The book Golf is not a Game of Perfect, written by Bob Rotella, it is about a professional golf teacher who shares stories of him interacting and teaching many pros. There is a certain moment when he was teaching one of the most famous pros, Tom kite, that really grabbed my attention. The pair were talking about full swing, more specifically, approach shots. the coach (Bob Rotella) is talking about your pre shot routine. This includes your practice swings, your 1 “trigger” which gets you in the right place to hit the shot, and arguably the most important one, the target. Before every golf shot, whether it is a driver or a putter, you should always pick a target beforehand. Bob would then explain the exact details of the target your picking.

Whenever you are choosing a target, try to make it as small as possible. A tree, or a house way in the distance are best. This is because you have a more precise thing to swing toward, and this results in a better golf shot. p 133

This is some of the best golf advice I have ever heard. My dad was the first to tell me this before my provincial golf tournament, and I went out and shot 79 – 76, which are pretty good score for me. Bob is overall a great teacher, who understands the game of golf deeply. I have learned a lot from his book already, and i am eager to learn more.

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