Personal Writing

On October the 9th I had a golf tournament at Highland Pacific Golf Club. Up to this, I had been hitting the ball great. I was (and still am) practicing every day, keeping my game as sharp as possible. I got to the course and went to the range to warm up. I was hitting it very good, so my expectations were high. The greens proved to be rolling  fast, so I had to learn the speed. To get the speed down, my dad always taught me to hit putts uphill and downhill, back and forth. Once that is mastered, move on to flatter putts. This worked good for him, and good for me. As my name was called, I was excited and a little nervous. I have played in many, many tournaments previously so the nerves weren’t anything new to me. My first shot went down the middle of the fairway. This helped settle the nerves a little. I would go on to make 2 early bogeys, however I made a 30-foot putt for birdie on the 9th hole. I finished 2 over through 9, a decent score. I was playing very well, until the 16th hole. I had 125 yards, so I thought. Turns out that was the yardage to the back rocks, and the pin was only 95 yards away. I airmailed the green long, into a hazard. This resulted in a double bogey. I went on to finish 78, good for 3rd place out of 15 which is alright. I could have played better, but that is golf. It is a game of misses, and whoever misses the best will generally win.

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