Online note-taking apps

This article from reviews eight online note-taking applications that you might find useful.

Of course, an application you like will help. But you still need to know how to take notes—how to organize them, what to write down, what to leave out, how much detail to include—and that takes practice, whether with a pencil or with a computer.

Author: Eric MacKnight

I have been teaching English since 1980 in the United States, Morocco, Switzerland, Austria, Canada, The Netherlands, and China. Good Habits, Good Students is my first book.

One thought on “Online note-taking apps”

  1. I’m working on a new note-taking application. It’s called Squareleaf.

    The idea behind it is that its on online whiteboard for sticky notes. I built this to scratch my own itch: I keep a lot of todo notes and stuff online and I wanted to be able to organise them however I wanted, rather than being forced to put them in a difficult to organise list. I wanted control.

    It would be great if you’ve got time to check it out:

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