(mock yelp review from posh person of our camping trip, for funsies)


I recently went on a camping trip and it was indubitely horrible. First of all, the weather was much too cold for my liking and it was just very drab in general. We went paddleboarding on the second day, but none of the seals wanted to swim with our company and actually swam away at the sight of our boards, how incredibly rude of them. We also had to sit on wooden chairs, eat on wooden tables with wooden cutlery, and sleep in wooden cabins. Too much unfurnished wood in my opinion it was far below my standards if i do say so myself. We also had to hike in this absolutely atrocious gear which was so unstylish and unfit that it made me want too retch overall i will stay in my city where i like it thank you very much.


2/5 stars

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  1. I like how you refers about the camping trip and the sincere that you are so I agree with you in the part that I like camping but the truth is that I also prefer the city life.

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