(IRJE #1) ATV’s and Modern War vehicles

The quote underneath symbolises how the Soviet era t-72 entered service on the front line.

“Although the Soviet T-72 entered service in 1973, this tank (and its upgraded alternatives) remained in the front-line service in 41 nations throughout the 1990s and into the 21st century. These included Soviet-built domestic-use, Soviet-built export, and other nation licensed-production tanks.” (p.23)

This quote also states that even post Soviet Era, the T-72 (and its upgraded counterparts) remained in service as a reliable front line force.

(IRJE #1)The Vampire Diaries

The Vampire Diaries is a book written by L.J. Smith and published on March 15, 2011. This book is about a girl named Eleana and her parents died in a car crash with her in it but she didnt die because a vampire saved her. Early on she dates one of the Vampires and finds out what happens. My favorite paragraph from the book is.


“Matt held his flashlight steady while Meredith searched for a light switch. finally, the scene before them was illuminated: the altar from the front of the room lay on its side the bowl of blood smashed a few feet away. Extinguished torches had left long lines of greasy black smoke smeared on the walls. Vampire bodies lay limply in pools of sticky, half dried blood, their throats torn by Damon’s or Stefan’s fangs.”


I really like this paragraph because when Matt walks in on his two friends he sees who they really are or who one of them really is, and Meredith is also a vampire so she is scared because she doesn’t know what will happen to her from either Damon or Stefan.

IRJE #1 Fetch (by Scott Cawthon)

This is a book I have recently completed called Fetch (Fetch is a murderous animatronic dog that’s killed people earlier in the book). At the very end of the book, the main character Greg finishes his shower and stumbles upon some pretty petrifying stuff.

“Then he threw open a bathroom door. Barely containing a scream, Greg stumbled away from the door and fell to the tiled floor, his mind struggling to accept what he was looking at. There was something wrapped in a sheet, laying across the doorway. As he stared, the once beige sheet was turning a deep, dark red, and it glistened wet in the room’s muted light…The phone on Greg’s bathroom counter vibrated. He couldn’t help himself; he picked it up and looked at it. Fetch had texted: CU” (pg.84).

I chose this quote because I enjoy the tension and mystery of it because what was under the sheet, or actually, WHO was under the sheet. When the deep dark red liquid seeped through the sheet it must have made him petrified, knowing that that was blood. Also When Fetch said “CU” (which means see you soon or something) it had to of put fear in Greg thinking that he could be Fetch’s next victim.


IRJE#1 The Pearl

The Pearl is a novella written by Jhon Steinbeck and published in 1947. The story is set in a small village in Mexico, the main character is kino a poor fisherman that one day founds a pearl of great value and he thinks that with that pearl he will be able to pay a doctor to his son who has been stung by a scorpion and is in very poor health.

Kinos breath whistled in his nostrils and he opened his mouth to it. and then the startled look was gone from him and the rigidity from his body , in his mind a new song had come , the Song of Evil, the music of the enemy, of any foe of the family, a savage secret, dangerous melody, and underneath, the Song of the Family cried plaintively. (p.5)

The way the paragraph is written is very interesting because of the words the author chose. The meaning of the story changes a lot when you add more detail and emotions, because, the reader feels like they’re living in the moment, as if they were part of the story.

The Great Gatsby – IRJE #1

The Great Gatsby by F.Scott-Fitzgerald, is a book based off the time of the Jazz era of New York. It’s’ based off the tragic story of Jay Gatsby, A Self-made millionaire who is in love with the young woman Daisy Buchanan.  The story is narrated by a man named Nick Caraway; and how he sees the story of these people.

