PW#1 – Music

One girl recently became very addicted to music. She cannot imagine her life without it. Music is a great way for a girl to distract herself from the world around her and escape from it. She adores the feeling that engulfs her whenever she puts on the headphones. She feels as if all her problems and the world fade into the background. All those small shards of glass that tormented her from the inside disappear, and new feelings arise in their place. Peace and comfort.

2 thoughts on “PW#1 – Music”

  1. I like the description of the girl’s problems as shards of glass that fade away with the music, replaced with good feelings! If you wanted, I think you could add a sentence about how the instruments or vocal elements in the song make her feel, but I like its simplicity.

  2. I enjoyed how this poem perfectly encapsulates, from my point of view, the embodiment of a teenage girl’s relationship with music and how it affects our daily lives. This piece is incredibly relatable and wonderfully demonstrates the intricacies of our emotions and how melodious tunes can not only encompass but also enhance our emotions.

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