Personal writing #3: Lethally in Love

It was a clear summer evening in the pond. The sun began to settle under the beautiful view of mount Olympus. The view from her glorious waterfall was something to be in awe. “Cyane? oh Cyane!” a sweet yet exited voice called out to her. “Daphne?” she called back, sweeping her hair to the side to see Daphne splashing in her direction. “Is it Persephone? Is she back?” she called, crossing her fingers. Hades after all had promised she would be back for the summer. Her heart bloomed as she remebered the time the first flowers came to life meaning her return was soon. “She must be by now” Daphne said distracted as she twirled her long blue hair in her pale fingers. Cyane looked at her in confusion for a moment. “You mean you don’t know yet?” Cyane pondered, her gaze shifting to a lily pad near by. Daphne rolled her eyes at her, as she wore her signature smirk of disapproval. “Why would I? Its been months since she’s been here. Just because Demeter hasn’t gotten over her departure doesn’t mean we have to stick our heads in the dump. We’re much too beautiful to be doing something like that Cyane dear”.

Cyane felt a rock of sadness burying into her as she slowly turned around to the edge of the waterfall. Her attention was fixed on the petals of the lily as she  ripped off one on top of the other. “I guess your right” she remarked. Daphne pushed herself though the water gracefully as she landed right next to Cyane. “Anyway… Guess who just go invited to Mount Olympus by the stunning god of the sun” Daphne said smiling broadly, her hand over Cyane’s. Cyane rolled her eyes at Daphne and smiled under her breath. “Your not seriously thinking that Apollo is complete in love with you are you?”. Daphne gasped and splashed the cold spring water at her. “Who wouldn’t Cyane?! Are you saying that I’m unlovable” She demanded sarcastically, her hand flung over her forehead in a dramatic fashion. Cyane giggled as swirled her black hair around in the water. “You know I don’t mean that! Any mortal man would fall head over heels for you but Apollo is just bored. Never trust the Gods, they’ll just rip your hearts out” Cyane thought sadly as the memory of Persephone flashed through her head. No Cyane she never loved you- she was just bored like they all are! Her head cut in before a tear could fall from her eye.

“Well its not like I expect Apollo to love me till the end of time you know. I just enjoy the pampering and attention it comes with dating a god” Daphne said teasingly at Cyane, her eyes wandering to the setting sun. “Anyway” Daphne started, shifting her gaze to Cyane “You’ll get your chance with the gods. Then when you do we can Finally have something to talk about.” Cyane glanced at Daphne’s beaming smile, another picture of Persephone passes through her mind. “You really think so?” Cyane mumbled wistfully. Daphne grabbed her shoulders rapidly. “Listen, with your sky blue eyes and raven black hair, your only moments away from having your first godly boyfriend.” Daphne declared proudly. Cyane forced a laugh and smiled awkwardly. If it weren’t for Daphne’s short attention span, she would have notice the reluctancy in her voice. “As for me” Daphne whispered glancing over her shoulders before focusing her attention of Cyane again “I think It’ll be Ares”. Cyane burst out laughing as the picture of the fierce, fiery-eyed god pushed its way into her brain. Daphne wasn’t laughing. “Oh my gods Daphne, your kidding right?” Cyane giggles wiping tears out of her eyes. Daphne looked slyly at Cyane with a smirk on her face. “Why not, you know he’s always had a thing for big breasts” Cyane’s face turned vermillion red as she sputtered out excuses and questions. The shock of the statement had left Cyane wordless. “I don’t think so Daphne” She said waving her hands in dismay. Daphne only smirked “Oh come on Cyane grow up a little, who’s to say that you can’t score that hunky god”. Cyane pondered it for a moment. It had been months since Persephone left. Maybe it was time she began perusing other gods. Suddenly a familiar voice rang out from the trees. “Cyane?” Cyane whipped her head around to see an amber haired goddess with a gracefully sleek black dress and a familiar round face. “Persephone”.

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