Sam’s IRJE#3

Right now I am reading “Be Useful: Seven Tools For Life” by Arnold Schwarzenegger. This book is a raw, honest, guide book with honest advice from, arguably, the most successful man in the world, for leading a strong, successful life.

It’s not to tell you what to build, it’s to show you how to build and why it matters.

I love this quote from his book because it shows that you are not going to have everything in life handed to you, so you must take the pieces that are given to you and use them to build stronger.


PR#2 – All Quiet On The Western Front – Hurt People, Hurt People

“Hurt people, Hurt people” is a quote my father often refers to in hard times. It means that often when humans are hurting, usually meaning mentally hurting, we have tendencies to turn to others and take out our pain and anger on them. This can result in people being extremely angry and spreading that on, which in this case can lead to war.

The novel “All Quiet on the Western Front” by Erich Maria Remarque explores the topic of hurt in several ways. in the novel, the characters experience physical and emotional hurt in the harsh environment of the front.

In the novel, the young soldiers like Paul Baumer and his friends are put in extreme physical and emotional pain because of the brutality of the war. They witness the deaths of their friends and endure the constant fear and stress of combat. These experiences can leave deep scars and I believe they were extremely transformed by these happenings.

As a result of the trauma and suffering they endure, the soldiers become almost immune to violence and emotions. They are also hardened and less empathetic, as they need to adapt to the harsh ways of the battlefield to survive. This emotional transformation can lead them to hurt others, both during combat and in the way they interact with people after the war.

Before you choose to retaliate to someone making your life difficult, consider the hurt they could be going through below the surface.


Sam’s PW#3 – They said I wouldn’t make it

They said I wouldn’t make it; I wouldn’t be anything more than rif raf, “street trash” they called me. My name is Lois Van Vlosen and this is the story of me on “the come up”. When I was a young boy, I was extremely privileged, my mother and father, Margret, and Thomas Van Vlosen, provided for my every need, I lived the white picket fence life, no issues, no nonsense. Seeing as I was young, I had no idea of the issues that were happening in my very house.

To be continued…

Sam’s IRGE#2 – The Carrier of The Boats

David Goggins, the remarkable former Navy SEAL and endurance athlete, truly exhibits his relentless mindset in “Can’t Hurt Me.” In this inspirational memoir, Goggins reveals his extraordinary journey from an overweight, insecure young man to a record-breaking endurance athlete. He famously said,

“Most of this generation quits the second they get talked to. It’s so easy to be great nowadays because everyone else is weak. If you have any mental toughness, if you have any fraction of self-discipline; the ability to not want to do it, but still do it; if you can get through to doing things that you hate to do: on the other side is greatness.”

This quote is something I live by, like a church lady lives by The Bible. To be the greatest of yourself you cannot try and be a better “anyone else”, you have to become the best of yourself and only then will you succeed. After my first time listening to a podcast by Goggins, I had a surge of motivation, I ran about 2,000 stairs to the point where I could hardly jog home. I recommend reading “Can’t Hurt Me” for anyone with enough will to become the best version of themselves.


IRJE #1 The waves of life

The most recently finished book of mine was one recommended by an old friend. “It Ends With Us” written by Colleen Hoover is book of heartache, sorrow, and mad love. When i first started reading the book I thought “it ends with us” meant that Lily and her boyfriend Ryle would be together forever, however my idea was contradicted. At the end of the book Lily gives birth, after being sexually harassed and abused, her first words to her newborn are “it ends with us” meaning the generations of abuse in their family end with this new life.

“I think about how sometimes, no matter how convinced you are that your life will turn out one way, all that certainty can be washed away with a simple change in tide.” pg. 209

I have a mutual feeling about life’s uncertainties, I believe the waves of life can knock you down, and down again, but it’s ones choice to get back up and try again, for being knocked down and finding the motivation to pick yourself backup again grows you stronger and stronger.

WW1 Lit – PR #1

The movie started in the vintage tones of black and white. Rows, and rows of boys with childish smiles as though it were Christmas morning, being marched to and unknowing point of no return. Proud to be serving the country and land they were born and brought up on.

The innovation of the camera brings a wondering look to many of the young faces as they march down roads or wait to be sent to the frontlines, and looking through these cameras brings a look of sorrow to my own.

As the film fades into colour, it feels surreal. The amount of young innocent youth marching into the loss of memories and joy to come. 600 in, 100 out, “we’ll get em’ next time”. This is the heart wrenching reality that was portrayed as “the battle plan” in the film ‘They Shall Not Grow Old’.

I feel great amounts of sorrow for all the poor mothers who had to watch their boys leave home with no return. I love my mother very much and I know if I even thought of going to war, she’d hold me down. The love in her heart is to passionate and overflowing to let me risk the rest of my life for a battle where very few feel they have won.

Sam’s Introduction

My name is Sam Verbaarschot, the last name comes from my dad’s side of the family who are all Dutch. I have lived all over B.C for my whole life. My first year at Brookes was in grade 6 and I have been here since then. I have a strong passion for surfing, skim-boarding, and lifting in the gym. I also love spending time outdoors in nature.

I do enjoy reading, although I probably don’t read as much as I should. I like to read romance classics as-well as motivational books e.g David Goggin’s “Can’t Hurt Me” about hardship and harnessing the full potential of your mind.

To be honest I am not a very strong writer, but I do enjoy writing for school work and letters I send in the mail. This year I hope to improve my writing abilities and skills, with the help of Mr. MacKnight.