What do you see as the biggest problem facing people your age today?

Social media, politics, and difference of opinions continue to divide the human race as “people continue to argue with their mouths open and their minds closed.” I believe effective communication and the willingness to make a change to be one of the most substantial issues facing my generation. We have the resources and ideas to make necessary changes; we lack the willingness to make small fundamental changes within ourselves for the bigger picture. We consider a simple change such as vegetarianism or reusable water bottles to be such an interruption of our routines that they are not worth it. Our egotistic manners stand in the way of making necessary changes. Well, this is not entirely the individual’s fault, and more society’s as a whole. It is astounding that we face life and its problems with such a pessimistic view and still ignore the possibility to make a change. If we put aside our disagreements and self-pride, we would have a much higher chance of solving or at least agreeing upon critical challenges and topics.  We all hold the right to our own opinions we also should have the respect to at least hear others. There is such variation among people; we should be able to share differences and explore new global ideas.