Cover design completed!

front cover

Thanks to Rachel for choosing the font and colour, and working out the design with some help from Jeff and Dixie. Rocky Nuñez at Llumina colourized Michelle Jennison’s original black-and-white drawing and put it all together. The book should be ready in three weeks.

Author: Eric MacKnight

I have been teaching English since 1980 in the United States, Morocco, Switzerland, Austria, Canada, The Netherlands, and China. Good Habits, Good Students is my first book.

11 thoughts on “Cover design completed!”

  1. Long time no see, Mr. Macknight!

    I’ve just seen the e-mail that you sent!

    Is everything okay in SSIS?

    Please say hello to Y11 guys,

    oh no~, they should become Y12 on September.

    Anyhow, Congratulations!!

  2. You did a great job! Eric.How could you find time to do all these work?! I am very impressed. Congratulations!

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