IRJE#4 If You Touch Me I’ll Blind Him

In a kingdom where religion rules all, witches are hunted by an elite group of law enforcers called Chasseurs. Lou, a witch in hiding, is a criminal using her witch abilities and learned skills to thieve and steal what she needs. To use the magic of a white witch you must trade for it. Lou brakes her fingers to trade for the magic to unlock doors unlike blood witches who wield the connections that blood holds. Magic has a smell though, and because others can sense when magic is used she very rarely uses it unless absolutely necessary or she deems it safe. She is walking home from a narrow escape after stealing from a well known lord when enemies from her past attack her in the street. She is a very talented fighter and a very capable woman of taking care of herself. This is an excerpt from the attack.

“Wait! Please!” He forced them closed, but I kept pressing, curling my knuckles beneath the lids and into the sockets. “I’m sorry! I-I believe you!”

“Stop!” Grue’s footsteps pounded behind me. “Stop or I’ll-”

“If you touch me, I’ll blind him.”

His footsteps stopped abruptly, and I heard him swallow.


This scene showed just how powerful Lou is without her power, she was able to fend for herself and subdue two full grown men. She did sustain many injuries but she came out on top, without having to give up her stolen treasures or any information. I love powerful women in books and this scene started off the book with a show of her competence and independence.


PW#4 Beautiful Things

Some say the most beautiful things in the world can not be seen or even touched, they must be felt by the heart. I agree in some aspects but I’d also say that I’ve seen some incredibly beautiful things. I cant imagine feeling something more beautiful than seeing the sunset from a 40 person tall ship in desolation sound surrounded by people I’ve just created an incredible bond with. I can’t imagine feeling something more beautiful than watching the snow fall from the window beside your bed, cushioning the harshness of the world and calming the noise of civilization. I can’t imagine a feeling that can surpass the beauty of finally catching a glimpse of the lake you’ve been hiking to for the past three hours. All of these sights of course, are tied to emotion and maybe that’s what they mean. Maybe the warmth in my heart and the joy I feel when I see these things, is the feeling that some say is  more beautiful than anything. Maybe it’s love or passion or something too phylisophical for someone like me to be writing about but I believe that I’ve seen truly beautiful things.

PW #3 How Beautiful is Reading?

How beautiful is reading? I read to relax, I read to escape and among other things, I read to be come completely immersed within someone else’s story while abandoning my own. I read to learn what happens next, why he lied to her and why she loves him nonetheless. I become someone else and forget myself. I am able to forget my preferences, my dislikes, and let myself re-set. I find the similarities between myself and the newest all encompassing subject of my focus to make the joining of my being to theirs seamless. I can travel worlds, social classes and so much more all within the comfort of my own bed. Last night I was a witch, breaking my bones to trade for the power I wielded. I ran from the gorgeous witch hunter attempting to take my life. Last week I was the personification of Life re-incarnated, falling hopelessly in love with Death and denying Fate who had loved me since I had given up my existence hundreds of years ago. Next week who knows what I can be, where I can go or what I can experience. Maybe life will be better, full of exploration and beauty, finding true love and everything that comes with it. Perhaps I’ll be living in the streets, learning how to become a better person or imprisoned by my greatest enemy. What excites me most, when I have finished a book and long for the kingdom I’ll never get to visit and the love of my life that I’ll never get to meet, Is the endless amount of lives I’ll get to experience in the future

IRJE #3 All is Fair in Love and War

The book Foxglove by Adalyn Grace (Second book in the Belladonna series) follows the character Signa Farrow through the incredible journey of discovering her otherworldly abilities as the reincarnated embodiment of Life. In the first book it was assumed that Signa was a reaper just the same as her lover, Death. Death’s brother, Fate had previously loved Life for thousands of years in her past life and in the second book has shown his devotion to bringing back her memory of the love they once shared. Fate had just told her of his belief that she was his love reincarnated and has just started to attempt bringing back her memories.

“They say that all is fair in love and war. I have built my trench and brought my rifles, and I have no intention of retreating. I will pursue you until you remember who you are. If that means I need to court you, Signa Farrow, I will. Flowers, promenades, even poetry if that’s what you want. Whatever it is you enjoy, I will learn, and eventually you’ll remember the life we once had.”

This sentiment was memorable because of the determination and intensity that Fate spoke it with. The incomprehensible magnitude of the desire Fate holds for Life to remember the world changing love that they shared struck me with how rare that would be in the real world. I long to see someone who would tear down worlds for the one they love but alas, that is the life of a romance reader. I love the idea of a love so great you would defy Fate or even Death to be with the person you share it with.

IRJE#2 ‘”No-please”‘

Holden, the boy who’s perspective of the Catcher in the Rye is written in is remembering a double date with his roommate Stradlater. Stradlater and his date are in the backseat of Stradlater’s coach’s car. Holden and his date are in the front seat. Holden is recounting the strategy that Stradlater uses on his dates.

