For my independent reading journal I am reading Love and Olives by Jenna Evans Welch. From what I have read so far the book is about a young girl named Liv (Olivia) Varanakis. Liv lives in Seattle with her Mom, her step dad James and her little brother. Liv’s real father picked up his stuff when she was just eight, and fled one day to Santorini to investigate his true passion for finding the lost city of Atlantis. In this quote it is talking about Liv’s father and her relationship before he moved to Greece.

His eyes are bright, because he’s talking about our shared love of Atlantis. Child Me is hanging on to every word, because back then I wasn’t just Olive. I was indiana Olive, the world-famous explorer…..she always had her dad next to her.

until she didn’t.  (P.2-3)

This is surprising to me because reading this everyone would say they had a perfect father daughter relationship (“she always had her dad next to her”), which is clearly not the case since now he is out of the picture (“until she didn’t”)

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