Praise from Readers


Eric Macknight has learned well what Aristotle teaches, that virtue is learned by habit. Thus, readers of his fine manual come to be not just good students, but better people. I can’t wait to get this book into the hands of my students who must complete a required culminating project in Washington State. His book will be invaluable at helping kids manage their time and plan the lengthy independent work.

—Mike Radow, history teacher

I just finished reading your downloadable version of Good Habits, Good Students. It’s simply awesome and highly inspirational. Thank you so much for this book as it has been a great influence on me.

—Si Hui, Grade 9 student

Eric MacKnight’s book is a milestone! With his vast and diverse experience in teaching, he has captured the essential elements for student success. I admire his dedication and knowledge.

—Diane Mensch-Pierreuse
former high school English teacher

The huge revolution in technology, and especially in information technology, that we have witnessed in recent years is radically changing how we work and how we lead our lives. Inevitably it is placing new demands on how we learn, and what we need to learn. And the pace of change is increasing all the time. Citizens of today’s knowledge society need to have a solid foundation of skills which will allow them to adapt easily to the demands of our rapidly changing world. They will need the skills to work with others in teams, but also to work individually and independently. Most importantly, they will need the skills to become independent and life-long learners. I’ve heard it said that the learnéd are masters of yesterday’s world, but the learner will be master of today’s world.

It has been my pleasure to work with Eric MacKnight in two international schools. I admire him as a highly experienced and dedicated educator who is passionate about helping students improve themselves. This book brings together the essence of many years of experience working with a very diverse range of learners, and provides students with invaluable stepping stones to help develop those habits which will support them in school and beyond in becoming not only effective and successful learners, but also valuable members of our society. I would also advise schools to include this book in their study skills programmes, and parents will find it not only a helpful support for their children, but also an important reminder that they too need to be life-long learners, and need to practise the skills and values discussed here.

—David Garner, BA, MA, MBA, PGCE.
Head of School
International Secondary School Eindhoven
The Netherlands

This is a great book for students. It is not always the brightest student who succeeds in school. It is the student who develops good work habits, the one who learns how to organize facts and to turn those facts into knowledge.

—Ron Jones, retired high school history teacher

Eric MacKnight’s wide experience with diverse students has gone into producing the book so many students, parents and teachers have been waiting for – all those individual tips that teachers want to pass on to help turn struggling students into better, happier ones. Well, they’re here within one cover in an easy to read format.

—Jan Archer, teacher of English in Singapore and UK;
Head of English in Tanzania, Uruguay and Vienna


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