There must have been moments even that afternoon when Daisy tumbled short of his dreams – not through her own fault, but because of the colossal vitality of his illusion. It had gone beyond her, beyond everything. He had thrown himself into it with a creative passion, adding to it all the time, decking it out with every bright feather that drifted his way. No amount of fire or freshness can challenge what a man will store up in his ghostly heart. (Pg.2)


I chose this quote from the book because it shows the character Daisy’s husband Tom Buchanan is, and how he can care-less if she is within his plans or not. He could change his mind again and again and she would find her way to avoid them changing her plans, and I think that shows a strong empowerment to her character and a weaker quality to his. In this quote he’s sharing that Tom is more self centred “I plan to have it all.” Type of man and Daisy is shown to be a; “I plan to be realistic.” Thing going for her. She day dreams but in the realistic limit where she knows her current limits in the world and shows she knows who she is whereas tom does not.

Kissing Kosher – IRJE #1

The book “Kissing Kosher” by Jean Maltzer it´s about the best kosher bakery in Brooklyn, New York City. Avital the granddaughter of the owner of the bakery because of pelvic pain was forced to let her dream of photography go and work in the bakery. She needed some help and hired a guy called Ethan to whom she was attracted and he was attracted to her, but he was undercover for his grandparent, and that’s because the grandfather of Avital betrayed him a long time ago.

Dr. Prikh hesitated. Avital took a deep breath. She was ready to fight for her needs. “The thing is, we’re super busy at the bakery right now…and I have all these extra responsibilities.. and I just can’t afford to be in this much pain right now. It’s ruining my life. It’s ruining everything. And I just think if I could maybe have a few more pills so I can get through this flare. I think it would help an awful lot.” She stopped herself there. The worst thing a pain patient could be labeled as a drug seeker. Even though, in her mind, all she could think was help me, please. Help me feel better. See me as a human being, as a person just like you, and help me find some semblance of a life again. I have done everything right. (p. 112)

I choose this quotation because we can see that she is not happy in her life, that she can’t do the things that she likes, and that she is exposed to really hurtful pelvic pain that is taking her backward in her life. She wants to be better for herself and her family but she can’t.

IRJE #1 Poison for Breakfast

In Lemony Snicket’s book, Poison for Breakfast. Lemony Snicket goes on a journey to find the soon-to-be corporate of his very own death. After just finishing eating his perfectly well-made breakfast Lemony Snicket receives a strange and mysterious note from his front doorstep which reads ”You had poison for breakfast”

 For a few moments, I stared at the scrap of paper in my hands and tried to get my thoughts in order. I even tried to number them, in case it helped.

  1. Egad!
  2. There’s no use thinking egad, Snicket. Remain calm

No wait, that should be your third thought.

  1. Remain calm.
  2. That’s better.
  3. Now, then look at the message again.
  4. You had poison for breakfast.
  5. Egad! (p.12-13)

I believe this is an important quote for this particular and unusual book because of two reasons. One being, throughout the upcoming chapters Snicket goes through almost every single thing he is thinking of at that very moment even the stupidest thoughts you can imagine. Meaning if you think that was something that shouldn’t be in a book, then I don’t believe you should continue reading either. Second, because this very page which I find to be extremely stupid, is the reason why I even bought this book. It’s so out there and I have never read any professional book with this sort of writing that he does.

(IRJE #1) A Tale of Magic

When Brystal stumbles across a secret section of the library, she discovers that she can do magic. But magic is illegal where she is from so she gets sent to a miserable Bootstrap Correctional Facility for Troubled Young Women. She is forced to hard labour, and terrible food. In the dining room she notices a banner with a message that made Brystal full of hatred and anger.

“Good Girls do what they’re told. They NEVER ask questions. Good Girls finish their work. They NEVER take breaks. Good Girls keep their heads down. They NEVER look for trouble. Good Girls are always truthful. They NEVER tell lies. Good Girls know their place. They NEVER show disrespect. Good Girls are grateful. They NEVER want more.” (p. 129)

She got so angery, Brystal uncontrollably used her magic to rip the banner to pieces. Afterwards, she was in shock and before she knew what had happened and what she had done, she was being dragged outside to get disciplined.

