All Quiet on the western front- Personal Response

I enjoyed reading the book All quiet on the Western Front to a large extent as it has depicted the verisimilitude and reality of the war. To go into more depth the true trauma is exhibited highly in the book as Eric Maria Remarque quotes “We are so completely played out that spite of our great hunger we do not think of the provisions. Then gradually we become something like men again.” The effective use of a short sentence at the end conveys the reality that the soldiers weren’t just affected physically but mentally aswell. They are so tired of the fear that somehow that distracts them from the wounds of their long and ever lasting pain of their trauma.

I also admired the picture the novel paints of the inhumane reality of the war as it reflected the experience of millions of soldiers. I believe this makes the reader visualise and empathise with the soldiers in the war especially when the author states “The man gurgles…every gasping breath is like a cry… but it is not only my heart pounding.  I want to stop his mouth, stuff it with earth, stab him again, he must be quiet…” This demonstrates and proves to the reader that the soldier in any other situation would help this man regardless of what side they are on, but needs to put himself first as the mans screams are giving him away. In my opinion I believe that the orders the soldiers were given at war was going completely against humanity especially as Paul and his friends were so young.


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