Why i would rather live in Aldous Huxleys dystopia than in a world with total freedom or even our present day society.

First of all I want to make clear what my main interest, in a world i live in, is. My top priority is to be happy, to have the warming feeling through recent events for example good grades, a nice day with my friends or a new album of your favorite music artist. Now there are many points why I put so much pressure on being happy but mainly it is because of a book i read, in which the author basically says that, humans lives are completely pointless we live just to die again. Now the main point was that people fill their lives with, in their eyes, important things like children or becoming religious and that mainly serves the purpose of bringing meaning into your life.

I do not agree with that being the highest priority, do not get me wrong i want kids, and probably for the same reasons, but i also believe that you have to enjoy the life you have been given as much as possible, because it could end any day and I accomplish that by doing things that interest me or make fun because that is how I enjoy, in the moment, not in the long run.

So to finally get into the novel of Huxley, the society is always happy and that is what i dream of. There is no need to be scared of anything because the world is exactly like every normal human wants it to be. Now a lot of people would decline the offer of living in that world, because the lack of freedom, but i would rather give up my freedom and live happy than unhappy and free. And i do not think this is a point to argue about, because the ones would live free the others would not. The only thing i will say is that you should take a look at the world we are living in and the dystopia, and now tell me in what world is more suffering more injustice and more unhappiness.