Thankfully, before they could do anything, an unexpected guest arrived to pick Brystal up and take her away. The faculty didn’t want anything to do with her anymore so Brystal was taken away to a better place where she will learn to control her magic.

(IRJE #1) Keep up appearances

Sloan has the necessity to live with Asa, an alcoholic person who parties everyday, because she has nowhere to go.

I have to keep up appearances by acting like I still owe my life to Asa, when in reality, I feel like he’s ruining it. Don’t get me wrong, I do love him.

I love who he could be someday, but I’m also not naïve. (P. 17)

This could be interpreted in different ways for a lot of people and still hold the meaning of having to pretend someone or something is doing what is the best for you when you’re suffering because of that.

(IRJE #1) A hamburger was made out of an animal which looked like this:

In Kurt Vonnegut’s Breakfast of Champions, everything is explained. from metaphors, to apples, to the pyramids, within the next page there will be a sketch and an explanation, almost like science fiction novels explain spaceships and lasers. One example that stuck out to me the most was this quote:

A hamburger was made out of an animal which looked like this:

Breakfast of Champions by Kurt Vonnegut Jr. | Goodreads

The animal was killed, and grouped into little bits, then shaped into patties, then fried, then put between two pieces of bread. The finished product looked like this:




It’s a masterfully executed critique on what was, and still is, modern science fiction. Everything always being explained to be “realistic” is considered the norm in science fiction, but when it’s put into our world, we see it as childish, condescending.

This could just be a general critique of people losing their ability to critically think, too, and could also be a silly little quirk of the novel. Since this was written in the 1970s, and I’m looking at it through a modern lens, I’m most likely taking something out of it that may not even be there. But that’s the beauty of this book: many of the messages are still relevant, which just goes to show the stubbornness we have to changing our ways.

Oliver’s PW#1 Graphing Equations

Graphs are cool because you can make all sorts of different shapes, bends and other stuff like that. But probably my favorite thing about it is that it’s a big challenge and it takes a lot of hard work and a long time. Part of it is also that the equations that you end up making are so complex, and the results are kind of beautiful. Also there are tones of different variables that you can add and change. To me graphing equations is a bit like sculpting or any other art, it takes time, skill, and a lot of hard work.

Another part of graphing is the functions. There are all sorts of different functions to explore and many of them are new to me, so graphing also has a bit of an exploration element to it as well. Also, I find figuring out patterns in statistics fun, for example 2^x can be used to represent the number of binary possibilities for a pin or another similar form of security where x is the number of characters in the pin. I found this after using a method where I put the possibilities side by side and then look at the structure they take. So for this one, I figured out that the possibilities would double since there was same amount of possibilities as the last, except that there were were twice as much as the last. Here are the results for evidence; 1=2, 2=4, 3=8, 4=16, 5=32, 6=64. Also I discovered how this equation is different from x^2; 1=1;1=2, 2=4;2=4, 3=9;3=8, 4=16;4=16, 5=25;5=32, 6=36;6=64.


On Sunday, my father took me to the amusement park. I sat in the car along the way, feeling very happy, and soon I arrived at the entrance of the amusement park. The scenery along the way is beautiful, with rows of evergreen trees standing upright along the roadside, and willow branches on both sides of Linping Park fluttering in the wind. Screams came faintly from a distance, I thought they were riding a roller coaster! So I hurried over and queued up. Along the way, I went up and down, left and right, which made my heart feel like it was about to stop beating. There is no other ride in the world that attracts me more than this!After waiting for a long time, it was finally our turn to play. After everyone got on the pirate ship and got ready, the pirate ship started. Soon after it started, the amplitude became larger and larger, as if it was like a time bomb that could explode at any time. When the amplitude When I reached the highest point, I started screaming too

About me

My name is Hannah. I have a cheerful and lively personality. I have a wide range of hobbies: reading, drawing, telling stories, skateboarding, and telling stories. I often make my parents laugh, and the loving faces of my grandparents also smile. flowers. At home, I am a good boy in the eyes of my parents. My parents trust me and I can do what I can do. I also like to make friends, help classmates, play with them, study together, and make progress together.

