My friends and I like to go trick-or-treating on Halloween because it is really funny too wear costumes, eat candy and go house to house to get trick-or-treating. I had the most fun on the Halloween when me and my friends wear weird costumes and take pictures with people we don’t know and laugh about that and also we like halloween party´s. The best costume I ever wore was a vampire. on halloween I love to decorate my house with scary stuff with my family, it is really funny. This halloween I didn’t enjoy it, I missed what I do in halloween with my Mexican friends and family. They make my halloween really Cool and fun. Watching all my friends from my city with their costumes and making noice when we sing in the car. When I was younger I remember when me and my cousins we always went to go trick-or-treating and they wear really funny costumes, and when we sing halloween songs to the people, Mexican traditional song. I remember that when I was going back home I was really happy to eat and go counting my candy. I love chocolate and spicy candy, and its  really funny because we get to many of spicy candy, everything can be spicy here in Mexico.