PW#4 (Christmas)

Christmas for me it´s the best time of the year, Christmas is like this blend of nostalgia and anticipation. I love spending time with my family and seeing family members that I do not see often. Somehow every time I have more cousins or aunts or more family members that I didn´t know about. I have a pretty big family and I spend it mostly with my cousins that I have known since I remember so it´s very fun. My uncle always does these activities where we get prizes depending on how well we do in the activities. Every time after the activities we fought because of the places or our little cousins cried because they were last and it was so funny. And the food is always so good and we have lots of different desserts and different plates. And the presents are also so good, my grandparents and aunts give the best presents so it is really fun going to my house at 5 AM with my hands full of gifts. Also, my grandparents always have the best Christmas decorations, they always put two big Christmas trees full of lights and decorate all around the house and outside they put some lights on the trees. My closest cousins and I make a Secret Santa so it’s very fun, even though we always end up telling each other who we got in the little papers. And Christmas movies are the best. It´s the best time of the year.

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IRJE #3 (If he had been with me)

I’m reading the novel “If he had been with me” and so far so good, I love the connection that Finny and Autumn have even though in the part of the book that I´m at they don’t really hang out much.

“I sat with him for three hours and we did not exchange a single word. At the end, he handed me, as he had done before, an envelope with money in it.” pp. 206.

I love this quote because it shows how people can still connect after years of not “knowing each other” and how you can connect with someone and get to know them even though you do not exchange a single word.

PR to “All quiet in the Western Front”

“All Quiet on The Western Front” is not only a novel, It’s a profound book that inspires and Informs about the devastating and cruel realities of WW. The book really immersed me in the horrors of the war, leaving an impact on my thoughts and mind.

The novel took me all the way to the 20th Century, I felt like I was right there in the middle of the war full of chaos and just thinking about it gives me goosebumps.

I really felt a genuine connection with The Characters in the book, especially Paul.

I remember that one scene that hit me was when the soldiers were on the front lines, and they had a gas attack.

Remarque described it so detailed and vividly that I felt like I could smell the gas and feel the panic they were living. I really couldn’t believe how inhuman and brutal the war was.

What really hit me hard throughout the book is how brutally honest the book was. Remarque wasn’t trying to make the war look like some adventure, he was telling the truth. He basically ripped off the mask of the war and showed how nasty and raw the war was.

In my opinion, the title of the novel “All Quiet on the Western Front” is like a joke. Even in the moments when you are supposed to be off guard, you are looking desperately for a little bit of peace. Maybe it refers to a dream or goal but not the reality.

Another scene that really stuck with me was when Paul goes back home but he can’t connect with anyone and he doesn’t understand them. I feel like I can understand him because after everything that he went through his mind will not be in the same place as people who didn’t go to the war.

When Paul died I thought I was imagining what I was reading but after a few moments I realized it was real, the book doesn’t have a happy ending and Paul’s death, in my opinion, is one of the examples of the violence and destruction the war brought. 

It symbolizes many other soldiers who died in the war because, like Paul, there are many more. His death was a real but haunting conclusion. It left me thinking and reflecting on the impact of the war on those who experienced it.

When I read the Novel I couldn’t help but get hit with many thoughts and feelings about Paul and the war. I think for me and many people, it was a reminder of how messed up the war was and how surprisingly it messes with people like us. It’s a powerful book that reminded me some truths about what it’s like to be human. 

Personal writing 3

Random Wonder

In a world of pure chance and fun, We find things that make us all run. A rubber duck in a big blue sea, Or a buzzing bee, wild and free.

We love the strange, the goofy, the wild, In the chaos of life, like a happy child. A toast to the unexpected, it’s true, Randomness brings something new.

Let’s cheer for surprises, big and small, In life’s rollercoaster, we find it all. With each twist and turn, we see, That randomness is what makes life so free.

So, let’s enjoy the randomness, my dear, In this world where things may not be clear. In randomness, there’s joy and surprise, A quilt of moments that make us wise.

PW#2 My love for animals

I’ve loved animals for as long as I can remember. They’ve always had a special place in my heart.

It all started with a neighborhood dog that visited our backyard when I was a child. I’d watch her play for hours, and I felt a connection, I even named him Cookies and Cream because of his white and black hair. Animals had a weird way of making me feel at ease.

As I grew, my love for animals grew with me. I read books about them and went on adventures to see them in their natural habitats. I was amazed by horses, dolphins in the ocean, and hummingbirds in my garden.

I remember I started volunteering at animal shelters with my grandma because I wanted to help protect animals and their homes.

