My Pretty Gold Star Sticker PW #1

You remind me of that pretty gold star sticker that I had on my backpack when I was young. I loved it while it lasted but when it wore out and needed to go, it left a dark, sticky stain that I didn’t know how to fix. You left your mark on me like that sticker left its mark on my backpack. I got a new backpack after that because I didn’t like how empty and used it looked without the sticker. I wonder what will happen to me without my pretty gold star sticker.

One thought on “My Pretty Gold Star Sticker PW #1”

  1. Throughout this poignant poem, I highly appreciated the use of rhyming and metaphor. The intricate use of this analogy boosted the emotional significance of this piece. I applaud you for the detail and thought that was clearly applied to writing this poem. Not only does the metaphor of a gold star sticker bode well with the overall theme and message, but it creates a sense of relatability for the viewer.

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