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Where would you go, if you could go anywhere in the world? Who would you want to go there with?


If I could go anywhere in the world, even though it’s for a few days, it would be Fiji. I would take my best friend with me. Her name is Maria and she is 17 years old. I met her when we were 7 years old, and since day 1, she became my best companion.

The reason why I chose Fiji is because when I was 13 years old, I saw Fiji Islands on a movie. I didn’t knew where it was, but what I did knew is that I wanted to visit them. I research a bit about them, and the thing that was eye catching to me, where the views. For me, Fiji is an absolute paradise. The white sand, the crystal clear water, how the ocean has different tones of blue, the bright sun, etc. The great amount nature is impressive.

I would love to stay in †he beautiful “Fiji Marriot Resort Momi Bay” hotel. They are lots of cabins that are on top of the ocean connected one with each other by a bridge. Every time you wake up the first thing you see, its the beautiful beach.

There’re lots of activities that can be done, so I’m pretty sure my best friend and I wouldn’t get bored.

Hopefully, this trip can become true.



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