Personal Writing

My favorite game, Genshin, is a new open world adventure game developed by Mihayou. The game takes place in a fantasy world called Tivat, where those chosen by the gods are granted the “Eye of the Gods”, the power of the guiding elements. You will play as a mysterious character named Traveler

In the free travel encounter different personalities, unique abilities of the companions, together with them to defeat strong enemies, find lost relatives – at the same time, gradually discover the truth of the “Genshin”.

It’s no exaggeration to say that Genshin is miHoYo’s biggest and most ambitious work to date. Even after 8,700 hours of grueling combat, the game has many undiscovered secrets, missing weapons and equipment, and spells and abilities that have never been used.

While the combat experience isn’t that different from what we’ve seen before in the Burning Machine series, the game has a variety of well-designed enemies and Boss battles that take combat to a whole new level. Like the Legend of Zelda a few years ago, Protogod is a great game to push the genre forward.


My name is Sun Jingru and my English name is Donna. I am 14 years old and I come from Chongqing, China.I like to draw and I will draw my own characters when I am bored I like to watch anime and manga and I will cos the characters in them.My favorite sport is volleyball. I often play it with my good friends I also enjoy the time to play with them.My dream is to be a psychologist to help peopleThis is my first time abroad. I am so nervous and excited to come to this school and everyone is so friendly. I am looking forward to the learning trip ahead.

PW#1 A day in my life.

This is a day in my wonderful life, everyday I wake up at 7:30 in the morning, have a shower and get ready for the day. For breakfast, I always eat my Vector (cereal brand). It is very sweet, but is good for the body. After breakfast I get dressed and head off to school. When I arrive to school I greet all my friends and head off to my classes. School is something I enjoy a lot, I make it a habit to always be positive and try to make every school day enjoyable. When school is finished my grandpa picks me up at 3:20, I head back home and get prepared for my football session. To get prepared I will usually eat pasta, because it is great for energy. Now that I’m ready I head off to PISE to train, every session I try to take something out of every one. Plus it is great for my physical health. It’s always great having some banter with my teammates. After football training, most likely I’m drenched in sweat. So when I get home I need a shower, change into some very stylish clothes. I will always be craving a sandwich, so that’s what I do. My grandparents always give me grief for not cleaning up. So I clean up after they tell me to. Now I look on my computer and look at Managebac and do a little bit of homework. After my homework I do my 15 minutes of reading, right now I am reading The wealthy barber, it is a very intriguing book. Finally, I have a little bit of free time, so I can go on my phone and communicate with my friends that live in Comox and look at videos on the internet.  I will sometimes play my grandparents in a game of chess or hang out with my cousins. Then to end the day I will do a full body workout and then stretch after. That is the end of the day. I go to bed at 9:30 and wake up in the morning and do it again mostly.

PW#1 my awesome friend

I’m going to talk about one of my friends but his name will stay anonymous because some people in the class still know him. He joined Brookes last year and at first we didn’t even talk to each other but during the second semester, we started talking. He legit helped me through a lot of stuff and made my school life so much better. He was also always talking about Latina ladies, sports and about how ‘handsome’ he is. He was like always there for me and stuff and gave off good vibes you know. Literally every girl in class liked him and it was super funny  because he didn’t like any of them back except one maybe, she was Latina duh. He has very girly blue eyes and very girly pink lips. He was also always talking pics of himself because he liked his reflection so much. The endd

