Personal Writing #3


Every Sunday for the past seven weeks I have had basketball training with The Grind, a basketball organization with elite teams. I have one more week left of the training camp. My goal is to show myself and my skill to the coaches, so I have a better chance in tryouts. I will be writing about my last week’s performance. Getting through the drills is always the hard part because it requires critical thinking and understanding. The coaches do not explain the drill much.

“If you don’t know, go to the back of the line and watch!” Is what the coach tells us. Since it was the seventh week, I felt confident enough with the drills. Once they were over, we played scrimmage. I used my strengths which is mainly rebounding, defense, and layups. My best play of the game was when I got the defensive rebound dribbled all the way down the court like a point guard and finished with a spin move layup through two guys. Overall, it was one of my best practices. Unfortunately, it was also the one practice where the head coach wasn’t there.

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