The Tale of the Hungry King-Liath

There was was a man who called himself king

He treated his people as if they were nothing

One day a witch came from far away

But the cruel king turned her away

With the few moments in which they conversed

The witch left the king eternally cursed

No matter how much food the king inhaled

An itching of hunger would always prevail

The chefs were forced to cook feasts galore

But it was no use, the king just wanted more

The costs caused his country to go from rich to poor

He was forced to sell his daughter as if she were a whore

Until one day he disappeared like Houdini

He had eaten himself whole and that was fini

2 thoughts on “The Tale of the Hungry King-Liath”

  1. I have no idea how you come up with these storylines and phrases. You always include this aspect of humour within your writing that I can never seem to describe. You use unique rhymes and vocabulary to tell the story. It keeps your writing extremely entertaining and distinguishable letting me know that Liath wrote this piece.

  2. This is a wonderful use of words and rhythm! I did not know what to expect as I read this poem, however, I know that I was not expecting that ending. The descriptive vocabulary you used was impressive, and the creativity truly baffled me. Well done, Liath!

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