My friend Marky PW#1

This is a piece about one of my greatest friends ever Marky. Marky is a silly little guy, he loves to play funny silly video games such as roblox, genshin impact, and cozy grove! Marky has cool red hair and has a amazing sense of style we like to call “looks he lives by value village”. He goes to Royal bay with some of my other friends who I could’ve chose to write about, but Marky is just better. He is very good at sports and mathematics he is a very smart cookie who’s favorite food is cookies!  Marky always talks about random gaming stuff I don’t seem to understand like “rizzlys” but I try for the sake of not hurting his feelings. Marky is a very good friend he is super cool, awesome, and over all fun to be around! Marky is my bestfriend!

new member in the family. PW#1

the day my puppy arrived is one of the days I remember the best, my sister and I had been asking my parents for a puppy for months but they did not accept, especially my mom because she said it would get dirty and break things and that we would not take good care of it, one day coming back from school my mom told us she had a surprise for us and arriving home I saw Mica, a puppy hidden behind a box, we took it and it was shaking and it was so small that it could fit in a shoe, that day we did not separate her, we bought her things and tried to take care of her, we tried to buy her things and we tried to take care of her, We took her and she was shaking and she was so small that she could fit in a shoe, that day we did not separate from her, we bought her things and we tried to get her to gain confidence but she still does not love me, now Mica is 5 years old and she has made me and my family very happy.

PW#1 My Summer

To start off I can say that my was summer was amazing. I didn’t really go on vacations until I came here so I didn’t really go on a trip, just before coming here I went to Houston for 2 days, then I stayed in Vancouver for like 5 days and lastly I arrived to Victoria. Just few days before leaving school I was thinking of what sport should I do this summer since I really didn’t want to go to the gym anymore, because I got bored. For like 3 weeks after leaving school I did indoor cycling, I liked it, but I wasn’t really exercising as normally I would. Just then like 1 week after I thought “what if I start swimming again?” That happened on Thursday and just then on Monday I went back to my club to start again after a year of quitting the sport. I was happier than ever doing the sport I love the most. That’s what I did during weekdays and on weekends I was always hanging out with my friends or sometimes even with my cousins. June and July was basically the same stuff all over again, but August was very different. I didn’t realize that in like 20 days I was leaving for months. On August 2nd I went to a match in the BBVA stadium where it played Atletico de Madrid vs Real Sociedad, and that same day like 2 hours before the match I met Joao Felix and he signed my Chelsea jersey. Then like 2 weeks after I got my braces taken off, I had a “party” with my friends before leaving and then I just had to say bye to my best friend which was kind of hard because there is probability that we don’t get to see each other in December until July next year which made my kind of sad to think about that. Once I got to the school the first weekend was just to meet everyone, make friends, get to know the area which actually was fun, I really enjoyed going to the mall, meeting new people especially the ones from Mexico. I’m very thankful to be here. 

PW #1 Snowboarding

About a year ago, I went to Quebec for the first time with my mon and my brother . I was excited for the snowboarding part because I had never tried it before. The first day, I took a begginers class where they explained my brother and I the basics of snowboarding. After many falls and laughs, we finally went to the first green diamond slope. We managed to finish it in about 15 minutes but were so ttired. We went to eat at a restaurant downhill. After eating, we became crazy and went directly to a black diamond hill (the hardest one of the mountain). My brother and I did not stop slowing down all the way down, so it took us like 20 minutes to get all the way down. That travel was really fun and memorable; It was my favorite vacation by far.

PW#1 American Football

Approximately 2 or 3 years ago I started playing soccer, I was very nervous because I was a not big fan of American Soccer, so I didn’t even know how to play, but it caught  my attention, so I remember  that when I trained    on the team,  they gave me a physical test, so I passed them, and then about a month later we had to train equipped but I had never played like that so when they hit me for the first time it hurt so much that I ended up crying but I didn’t tell anyone and I continued and made very good friends then every time we reached the playoffs We didn’t get past the semi final so before coming to Canada I set out to reach the championship but we lost.

