Personal Writing #2

Self-perception. A term I’m sure many have heard of multiple times in their lives. By basic definition, self-perception is how you see yourself. So, why is this topic never seen in toxic media? Self-perception is easily influenced. How we see and understand ourselves is modified multiple times a day. And perhaps you don’t notice it. But when you realize that you’ve been increasingly rude to yourself, you’ll try to think back and ask yourself; when did I start thinking like this? This surely didn’t appear out of nowhere, but it was slowly building up, little by little so you took no notice. So where does all this influence come from? Aspects from daily life make little changes constantly, but the major additions come from the media. The example I’ll be using in this text will be based on body image (centred around feminine bodies).

Media has grown into a bad image of itself. The “ideal body type” has been set as an unrealistic expectation. Most influencers have the same hourglass, toned body that often take a few thousand dollars of plastic surgery to form. And many teenage girls feel the pressure to match that body type, which takes a huge toll on their mental health. Influencers don’t always have a target when posting, and sometimes indirectly causes self-perception issues for those who consume their content. But not all body-based media is toxic. There are sections of body-positive and inclusive groups in the media. Often in the form of social media accounts, trends and podcasts. And with enough effort to reroute your feed, body positivity can make its way into your daily dose of media.

You have the ability to redirect your self-perception to take a healthy and optimistic direction and begin to re-love yourself.

Nyah Sharratt – 11/09

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