WW1 Lit – PR #1

The movie started in the vintage tones of black and white. Rows, and rows of boys with childish smiles as though it were Christmas morning, being marched to and unknowing point of no return. Proud to be serving the country and land they were born and brought up on.

The innovation of the camera brings a wondering look to many of the young faces as they march down roads or wait to be sent to the frontlines, and looking through these cameras brings a look of sorrow to my own.

As the film fades into colour, it feels surreal. The amount of young innocent youth marching into the loss of memories and joy to come. 600 in, 100 out, “we’ll get em’ next time”. This is the heart wrenching reality that was portrayed as “the battle plan” in the film ‘They Shall Not Grow Old’.

I feel great amounts of sorrow for all the poor mothers who had to watch their boys leave home with no return. I love my mother very much and I know if I even thought of going to war, she’d hold me down. The love in her heart is to passionate and overflowing to let me risk the rest of my life for a battle where very few feel they have won.

5 thoughts on “WW1 Lit – PR #1”

  1. I liked how you included your mom, creating an idea that if you went to war she would stop you because of how much she cares about you, and how you are comparing your life with the young soldiers in war.

  2. I compliment you on your perceptive recollection of how the boys reacted to seeing a camera. It is something that was present throughout the movie but was not prominent. Their reaction is valid considering some came from very poor neighborhoods never to have seen a camera in real life. It is interesting to think they rarely see cameras coming from our generation considering we see them everyday.

  3. I like how you gave the example about you going to war and your mom stopping you , I think it makes it easier to understand your feelings and your pespective. Great post!

  4. I love your post very much especially the part you said that your mom would hold you down if you ever needed to go into a war I think we can all relate to that.

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