PW#4 If there were only one language in the world

During the winter break, I realized how easy it was for me to speak in Japanese. I was a little homesick during the break because I couldn’t go back to Japan. I have friends here, and I also hung out with them, but I still missed my friends in Japan. So I called them every single night.  Of course, they speak Japanese. I have spoken Japanese since I was born. Japanese grammar and English grammar are so different. For example, if you say I go to the school today, we say today I the school to go. The word “go” in Japanese is “iku”. How can they be so different? How much I resented those who created the languages. We don’t need that many languages. If there was only one language in the world, we wouldn’t have to learn another one. It’s easier for everyone to communicate with whoever we want. But I still need to study English because of its existence.

One thought on “PW#4 If there were only one language in the world”

  1. Ah, but Mia: If there were only one language, how many cultures would there be? It is impossible to separate language and culture. People who enjoy learning new languages sometimes just enjoy the languages, but often they also enjoy learning about the cultures of those languages.

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