Mental health in youth has had a drastic increase over the past 50 so years, why is this? Is it due to the new uproar of social media platforms and the drastic increase in the overuse of technology? Or possibly the overload of homework and stress from school, the shift in parenting style, or jump in peer pressure. All we know is that adolescent anxiety, depression, and suicide rates have had a drastic increase in the last 50 years, and they don’t seem to be slowing down. Studies Show healthy children today Report More Anxiety than Psychiatric Patients in the 1950’s. The fact that you can even compare an average child’s mental state and a psychiatric patients mental state is absurd. We have more resources and easily accessible support systems and are more sensitive to mental health, so why is the problem still growing. Sources such as say the most common cause of stress for teens is the thought of the future and failure. What to do after high school, getting a good job, getting into a good university, and the idea of possibly failing at these things are the most significant stress factors in most teens lives. I believe that our futures are determined at a young age, or at least it is portrayed as if they are. Its described as if grades from a young age will affect the rest of our lives, I think to some extent this is true, how we do in high school effects what university we get into, and what career path we take. But should teens be considering university and future career paths at such high importance? Well, you should enjoy what you do and take pride in your work, it should not be so stressful its driving teens to a state of anxiety and depression. I think more now than ever, there is a pressure to succeed do well and be known, and I believe this is all due to the effects of stress caused by social media.


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  1. I agree with your writing, and I did not know a few of the facts before. It is well written but one thing I would suggest is to break your writing into sections as it would be easier for the reader to stay focused.


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