I am still continuing the book called Love and Olives by Jenna Evans Welch. Since I am further along into the book it has really started to take shape. The main character Liv is now in Santorini to visit her father after being apart from him for most of her life. Things are awkward and unfamiliar but with the friendly help of other new characters like Theo, Ana and ‘Geoffrey the Canadian’ she is getting used to this chaotic summer. Something I have noticed in this book about Liv is that she is very creative and artsy, she always finds a way to create art in any situation. I like this about Liv because I also like art and the idea of creating something out of nothing.

Most kids grew up learning colours like red, yellow, orange, and green. I grew up knowing colour names like burnt umber, sap green, and Prussian blue. (p.92)

This quote was interesting to me because it really shows the passion Liv has for art. It is telling readers that even at a young age she has always loved art, and it also lets us get to know her personality as well.

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