynasty have come to a low downside, and due to the moving of capital the Zhou lost huge population and lost the control of states. The Spring and Autumn state have come, during this time there were 36 state owners were killed and 52 states have fallen, 480 wars which mean the chaos zone have come. Duke Huan of Qi, Duke Wen of Jin, Duke Mu of Qin, Duke Xiang of Song, King Zhuang of Chu were five most successful emperor during this time.

Duke Huan of Qi is third son of the family, he was protected by Baoshuya of his childhood and went to state of Ju, after his brother was assassinated by the noble he came back from Ju and inherit the emperor place. On the way back he was assassinated by Guanzhong, he fake death and secretly rush back to the capital of Qi which inherit the emperor place. Guanzhong have been arrest then Baoshuya recommend  Duke Huan of Qi invited Guanzhong to become his Prime Minister and he did this. After Guanzhong became Prime Minister he suggest Duke Huan of Qi of a main concept that Be close to neighboring countries, respect the king and repel the barbarians. After a long years war, Qi state had organize an alliance which include many small states, then he occupy Tan, Sui and defeat Lu, Song, Cai also having long time war with state of Chu, but after Guanzhong die Duke Huan of Qi didn’t make a choice for who become the new Prime Minister and put most business of State Qi on Yiya, Kaifang and Shudiao, after Duke Huan of Qi die nobody clear his body for 67 days until the corpse bug crawl out the window and his son which the new emperor of the state Qi had bury him. Overall Duke Huan of Qi was a successful emperor at his early life but after Guanzhong die he lost a capable person that provide him lots of advice and make many wrong decision at the end of his life for example that he lets Yiya, Kaifang and Shudiao to control the state of Qi which cause the power of state Qi kept fallen.


Personal Response to Romeo and Juliet

Romeo and Juliet was a tragedy when they met at Capulet party and fall in love, they knew the hatre between Montague and Capulet will not end. They will not gain support from both their parent so it was impossible for them to have a normal love like normal people.

Loving a person no matter what happens, they covers up all the pain by their strong love and facing to dead at the end and the prologue describe it perfectly and fits the scene. To Romeo Juliet was the star in the night, and the reason of he choosing dead is not because the star falling but instead it’s dawn.

The scene of the Tybalt been killed, during that time the Tybalt is not Romeo enemy but instead his cousin in future, but he killed his best friend Mercutio so it was a painful choice to Romeo during that time. At the end Romeo was sorry for killing Tybalt for the revenge to Mercutio and that was a sad scene to me.

Friar Lawrence is having a good idea for the Juliet and Romeo marriage but due to some detail problems about the time that information delivered which cause the tragedy happen in the end and this was painful to Friar Lawrence.

Personal Response to Brave New World and Amusing Ourselves to Death

In contrast, Postman’s work delves into the detrimental effects of the media-saturated culture, arguing that our addiction to entertainment and instant gratification has eroded critical thinking and meaningful discourse. While both works explore the manipulation of mass media and its impact on society, they diverge in their approaches: Huxley warns of a future where technology subjugates humanity to a superficial existence, while Postman laments the degradation of intellectual engagement amidst the onslaught of trivial information.

Despite their differing contexts and perspectives, Brave New World and Amusing Ourselves to Death have a similar concern for the loss of human connection and communication between the society. Both Huxley and Postman had warning people the happiness on mental might cause degradation of values and a loss of individual agency.

IRJE#4: “He’s just a foolish child and you know it!”

In the book of《Black Boy》that was written by Richard Wright, the girl Ella try to tell the story of Bluebeard and His Seven Wives to Richard but his Grandma found them and hysterical to them.

“You stop that, you evil gal!” she shouted. “I want none of that Devil stuff in my house!”

Her voice jarred me so that I gasped. For a moment I didn’t know what was happening.

“I’m sorry, Mrs. Wilson,” Ella stammered, rising. “But he asked me-”

“He’s just a foolish child and you know it!” Granny blazed.

