Personal Writing

“Imagine a future in which we each have a personalized robot servant. What would yours be like? What would it do? ” 

My robot would have arms that would move in every angle and they would enlarge for reaching stuff. It wouldn’t have legs, its surface would be flat and would float. It would move by itself. It would also have hands for making things so much easier. It would be 5’2 ft approximately. It would be rose gold, no mouth nor nose, just two eyes. It would definitely speak. The voice would be a woman who speaks English and Spanish.

Sensing its a really important thing the robot needs to have. It needs to be able to sense its surroundings so it doesn’t crash.

It’ll be electrically powered and it would power by itself. The moment the robot is running out of battery, it would automatically charge again.

My robot would be designed mainly for cooking anything. There would be a big recipe book installed in its software that would cook anything that I ask for. It would also help cleaning, doing my homework, etc.