Matteo Eden Personal Writing #4 Poem The Path of Life

Life is like a path,

a path that leads you from the moment you are born,

to the time you die.

these paths have lots of choices along the way,

Your path can be easy,

but doing what is easy isn’t always right,

one wrong path might be the right decision.

The path you take is up to you,

don’t let others choose for you.

-Matteo Eden


Matteo Eden IRJE #3 Stone Fox

“Stone Fox” by John Reynolds Gardiner is a very exciting and thrilling tale that follows a young boy named Little Willy and his loyal dog Searchlight as they enter a dogsled race in an attempt to save their farm from financial collapse.  Gardiner creates an excellent narrative that explores themes of determination, courage, and the unbreakable bond between humans and animals. The author’s descriptions of the long race and the harsh winter create a powerful atmosphere that immerses readers in the story. leaving readers with a lasting impression.

“When you’re out there with the lead dog, you can’t ever stop and look back, ’cause there’s always someone or something gaining on you.”

This quote captures the key component of the novel, showing the importance of perseverance and forward momentum in the face of adversity. “Stone Fox” is a timeless and emotionally testing story that is great for readers of all ages, delivering a powerful message about the strength that lies within the human heart.

All Quiet On the Western Front Personal Response #2

“All Quiet on the Western Front” by Erich Maria Remarque is a very moving novel that provides an abrupt and powerful glimpse into the harrowing realities of World War I. The author’s narrative skillfully immerses the reader in the brutal, sad, and dehumanizing experiences of the main characters, creating a deep emotional connection with each of them.

The novel follows the story of Paul Baumer and his comrades, a group of young German soldiers who are sent to the frontlines of the war. Through the eyes of Paul, we witness the physical and emotional toll that war inflicts on the soldiers. Their friendship and optimism are gradually eroded by the relentless horrors of the battlefield.

Paul’s inner struggles and the bonds he forms with his fellow soldiers don’t compensate for the devastating impact of war on the human mind and spirit. Remarque’s portrayal of these characters shows us how they truly felt during the war. “All Quiet on the Western Front” serves as a reminder of the inhumanity and senselessness of war.

Matteo Eden Personal Writing#3 Poem The meaning of Stars


though not all unique to the blind eye,

like snowflakes dotting the sky.

If you don’t look closely you will miss it,

each star has a meaning,

a purpose.

Whether it is to guide you on your journey,

or represent a lost love.

Each star teaches a lesson,

it is up to you to learn it.

-Matteo Eden


Matteo Eden IRJE 2# Very Rich-Polly Horvath

A book I recently read was written by a local author Polly Horvath. Her book “Very Rich” is an amazing fictional novel portraying the difference between a family that doesn’t have anything and a family that has too much. The protagonist is a boy named Rupert Brown who has many siblings and lives in a very small house in the poorest part of town. This story takes place in Steeleville Ohio at Christmas time where Rupert meets the Rivers family a very rich family that lives in a huge mansion in the super-rich part of town. after being launched over their fence he is introduced to each one of the Rivers family members. After he is introduced they invite him to Christmas dinner where Rupert joins in their family festivities and eats with the family.

“Nobody really wants the things they get in the Christmas crackers. But, you know, you have to put up with it because, well, its a part of Christmas, isn’t it? Doesn’t your family do Christmas crackers?”

“Rupert wanted to say, My family doesn’t even do food”.

For me this quote was the most significant part of the book showing the disparity between a family that has too much and a family that has too little. Very Rich was quite an enjoyable book it expanded my imagination to the limits and blew my socks off this book I would 100% recommend for anyone looking for an interesting read.

Matteo Eden IRJE #1 Freak the Mighty

I Read a book recently called “Freak the Mighty” written by Rodman Philbrick the protagonist is Maxwell (Max) a giant-sized boy who is not very smart. Max moves with his grandparents to a small town and meets a small smart blonde-haired disabled boy named Kevin or as the bullies call him “Freak”. Together these boys create an unbreakable bond as they work together and keep an eye out for each other.

“I never had a brain until Freak came along and let me borrow his for a while, and that’s the truth, the whole truth.”-Maxwell

In this quote, Max is telling Gram that Kevin guiding him was helping his understanding of reading and writing and that he couldn’t do it without him. To me, this shows how the boys worked together and put their differences aside to bring out the best in each other Kevin being the brains and Max being the Muscle.



Matteo Eden Personal Response They Shall Not Grow Old WW1 Literature

The film They Shall Not Grow Old didn’t seem to have a large impact on my feelings or thoughts. I didn’t feel any sadness or sympathy toward the soldiers and I don’t know why that is. The film was quite exclusive because it shows soldiers in and out of action. I feel that the movie was well made to inform you of what happened at the time and didn’t follow one regiment or group of soldiers,  it was quite spread out meaning that the film producers spent a lot of time getting multiple perspectives. I feel that because this film made me feel no emotion it is very hard for me to write about it. Meaning that this is the end of my personal response, thank you.

Matteo Eden Personal writing #1 Poem The Girl and the Sand

The trees swayed,

her hair blowing in the wind

like the water in the ocean nearby.

Friends playing,


a life worth living.

Not all find it so easy,

but there is always a way,

no one is alone forever

just not searching hard enough.

The beach is a place where dreams come true,

where friends become family,

and where there will always be a place for you.

The sand is gold,

like the incandescent memory of the girl you love.

The one of your dreams,

where you talked

for hours,

her hair blowing in the wind at the beach where the sand is gold.

– Matteo Eden

Matteo Eden Introduction

My name is Matteo Eden like the Garden of Eden, with no relation to the Garden aside from the name. I have lived in Victoria BC most of my life and came to Brookes in the seventh grade. I have a brother named Isaak and a dog named Willow my mom is a nurse, my dad is a lawyer and my family on both my mom and my dad’s side are from all over the world. I love traveling like much of my family and I enjoy hanging out with my friends in and outside of Brookes. Some of my hobbies are skateboarding, skimboarding, surfing, skiing, and many others I love to stay active and try new things.


I do like reading but not so much when I am told what to read I should probably read more often than I normally do. I am into lots of fictional, romance, and sci-fi books but am trying to broaden my range into non-fiction and autobiographies.


I don’t enjoy writing as much as I do reading and don’t do it often. I do write to my family and friends quite often whether it is through text or mail. I am not a great writer but hope to survive this year and improve my writing skills.