PW#4 Under the Sea

Once upon a time, in the mysterious dark sea. Below the surface, there are 2 crazy, mischievous-looking creatures. As you expected it was a sea monster, well we don’t know what the creature is but it possibly could be anything in the world but the possible thing is a sea monster right?

Well, the sea monsters that are under the sea, they doing something that is the same as the human being. They are not using their phones but instead, they are playing UNO. Yes, UNO likes the games that kids play possibly adults too. Well, that’s crazy that underneath the surface monsters are playing UNO.

Well, if someone going below the surface I hope you take a picture of the sea monster playing UNO and bring some more cards so the sea monster won’t eat you as their dinner meal.

IRJE #3 Book Lovers

I’m currently reading a book called Book Lovers by Emily Henry. Overall it was quite fun but I’ve noticed that when there is a quotation the author loves to make it as funny as possible. This is one of my favourite quotations from the book.

After paying for my iced Americano at Mug + Shot, ask the chipper barista with the septum piercing for the Wi-Fi password.
“Oh!” She gestures to a wooden sign behind her reading, Lets unplug! “No Wi-Fi here. Sorry.”
“Wait,” I say, “really?”
She beams. “Yep.”
I glance around. No laptops in sight. Everyone here looks like they came straight from climbing Everest or doing drugs in a Coachella yurt. (p.g116)
After reading this I feel connected to the real world and how everyone these days actually needs the internet. Feels like the internet is taking over control of us but it is also in good use for technology and the internet. But sometimes the internet is too addictive. But overall it is quite a funny quotation from Book Lovers. I recommend people who love rom-coms read this book.


PR#2 All Quiet On The Western Front

“All Quiet On The Western Front” is a book about World War I. The book perspective is from Paul Bäumer. This book is filled with mixed emotions from good to bad. If I were on the front line with the fearless soldier I wouldn’t be able to move from side to side hearing those sounds of guns and shell explosions. The pain in their eyes from our minds made us feel the same way. Their brotherhood and friendship bond were the most eye-catching. How strong their communication skills were. 

I still can’t believe that it took place in an actual World War and is based on a true story. How everyone’s life just disappeared in front of them. Everyone’s life just got taken away within seconds. How the book just straight up said that “Paul died”. I wish he didn’t. I feel so connected with them like they are one of me. Feel like they are my friends. 

“He fell in October 1918, on a day that was so quiet and still on the whole front, that the army report confined itself to the single sentence: All quiet on the Western Front…(p.269)”

This quote made my heart sink to the bottom of the earth. Everything stop. My eyes started to fill with tears. One by one slide down my cheeks. Overall this novel was the most I enjoy of all the books I’ve read.

PW#3 Happiness

It is crazy isn’t it that happiness will never leave. Every memory you look back it all happiness with those special people. ‘Friends’. They always help you from highs and lows. Keeping you close not let anything happen to you. The smallest thing that they will do is to keep you safe. Happiness at every step. Even though they won’t be here with you in real life they will always be in a memory somewhere.

IRJE #2 Book Lovers, Emily Henry

Over the weekend, I started a book called Book Lovers by Emily Henry. The book is about 2 strangers Nora and Charlie. It is a rom-com book so it would be quite interesting. The quote from the book I’m picking is something Nora is describing.

The city is baking. The asphalt sizzles. The trash on the sidewalk reeks. The families we pass carry ice pops that shrink with every step, melting down their fingers. Sunlight glances off buildings like a laser-based security system in an out-of-fate heist movie, and I feel like a glazed donut that’s been left out in the heat for four days.  (p. 15).

I love this quote since Nora is just telling the reader how she felt when it was summer time. When she said “The asphalt sizzles.” It is just a metaphor that the weather is so hot it is like the asphalt is sizzling.

PW#2 ‘Love Bombing’

Every day you showered me with gifts that started from the smallest thing that made me happy and slowly turned into something expensive. You always say ‘I love you’, asking me where am I, and always get angry when I don’t answer. I thought it was normal. until you did it every second for months. You started to get angry for no reason. I guess it all because you were love-bombing me. You start to get dry and call me names. From ‘love’ to ‘annoying’, ‘pick me’ and ‘ugly’. why… just why did you fall for me? what did I do to deserve this treatment from you? A few months later you come back acting normal and love bombing me. like nothing ever happened until I blocked you.

“Did you kids eat all the Cheetos?” IRJE #1

I’m currently reading the book called The Summer I Turned Pretty by Jenny Han.  The quote perspective from a girl (Belly). Her mom was at her friend’s house during the summer and she needed something. That was kind of important to her mother, her mother’s friend (Susanah), and her brother (Steven). Since this book has many perspectives it can get confusing sometimes.

‘”Did you kids eat all the Cheetos?” my mother asked, rummaging through a cabinet. “I’m starving.” “Yes,” Steven said. He couldn’t even look at her. “What about that bag of Fritos? Get those,” Susannah ordered, coming up behind my La-Z-Boy.’ (p.g. 56)

The quote “Did you kids eat all the Cheetos” the quote that I’m picking is a quote that made me crackle non-stop until the end of the chapter. It reminded me of one time I was at my friend’s house and she ate all my snacks which made me quite mad but it was all fine.

They Shall Not Grow Old

   I can’t imagine how they risked their lives in that horrible place for years. I can’t believe those teenagers who lie about their age wouldn’t have a future if they lost their lives during the war. I’m stunned that even non-experienced soldiers/teens have to go to war no matter what happens. I know that many people are glad that they don’t need to experience that horror sight. 

   Even though we are still in the same world and there a new differences some are still the same. Like lying and judging people. But still, they could make some new changes. There are different and many different things that stand out to me. The most outstanding thing was the military and the soldiers. 

   How many military soldiers have to train and work hard day and night which is non-stop work! That they only have ONE uniform for a year-long, inedible food and artillery stuff. I’m so thrilled that nowadays we don’t need to worry about the shell-explosion, poison gases, and infection. 

   The tones of the voices of the soldiers sound really depressed, enthusiastic, surprised and scared. Which was actually eerie and flabbergasted because if I got put/forced to fight for my country. I would be frightened to even see my opponent/enemies and the dead bodies that were on the No Man’s Land. 

   I couldn’t imagine if I got put in the soldier position my knees would feel really weak and trembling. How the pain I would feel and how much I would miss my family members back home. I bet all the years would go by slowly and really tired. And I’m glad no one needs to go through that anymore.

My Amazing Random Blog Post!?

I’m from Thailand, I’ve attended Brookes for about 2 years now and, my biggest interest is Travelling.


If I have to describe myself as a reader I would be like a romantic person since I love romantic books.


If I describe myself as a writer I would be a short story writer since a short story I would focus on a lot of details rather than a wider and endless ones.