How to break a bad habit

This piece from offers a slightly different take on how to break a bad habit (and replace it with a good one):

“End Bad Habits: The Ultimate Guide to Break Any Bad Habit”

Thanks to Mel Parker for sending this my way.

Finish: a new iPhone app

I have not tried this out myself, but here is the TechCrunch review that caught my eye.

Might be worth 99 cents if it could help you keep on track with assignments and due dates.

Online note-taking apps

This article from reviews eight online note-taking applications that you might find useful.

Of course, an application you like will help. But you still need to know how to take notes—how to organize them, what to write down, what to leave out, how much detail to include—and that takes practice, whether with a […]

Teaching organizational skills

This article aimed at middle-school teachers actually applies pretty well to those teaching high school and upper elementary students as well.

The ideal, of course, would be for all teachers in a school to teach good habits—teachers, talk to your colleagues and principals!

Get organized online:

If paper organizers, homeword diaries, etc., don’t seem helpful, you might give this new online organizer a try. is completely free and multilingual, including versions in several European languages as well as Chinese and Japanese. (If you are a Korean you might volunteer to help create a Korean version of the site.)

I […]

“They don’t take notes!”

Today a colleague began talking about his Grade 11 students. “They don’t take notes”, he said in exasperation. “Not a single one of them.” 

Another colleague, overhearing us, joined in. “Isn’t that their problem?” he said. “By Grade 11 they should have figured this stuff out. We shouldn’t have to tell them to take […]

Back-to-school reminders & ideas

First: read every day!

Second: use a homework diary in every class!

And here’s a good list of online tools for students. It’s intended for university students but most of the items listed are equally useful for high school students.

How Teachers Can Help

Students can build good habits and break bad ones on their own, if they are determined. But success rates rise dramatically when they get support from teachers, parents, and friends.

So what can teachers do to help?

Require students to write their assignments in a homework diary.

This simple act works wonders. The key […]

Essential: the homework diary

Whether you call it an agenda, a planner, or a homework diary, no single piece of equipment is more important to staying organized.

However, not all homework diaries are created equal.

To be most effective, a homework diary should remind you of essential daily tasks and make it quick and easy for you to […]

Use a homework diary every day (book excerpt)

Whether you call it a student agenda, a day planner, or a homework diary, it’s the most important tool of a successful student.

You need a homework diary to stay organized, and you need a homework diary for successful goal-setting. I have yet to find a disorganized student who uses his or her diary regularly. I have yet to find a failed attempt at goal-setting in which a daily record was kept in a homework diary. Continue reading Use a homework diary every day (book excerpt)