IRJE#4 Brides case.

I enjoyed reading the book I wrote about in my past journal entries, so I kept reading the sequel for my next book due to its incredible story. The book I’m reading is called “Heaven Official’s Blessing 2” (天官賜福) by Mo Xiang Tong Xiu (莫想童秀). In part of the story, we have three heavenly officials trying to solve the case of the missing brides. Whenever a couple decides to marry at Mount Yujun, the bride disappears during the wedding procession. People say that the reason why this happens is because a ghost groom kidnaps them. They plan to catch this creature by sending a heavenly official disguised as a fake bride. They started the procession by entering the woods at the mount, but when they were already in the middle of the forest, they were attacked by a creature called binu. Xie Lian told them to leave and that he’ll take care of it. When they left, he met someone unexpected…

Yet, unexpectedly, what came wasn’t the anticipated attack or any murderous intent but something else.

The curtain of the bridal sedan was lightly lifted, and from underneath the bright red veil, Xie Lian saw the person had extended a hand to him.

The fingers were well defined. A red string was tied on the third finger, and on that long, slender, fair hand, it looked like a bright and colorful affinity knot.

Should he give his hand, or no? (p.88)

I chose this quotation because it introduces a relevant character for the storyline. While reading this part of the book I was really intrigued, I tried to figure out who the person mentioned was before the author said something about they on the story. 

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