Creative Writing #1: A star called Luna

It’s a day. just like any other for the matter. Luna thought tiredly watching the sun set on the old vast farm that she’d so tirelessly worked on. Day and day again. Working on something as monotone as basic field work was never one of her ambitions, although she never minded. “By god! there’s no need to act like you’ve never slept a day in your life Luna!” She hear a teasing voice tease behind her. Luna re-adjusted her hand on the cold dry grass as she swung her head over to see Bane – her brother – walk nonchalantly over to her, his smug smile etched all over his face. Luna sighed over a laugh “I’m too tired for your nonsense, leave me alone” she whined sarcastically. Bane plopped himself next to Luna, crossing his arms stubbornly. “Heck no! there is no way I’m listening to another one of Uncle’s lectures on laziness. Like he’d know anything about working!”. Luna snorted in his face “Yeah neither would you”. Bane shot her a look of annoyance. “Hey I did NOT come here to be bullied!” He said putting on his best angry face, that looked more like his version of sick old grandpa than anything. Luna laughed dryly, “What are siblings for?”. They sat there in silence for a moment, listening to the faint wiring sound of the windmill. Letting a days worth of memories wash over them.

Suddenly Luna spotted a star in the sky. Weird isn’t it to early for there to be stars out? Luna pondered as the star sparkled brightly at her. Luna shrugged, decidedly ignoring the early star as if it were another grass in a field. “Hey Luna” Bane said, tapping Luna on the shoulder, almost franticly. “What! What? I told you to stop tapping my shoulder it’s annoying! What do you want?”  she hissed, swatting his hand. “Look!” he blurted pointing his finger out to the star, his gaze fixed of the white shine of the star. The star was still shiny as ever, sitting on top of the sunset like a bird waiting for dawn. Nothing particularly strange. “Nice star” she tried glancing at Banes nervous expression. “Don’t you thing that’s maybe a little to big for a star?” Luna shot him an annoyed look “look I’m too tired for another of one of your crrrrrazy the-” Suddenly she saw a bright flash in the corner of her eyes. She whipped her head over and the star was gone. “Wha-“. “It’s over there!” Bane blurted loudly, Luna’s gaze suddenly catching on a moving light across the horizon, the star! Luna rubbed her eyes franticly to make sure what she was seeing was real. The star only grew bigger and brighter as it descended the horizon. Going down faster and faster with every passing second. Suddenly it shot through the sky and crash right in the fields of their family. A cloud moving boom ripped out of the air, hitting Luna and Bane like a rouge wave.

Luna lied in shock against the dry old willow tree behind her and Bane. A ringing feeling of shock and confusing spun around her head, playing catch with her thoughts. “L-Luna?” Bane quivered, his voice sounding just as frazzled as Luna felt “W-What- What was that?”. Luna peered over at Bane tentatively. His face was ridden with shock, lookin almost as if someone had shook his soul out of his body. I wonder if ma and pa heard that? Luna’s head wheezed. Luna felt dead drop terrified that it may have been an alien- or maybe even a space ship, however once she gathered her thoughts her once slow-paced brain became riddled with curiosity. Maybe its an astronaut that had a crash landing- or an alien- I wonder what an alien would look like? Like a human but purple- or even ORANGE? or like a rabbit or lizard! But smart like Bane and I? Or even- “I’m telling ma about this Luna” Bane wheezed hoarsely, cutting through her line of thought. “NO!” Luna scolded, grabbing Bane’s arm before he could run “this is my one chance to do something exiting and you are NOT about to ruin it!”. With that Luna stubbornly shoved herself off the patchy ground, excitement and anxiousness humming through her bones. Luna ran down the hill, passing stalks of beige grass and warped trees as she glided down the hill to the crash site.

The crash site was small, it couldn’t have been bigger than two or three barrels wide. The moist soil around it was thrashed and tore up. a smoked up crevice was all that was left. A deep grey smoke that enveloped the middle of the crash, making it near impossible to see the item of the sky. Suddenly a pale hand reach out from the smoke. followed by a shoulder and then the rest of the body. Luna gasped. It was a girl, she had shining yellow eyes that looked right into Luna’s. her starlight hair, reaching down to her waist and a glittering star patten that traced all around her body. “Hello” it whispered softly “My name’s Luna”

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