His date kept saying, “No-please. Please don’t. Please.” But old Stradlater kept snowing her in this Abraham Lincoln, sincere voice, and finally there’d be this terrific silence in the back of the car.

I was confused as to weather Holden’s roommate is forcing this girl to do something. Thus far in the book there has been no mention of forced affection or anything of the sort. I may be incorrect but Holden does not seem very surprised by the ‘snowing’ of Stradlater’s date. It shows how normalized sexual assault and persuasion might be normalized in this time.

My new plants PW#2

I filled my room with plants. It might not seem that meaningful, they might wither with lack of sun or over watering. I might have them for a month until they no longer look pretty in my eyes, but right now they add life to my life. When I burn out in the evenings, I have something to look at that is full and  alive and beautiful. When I can’t wake up on time in the morning I have something to look at that is fresh and bright and cared for. I love my new plants. To anyone else, they may have no significance, but I think that makes them all the more special to me.

What constitutes “being alive”? IRJE #1

The protagonist Bob (version 2) has been revived as a sentient being using advanced futuristic programming. The book has brought forth unexpected thoughts of what makes something alive. I had not put as much thought into it until I read this book.

“I had three issues that bothered me. Was I conscious? Could I actually consider myself to be alive? And was I still Bob? Philosophers had been going on and on about this type of thing for centuries, but now, for me, it was personal. A human, regardless of their opinion on the subject, could depend on being a human. The minister’s offhand reference to me as ‘it’ and ‘replicant’ had stung at a level I was just now starting to appreciate.”
― Dennis E. Taylor, We are Legion (We are Bob)

Just after Bob had been revived as a replicant he was philosophizing on what made something alive, weather it was the ability to have thoughts or the desire to survive. I found this very interesting and made me wonder what criteria I use to determine weather or not something is alive.

They Shall Not Grow Old and how the film shows my character

The film They Shall not Grow Old was set in a world so unlike my own that the story seemed fictitious when it was based on reality. The devastation wrought upon the people of this time by the war made me feel so very grateful for all of the choices and events allowing for my comfort and privilege. The circumstances that I would be in if I was raised in war times compared to the safety and opportunity that I am given by being raised in this time, socio economic status and part of the world are drastic and uncomfortable to think about. Imagining going to school, caring for my family, or working in a factory while my male peers, family and loved ones might be dying or dead is a thought I am grateful is unlikely to come to pass in my lifetime. It is difficult for me to understand how the men and boys signing up for war in this time would sign up at all and I’m simply dumbfounded that they would choose to return after being allowed home because of injury. Knowing the risks and the very real possibility that those soldiers might never see their families again shows me that I for one, am quite sure that my bravery is not comparable to theirs whatsoever.

My Pretty Gold Star Sticker PW #1

You remind me of that pretty gold star sticker that I had on my backpack when I was young. I loved it while it lasted but when it wore out and needed to go, it left a dark, sticky stain that I didn’t know how to fix. You left your mark on me like that sticker left its mark on my backpack. I got a new backpack after that because I didn’t like how empty and used it looked without the sticker. I wonder what will happen to me without my pretty gold star sticker.

The leisurely reader

Hi! My name is Avery Mackenna Schafer. I was born in Langley B.C. but I moved to Metchosin B.C. when I was ten months old where my parents started building our house in Metchosin. I moved to Brookes Westshore from West-Mont Montessori when I was eleven years old for grade six. I have been attending Brookes for four years and I’m excited to be starting my fifth. Some of my biggest interests are traveling,  jumping horses competitively, reading, spending time with family and friends, and exploring new places. I have traveled mostly in European countries and Canada although I have been to the U.S. as well. My aunt introduced me to riding horses when I was six and, to my parents dismay, have been riding ever since. I have recently started a lease on a new horse who I have come to love very quickly. Reading has been something I loved doing since I was very young, since the age of around ten I have read nearly 220 books and have enjoyed all of them. I have never read a book that I did not enjoy. Yes I have read books that take me a long time or which have parts that I find boring but to this day I have never finished a book and been unhappy that I read it.

I am a well versed, consistent and leisurely reader. I have read many books of many genres and enjoy taking my time. I have very few graphic novels and prefer traditional novels as I feel that I am more able to immerse myself in them. I love to get lost in a world that is not my own, I love to escape and become someone other than myself. I have been sticking to fantasy and contemporary romance of late and believe that they are my favorite genres.

I am practical, dark and good at conveying a feeling when it comes to writing. I have ended many school project writing pieces in tragedy or death due to timelines or word counts that I estimated would not be able to fit the full extent of my imagination. In my creative writing I enjoy creating pieces that will cause the reader to feel strong emotion. I find that feelings that are darker are easier and personally more fun to portray in my stories. For school projects like essays and reports I tend to manage my time slightly poorer than I originally intend but almost always come out with something that I am proud of.