PW #1 – Short Story

The Stranded Dawn – A New Horizon

A blaring noise overtakes my mind. My eyes crack open, adjusting to the mid-morning light wafting in through my bedroom windows. A groan escapes my lips as my body flips, groping across my nightstand. I fumble with my alarm clock, searching for the snooze button, hopeful the noise went unnoticed. An opening door answers my inquiry. I sense my father’s dismayed glare at my unkempt appearance as he disturbs my slumber.

“Ian, get up, you’ll be late” my father growls at my uncooperating behaviour. Three weeks have passed since the incident, which completely changed my life. Since then, my parents seem to have lost all trust and sympathy towards me over an accident which I was unreasonably framed for. The impatient footsteps of my father departing interrupt the incessant haunting of regret and turmoil. I reluctantly persuade myself to stretch my limbs, rectifying my consciousness to begin my day.

Ringing infuses my head; I stir and groggily drag my head upwards to encounter the scrutiny of Ms. Vanderwall.

“Ian, you cannot continue to sleep during my history classes, this new behaviour is completely unacceptable.” Ms. Vanderwall gazes down at me, half-asleep on my desk. I glance around the isolated classroom. “Ian?”

“Right, sorry. It won’t happen again” I saunter out of the classroom, entering the cramped halls. I cancel out the malicious comments and gibes bouncing between conversations and tentatively walk forward.

“Gun boy! Stashing anything else in your locker yet? Wouldn’t want anything to happen, would we now?” My steps reversed, turning to witness Anthony presenting another speech about the alleged gun that was planted in my locker. I disregard his words and concentrate my mind away from the commotion.

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  1. You went above and beyond writing this, your writing is poetic and captivating. If someone a gave me this to read and told me it was from a famous book I would believe them- good job👌

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