My Rome trip

Last year I convinced my family to go to Roma, I was super excited to go. The first day we arrived I was impressed by all the buildings, the food, the nature and the people. I already knew Rome is one of the best cities in the world, but when I got to see it on person it was a lot more beautiful than I expected. As I went in spring, all the trees were the kind of green color that gives a feeling of peace, happiness and serenity all together. There were many flowers I hadn’t seen before, I don’t know if my family name has something to do with it but I love flowers more than anything, seeing all kinds of flowers in their best way, being each one of them more colourful than ever was a shot of serotonin. We visited the Coliseum, Pantheon, many churches, Palatino, Vatican City… and being honest I really cannot decide which one of all the things we saw was my favourite, I can just say that it was the best trip in my whole entire life and I would repeat it a thousand times if possible.

PW#1 Australia

On August 10th this summer, me and my father got on a plane to Australia. It took 15hr30m from Vancouver to Sydney and when we arrived it was the morning of the 12th. It didn’t take long for me to adjust to the time zone. It was my second time going to Australia but we went to Brisbane last time in 2019 but we were not going there this time. We went to Australia to go birdwatching and I saw 366 species of birds in the three weeks we were there for. We did a lot of domestic flights and covered a lot of ground. From Sydney we drove down to Melbourne, flew to Perth, flew to Darwin, flew to Alice Springs, then flew back to Sydney. The weather was very different every place we went. Since the seasons are switched there, it was there winter. The coldest days were in the south when it got to 0 degrees and the hottest days were in the north when it got to 38C degrees. We only went to go birding but we did see lots of animals like kangaroos, bats, wombats, lizards, crocodiles and a dingo and I even touched an echidna. The day we were supposed to fly back to Vancouver, our flight somehow got cancelled and we spent 5 hours at the airport trying to figure it out. Sadely we missed our flight so we had to stay an extra day but we did get on the plane the following day. By the time I got back to our house, it was the afternoon of September 4th and I was so tired because of the time difference and less than 24 hours later I went to school. Overall, it was a fun holiday!

West Edmonton Mall

At the start of summer, my parents decided to take me to West Edmonton Mall with one of my friends from my old school. It was my first time on a plane, and my second time out of B.C.

When we arrived at the airport I was exited to go on my first plane ride, and since I had never gone to an airport previously, I thought that we wouldn’t have much of a wait. instead, we had to wait around an hour and a half before boarding. when the plane first took off, there were practically no clouds in sight, so i got a great view of Vancouver island, the best part was the fact that i got the window seat, and the window was perfectly aligned with my seat so it was easy for me to look out. the first moments of takeoff felt kind of like a roller coaster, with the stomach drop feeling surprising me. for most of the plane ride I was just listening to music, and the ride took around an hour and a half. once we landed in Edmonton, it was raining so it wasn’t that nice. We called a taxi to take us to our hotel after getting all of our luggage. Then we had to go to our hotel and put everything away.

Once we arrived at the mall it was deafeningly loud, probably because there was a huge hockey ring right in front of the entrance. After navigating our way around the mall, we found the food court, and we ate. After we finished our food, we decided to go to some of the shops in the mall. In the mall, there were over 800 shops, and it housed the one of the biggest indoor waterparks in north America. There was also a huge amusement park called galaxy land, and since nothing much happened on the first day, I’m going to skip to the second day. On the second day, we got our wrist bands that allowed us to go to galaxyland. the first ride I went on there was this yellow roller coaster that went across most of galaxyland. The ride was probably a 6 / 10 in terms of intensity, and I went on that ride around 2 times. The ride was decently fast, and the carts spun around in a circle. My friend that came with me decided to go on a drop tower called the “space shot” and it had around 2 g’s of force in it. When my friend went on it, he got rocketed to the top in around 1 and a half seconds. I obviously didn’t go on it because it was way to intense for me. the most fun ride in galaxyland was probably that yellow roller coaster, but there were also around 5 more rides I went on, but I forgot the names of them. On the 3rd day of west Edmonton mall, I went to the waterpark. The waterpark was probably the most fun part of west Edmonton mall, and there was a massive wave pool there. When I entered the waterpark, I was overwhelmed by the sheer size of the place, the place was 20 square kilometers, and it was the 4th largest indoor waterpark in the world. there was a glass dome covering the whole top of the water park. when the waves went on, they reached probably around 1 to 2 meters in height. The wave pool took up most of the waterpark, and there was a zipline over it, which I went on. There were also around 15 different waterslides, and I went on probably 3 or 4, the tallest waterslide I went on reached to the very top of the waterpark, which I estimated to be around 50 meters up. before something happened. It was all fun, before some kid decided to contaminate the water. We thought that everything would be back to normal in around an hour, but we were so wrong. Instead, the entire waterpark was shut down for the day. That was my last full day of west Edmonton mall, before we went back home.