The Grandma showing the disrespect to the poor young lady who’s trying to show her kindness to Richard, and because Richard’s race and cause all the disrespectful behavior from family to the child. This reflect the background of that age was showing their unkind face to all the color races.

PW#4 Long standing Zhou Dynasty (Part 1)

Zhou Dynasty had a long history from 1046BC to 256BC, and it mainly cut into two parts of Eastern Zhou and Western Zhou. Western Zhou lasted from 1046BC until 771BC, and the political sphere of influence it created continued well into the Eastern Zhou period for another 500 years.

The last emperor of Shang dynasty, De Xin attached great importance to the development of agriculture and productivity, and implemented social changes to make its national strength strong. In same time he kept leading war to the southeast of China to lead war to another clan which called Dong Yi and The Shang Dynasty extended its influence to the Jianghuai area. But this also cause the domestic emptiness eventually led to the collapse of the Shang Dynasty later.

The Zhou nationality was a tribe living in the Loess Plateau of northern Shaanxi during the Shang Dynasty. In the early period of the Shang Dynasty Di Xin, the Nine Hou (also called Ghost Hou), illustrateshou and Zhou Hou (Ji Chang, later named Xibo) are merged into three princes of the Shang Dynasty. The nine Hou and the Marquis were killed by King Zhou of the Shang one after another because of the incident of the nine Hou’s daughter, and Zhou Houchang was also imprisoned in Youli. Zhou Houchang was later redeemed and given the power to invade the West by Emperor Di Xin of the Shang Dynasty, known as Xibochang. Laws were enacted to control slaves, such as “no sinners, no children” and “no dead children.” To avoid further direct conflict with the Shang Dynasty, Xibochang adopted the policy of uniting friends, eliminating Western military states and friends of the Shang Dynasty, and completing the isolation of the Shang Dynasty. But King Wen died suddenly the following year and was succeeded by his son Ji Fa as King Wu of Zhou.

King Wu of Zhou wait for a long time and finally find a great chance in War of Mu Ye. When all the main army of Di Xin striked the Dong Yi in 1046BC, King Wu decided to use this chance and mass all his 40,000 army to the Mu Ye. On February 26th, Zhou’s army all ready for the war and after the King Wu had announce all the crime that Shang (Di Xin) have done, the Shang’s army in that war was form up mainly in peasant and had no more morale and defeat utterly, in this war Zhou’s army had kill 180,000 of Di Xin army. After this war, Di Xin escaped back to Zhao Ge and commit suicide which lead to the end of Dynasty Shang.

During the reign of King You, the Zhou Chamber disintegrated and collapsed. Guo was reappointed by King You of Zhou to govern the state, but he was fond of profit and corruption, and sent the seized wealth to Xiang Yi, which was widely resented by the Chinese people. Two years of earthquake, landslide and drought, the people believe that this is caused by a bad emperor.

The decision of King You to abolish the crown prince pushed Western Zhou into the abyss. King You of Zhou attacked the Kingdom of Bao and obtained Bao Si, whom he love very much. King You of Zhou removed the daughter and crown prince of Marquis Xishen and appointed Baosi and his son Bofu as crown prince, so that he could only return to the Kingdom of Xishen. Shen Hou allied with Zeng and Xirong to support Yizu, and King You of Zhou also sent an army against Xishen the following year. Finally, Shen Zeng led Xirong and Quanrong to defeat King You of Zhou which meant the end of Western Zhou.

PW#3 Rich Shang Dynasty

Shang Dynasty, also well known as Yin Shang Dynasty, which was second dynasty of Chinese history, it was meaningful because it pioneered the trade system in Chinese history. That’s also one of the reason that the dynasty was named as “Shang”, in Chinese the spelling of trade was exactly Shang.

The creator of Shang, Wang Hai pioneered Chinese commercial trade, so he is revered as the ancestor of Chinese merchants. At the same time, because Wang Hai is also the ancestor of the Shang Dynasty, this trading activity is called commerce, and the origin of merchants’ goods is also the same. During the period of King Zhou of the Shang Dynasty, commerce and trade had become an important part of the social structure. Xiqi gradually became stronger due to the rise of commerce, threatening the rule of the Yin Shang Dynasty.