My pets, like my two dogs taught me about trust, friendship, and the beauty of everyday moments.

My love for animals is more than a feeling. I want to protect their rights, support conservation, and encourage kindness and understanding in others.


The book I’m reading is called Twisted Games and it’s about a princess and her bodyguard that fall in love but it takes them years to make a single move and after that, they have an affair that is then sort of discovered and leaked by the news. But the princess is soon to be queen because her brother abdicated and her grandfather is retiring due to a heart condition, so according to the Eldorra laws she can’t be with her bodyguard Rhys because he is not in the bloodline so she is marrying someone else she is not even interested in, and she doesn´t even want to be queen because she loves her simple and low profile life. I haven´t finished the book but It’s very addictive and entertaining. The phrase of the book that I chose was one where Bridget the princess asks Rhys if he ever has been in love when he was helping Bridget complete her bucket list before she went to Eldorra to start arranging everything for the next queen.

“Bucket list number four.

Have you ever been in love?

No. But I hope to be one day. 

Look up, princess.”


My Personal response to the movie “They shall grow old”.

I want to start off by saying that this move was very intense. I cannot imagine what soldiers and people who lived during the war experienced. When I started hearing the gunshots I flinched and even got scared only by hearing the sound of it coming through a speaker, I can’t imagine what the soldiers in the war felt when gunshots were fired and when they saw their peers collapse to the ground. The movie seemed realistic but at the same time I couldn’t believe what soldiers went through, I started thinking that it was nothing like my life, I couldn’t imagine going through all those horrible experiences and traumas, I think if there were a world war now I would be completely useless. Partly because I’m just a teen and partly because I’m not prepared for that kind of challenge and the repercussions it leaves. It’s frightening to think that maybe someone related to me went to the war and maybe even died serving their country. The pictures shown in the video were very intense and horrifying, in some of them I had to look the other way or close my eyes to not look at them because of how graphic the images were.  It’s crazy to think that soldiers lived years in that situation, I can’t imagine how traumatized and tired they were during and after the war. I was shocked that after the war people were not hiring soldiers after all they did and sacrificed to serve their countries. The play was horrifying and very intense and shocking but at the same time it was very insightful and it reminded me that people were willing to sacrifice their lives to help others and serve their countries. I still can’t believe how soldiers survived all those years fighting, preparing, training, and hiding with only black beans and rice, how doctors survived all those days helping injured soldiers getting barely any sleep and sacrificing their health for the health of others. I think this movie helped me realize that people underestimate the abilities of human beings and what we are capable of and some of us don’t give enough importance to soldiers who fought for our safety and continue fighting for their countries.

Personal writing: Some things about myself

My name is Daniela García, I have 2 sisters and I’m the oldest one, I have 2 dogs, I love to hang out with my friends back in my city, my favorite food is sushi, I love animals and my favorite animals are dogs, horses, and dolphins, l like to spend quality time with my family and friends and be productive, and I like to draw. I love going out to dinner with my friends or just hanging out and watching a movie or a TV show. I also love listening to music, especially when I am in the car or driving.

I especially love to read, it’s something I have loved to do since I was in second grade and I’ve never stopped doing it. I love recommending books to other people and seeing them read them. I started reading novels in English six months ago because I was encouraged to better my English, especially because I knew I was coming to Canada for a year to study, I ended up loving it and I read more in English than in Spanish now. I think I’m also very good at working in teams because it encourages me to do my best, help out my team, and participate. I’m also good at horseback riding, and I love it, I did it for 2 years but I had to quit because I got surgery and never got a chance to go back, I love riding horses for fun or as an entertaining hobby.

As an international student from Mexico my goals for this school year are to have a better English accent, raise my academic average, be motivated to do different things, have new friends, grow as a student and as a leader, learn more about different cultures, and do different things out of my comfort zone with passion and excitement.

Introducing Daniela García

My name is Daniela García, this is my first year at Brookes Westshore, I have 2 sisters and I’m the oldest one, I have 2 dogs, my favorite food is sushi, I love animals and my favorite animals to the dogs, horses, and dolphins, l like to spend quality time with my family and friends and be productive.

I also love to read especially novels and I like to draw even though I am not very good a t it. I consider myself a very good reader because it’s something I love to do since I was in second grade and I’ve never stopped doing it. I love recommending books to other people and seeing them read them.

I also think that I am a good writer and that I can express myself when I write because when I was little I had a journal and I loved writing in it, I think that helped me a lot to have a good writing.