PW#1: Deer

Hello everyone, and welcome to my first piece of personal writing.

Ever since my family moved to the Highlands, we’ve been astonished at the amount of wildlife. Coming from suburban Ontario, it’s been quite a shock, as the only animals we saw there were a few squirrels. Although all the flora and fauna here are a bit odd to us, the strangest thing has to be the deer.

Every night, anywhere from 6-8 PM, deer will just come to our property. Sometimes they sleep, sometimes they fight, but most of the time they just sit there. They aren’t aggressive, and sometimes even come right up to us. We’ve asked around and this seems to be abnormal, even by BC standards.

Maybe the previous owners fed them every night, or maybe it’s because our property is in an area with lots of exits, in case of a cougar attack (which are extremely common in our area.) It’s a mystery that we may never find the answer to, so we can do nothing but enjoy the company of the deer.


My Avo has been sending me videos of her home in Manitoba, She lives in North Carolina and Portugal as well. Her houses are right on the ocean everywhere. Her favourite town is Carolina because of the easy weather. I plan to visit her in a few months. We have already bought the there tickets but not returning yet. She’s been teaching me Portuguese over text and we have been doing many calls over the past few months.

PW #01 – Ely.

Ely. This personal writing is about Ely. One of my silly little monkey friends. She has long black hair, small eyes, mono-lids, pink lips, small nose, thin eyebrows, a very judging face. She loves to judge people and likes to cause drama. She needs lots of attention and help. Ely reminds me a lot of my other friend Tiah; They also look alike (Ely says that’s racist but she said thought I was Asian so it cancels out). Her phone got confiscated by her step-dad because she woke up late. Ely is really funny and every morning she goes straight to the bathroom as soon as she gets to school just so she can see herself. Ely also has a crush on someone really ugly, she has admitted it herself. Ely also has ADHD so that why she’s always spacing out a lot and she has hearing problems.

We love Ely <3

-Eva M

my vacations

I’m going to tell you when I went to Dallas to see a soccer game, I went to Houston to my cousins house and we were there for several days. Then my cousins and my family went on the road to Dallas to see the Barça vs Madrid game. when we arrived in dallas we went to the mall and then the next day it was the game I was very excited, the day of the game I got up super early because we had to get to the the stadium was far away, we saw the game and then we went to eat at a restaurant that was delicious then the next day we returned to Hoiston to my cousins house and the next day we returned to Mexico, this trip is one of the best I have ever made because I had a great time and enjoyed a lot of time with my family


When I was 7 years old my parents organized a trip to Whistler with my friends, we were very excited because we were going to ski for the first time and we were going to watch snow for the first time, When we arrived we were very happy and we started to play with the snow until we got very cold, we went inside the hotel were they gave us some warm cookies and hot chocolate, at night we went to sleep to get ready for tomorrow because we were going to our ski lessons , The next day we were very cold and excited and we took our lessons, after some skiing classes we finally learned to ski and we enjoyed learning something new, After some days of learning how to ski we finally learned and we went skiing for some days and at night we would have dinner and after we would play with the snow, When it was time to go home we were sad that the trip was over but we were also happy since we got to see snow for the first time this is definitely a trip I will never forget.