The end of Xia Dynasty, the King Xia Jie be specially fond of and trust unduly his Queen Mei Xi, and increase the tax of other tribes in his territory. People don’t have great time due to the high tax. At this time the tribe Shang had keep advancing, noble Yi Sun had giving Shang Tang a lot of great advices and sent the first spy of Chinese history into Xia. Finally on BC 1600, they assault XIa Dynasty which lead the famous battle of Mingtiao。

At Battle of Mingtiao, Shang Tang lead 6000 army and other tribes military powers to detour from the back of Xia Jie and have final battle in Mingtiao and destroy the main army of Xia Jie, XIa Jie escape to Nan Chao and die due to the disease.

Because Shang Tang destroyed Xia by force and broke the idea that the king would be eternal, it was called the “aristocratic revolution” in history. After Tang established the Shang Dynasty, he relaxed internal expropriation, encouraged production, and appeased the people, thereby expanding his ruling area and influencing as far as the upper reaches of the Yellow River. The Di and Qiang tribes came to pay tribute and submit.

Personal Responses to All Quiet in the Western Front

My first impression to this book to be honest was not as bloody as film, but then when we went deeper we find more about the impact that the war made to these young soldiers. This book was not a book anymore but should been honored as a documentary that recorded what did the warfront look like.

My favorite character in this book was Kat because on the one hand, the experienced, cunning Kat demonstrates ways to make the most of life as a soldier, raising morale among the men and sharing tips and cook-bribing hacks that contrast with the meaningless lessons taught by the likes of Kantorek and Himmelstoss. Kat seeks ways to make war more tolerable, and to lessen the suffering of his comrades. The army, he argues, brings out the animalistic, reducing the veneer of civilization. At forty years old, Kat is older than Paul, and it’s unlikely the two would ever have met in peacetime. Kat’s life experience renders him reliable, a consummate survivor and a source of comfort to the men, and he becomes a father figure to Paul as well as his closest friend. But it’s this very experience that allows him to see modern warfare for what it is: their enemy. A cobbler by trade, Kat represents a preindustrial way of life, one which opposes the brutal hierarchies of the military.

Overall, the war was always cruel no matter the time, weapon or sizes, every soldiers and citizen of the country was innocent, the only sinners of the war is people who made decision to declare war and fire the bullets on these innocent. Such as what Kat think, the only meaning of the war in this boom was there there will be no elegant end for any of them—just more victims, unfairly slaughtered.

PW#2 A Mystery Dynasty Xia

Chinese had long history recorded, by this long time zone, the first dynasty they had record was dynasty Xia. To us, it was still a mystery, it was hard to prove this dynasty had existed, it had no words and language that was found yet. The first Emperor in Xia, which was Yu was quite first legend in Chinese civilization.

But recorded on my first personal writing, the civilization must need a common language or the word that was able to speak or written to be founded then it can be proved that it was existed. But we still don’t find word recorded on Xia Dynasty and that was one of the reason that it became an mystery dynasty.

The first Emperor of Dynasty Xia was typically like a myth, when Yao conqueror the China, there was a big flood happened in full China, he gave permission to Yu’s Dad which was Gun to solve the flood. In legend, Gun stole a wall from god he use that wall to block the water. But someday the wall broke, Gun was killed by Yao due to his fail, then his son which was Yu continue to solve the flood problem. He used a different ways to separate water into many rivers and guided them into the sea. After few years, the flood was solved and Emperor Yao abdicate and hand over the crown to Yu, people was thankful to Yu and called him great Yu, dynasty Xia, which was the first dynasty of Chinese civilization was created, which start a new chapter in Asia.

