PW #1 – Kate Homer-Dixon

On May 29th, 2064, the country of Nelsiliss declared war on the dolphins. I’m not exactly sure how it all started, all I know is that one day almost everyone in the country was angrily wading out into the ocean, shouting profanities at the slippery mammals as they darted beneath the waves. Perhaps the war was declared because, as a country who’s economy is mainly reliant on the export of fish, the fact that we had to share the resources of an ocean with other creatures was impossible to fathom. Or perhaps one day our government decided that their people needed something to rally against, regardless of the logic behind it. Recently, governments have been doing this a lot more; blindly declaring war on whoever they first see before thinking that they might have better uses of their time. The sad thing is that it seems to be doing exactly what they hoped: rallying the people against a common enemy. I briefly entertain the idea that this whole ordeal started with one lonely fisherman out on his boat; sick of all the marine life pestering him, decided that the best way to solve this problem was to declare war on an animal that can’t even comprehend war. Sometimes I envy these animals.

2 thoughts on “PW #1 – Kate Homer-Dixon”

  1. I enjoyed your detailed description of the Dolphin War, and how the narrator is reflecting on its origins and questioning how they got in this situation! I think if you wanted to improve it, you could split it into separate paragraphs to make it more digestible. Great work!

  2. This writing piece is very creative and I enjoyed reading it very much. The descriptive language you used and concepts that I’ve never heard before really enhanced the story for me, making this very enjoyable to read. The last sentence was also very moving and interesting to unpack.

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