IRJE #3 -A Good Girls guide to Murder

I would say that this book is a thorough intellectual downgrade from the other novels I have read this term but it is enjoyable nonetheless. The novel follows a girl named Pippa as she aims to solve a murder that she believes to be unsolved. She attempts this task as her Capstone project, a project similar to our personal project. She believes that high school boy Salil “Sal” had been wrongly convicted although he is not alive to prove his innocence. In the quote below Pippa talks about the environment following what she believed was his wrongful conviction.

Pip knew where they lived.

Everyone in Fairview knew where they lived .

Their home was like the town’s own haunted house; people’s footsteps quickened as they walked by, and their words strangled and died in their throats. (pp. 3)


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