There was a famous story about Yu, when he try to solve the flood problem, he had pass by his home, and he heard her wife give birth to his son. His subordinates all suggest he to take a look but he disciplined due to the flood. On second time he pass by his home his son already knew how to speak simply and waved to him, but he didn’t stop again because his work was not done. Third time he passed by his home his son already about 10 years old and pulled Yu to the home, but Yu declined again he said,”The flood haven’t solve yet, I can’t get back to home.” This is one of the reason that people respect Yu.

Dynasty Xia hadn’t been proved to existed yet, but I believe this blank dynasty will be proved in one day, because this was the start point of all Chinese history and it should be existed.

IRJE#1 “The pearl has gone.”

In Pearl, by John SteinBeck, before Kino depart his journey to sell his pearl he had a sleep and his wife Juana stole his Pearl and threw it into sea. They arugue about this:

“They have taken away the pearl. I have lost it. Now it is over.” he said, “The Pearl has gone.” (Page 61)

Kino said this so calm that I literally shocked for this because they really need the money that pearl brought but after the gone of pearl he still kept calmness. (Juana have the pearl but Kino don’t know now).

Perssonal Response of They Shall Not Grow Old

Before I watched the film I don’t know much on WWI, I think that this war’s size will be smaller than WWII and much less cruel, bloody and terrified than WWII. But after I watch the movie I realized my mind was absolutely wrong, war never had a merciful face, it was always filled with tear, death and fear.

When I heard that they mention “they never regret their decision to join the war”, I was quite confused because I can’t realized that they were running beside the death and how did they not felt afraid to it? Then I understood the reason, the propoganda had encourage them so much and they survived in the war. They were the winners of the war.

But Europe had paid so much for this war, millions family broken, soldiers wounded and dead, whole Europe had been surrounded by the gas of death such like 600 years ago, but in that time was the nature using his death scythe but this time it was all because human themselves…

I was quite inspired after I watch this because now the Russia sill had war with Ukraine and millions people had been effected and lost their family, home and everything, that’s only what war gave us, no matter the time, size or weapon.

Hope the world peace, no more tear, no more smoke of gunpowder and no war…

PW#1 Chinese Civilization

Chinese culture, that was founded at BC 2070 (Dynasty Xia), which was one of the longest civilization in the world. After 4000 years: Ancient Babylon, Ancient Egypt and Ancient India had all vanished in the time zone. But why did Chinese survive?

Before we discussed why did Chinese civilization survived, we first needed to know how to define the difference between civilization and culture. Civilization usually meant multiple human lived together and having common language and book to communicated with each others. But the culture didn’t need have a language to speak, they can invented other type remains to prove they were on this world. Chinese earliest word was founded at 1 million years ago but they didn’t have their self-language to speak so they were not Chinese civilization.

Then why did Chinese civilization survive? So Chinese have a special official position in all dynasty include Zhou dynasty to Qing dynasty, these people were recording what did the decision that king made and big event that happened. These text were important due to the life trace of people in that time were fully recorded and later generations can learned from these traditional culture and inherited them. Also later generations will inherited the dream of their ancestor and to have a plan of how to achieve these goal. For Example the first emperor in China Ying Zheng, after his first emperor life the later king all had a dream to unify the China and expanded their territories.

In other civilization, Babylon recorded the first statute book, but their history was not recorded by them, it was written by Jewish, and 2000 years ago the Old Israel instinct but in 1948 Zionist recreate Israel and the history have been inherited. Old Egypt’s history have already disappear due to they had never recorded their history, the first recordation was founded by Tang Dynasty’s monk Xuanzang which was Tang Monk.

So we can see that it was very important to record history for later generations to learn and inherit their dream and experience, and that’s how a culture can kept survived in the time zone.

About me…

I am Justin, and I come from Shanghai in China. I love to see the culture in Victoria and I usually playing sports or doing sudoku in my room.

As the view of reader, I do read lots of book on phone or physical, books share me so much knowledge. I enjoy to read science fiction to see many of my dream can become true in the book.

As an author, I don’t often write some diary or story. When I write something I usually having a huge amount of grammar error and that’s why I don’t quite enjoy writing…