All Quiet on the Western Front

The writer of this book used many things well, but to me I think the one that stood out was setting. Even though it is very different to us, and how we live now, it is crazy to think that this event and disaster actually happened.

The part I enjoyed about this book is that it was very realistic. It really gave me a perspective of how horrible of a tragedy the war really was. It was neat to learn how people lived and how everything worked, because I never really learned any of this before.

When I thought of the setting, I didn’t really know what to picture. But when we talked about it in class it made a lot more sense. It is kind of hard to understand what setting they are in, because we cant exactly see it. So, you need to picture it in your mind and just go with the story that you come up with.

As I was saying about the perspective and realism of the story, this book gives you a great perspective on how the war had happened. The book uses the setting to introduce new things and explain how it happened. But it still is difficult to understand how it is to really face the tragedy of the war. They talk about it in the book, on how Paul went home, and people would ask about the war and wanted details about it. But he just can’t or won’t explain because its hard to answer if you weren’t actually there.

At the beginning of reading the book it was kind of boring because I did not really know what to expect. But after reading a couple chapters, it started to get more realistic. It then made me engaged more, and I actually wanted to keep reading it, and not knowing what comes next.



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