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My winter break days

During the winter break, the main thing I focused on was basketball and fitness, every day I woke up at 6 am and got ready to go to the gym, it usually would take around 1 hour and a half in the gym. After the gym I would walk back home and get ready to eat breakfast, after breakfast I would study for 2 hours then hit the basketball courts, at the basketball gym I would focus on my ball handling for 30 minutes, my finishing for 45 minutes and end off by doing shooting drills. after I’m done with my shooting drills I would hope to play some pick up which is basically where a bunch of random people is placed on two teams for 3 on 3 or 4 or 4s, during this time the main focus for me was to use the skill work that I have been practicing in a game moment by doing this it would ensure that in a real game, I would be able to take those same moves and shots and make them. After I was finished id come home and get lunch, following lunch would be another study session for an hour just catching up on work and doing my 15 minutes of reading. By that time it would be around 3:30 and I would get ready for another session at the basketball court, id go over and take 50 free throws, do some footwork drills and run lines until about 4:30. once the sun went down head home to get dinner, This would be my routine almost every day during the break.

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