William Dolan Personal Writing

The Sand Globe 

My family and I entered the Floyd and Dikes store. We were looking for a special globe to go with the rest of our collection Halloween globes. In the Munchkin family, collecting spooky globes every Halloween is our tradition. I am not sure when this all started, but I really enjoy it and we have been doing it for as long as I can remember.

“Hey Kevin!” Mom said. “Take a look at this one.” I walked towards her to find she was pointing to a globe which contained a green witch with yellow eyes.

“I am not sure if I like that one,” I said. It was boring. Anyone can buy a globe with a witch inside. Then, I felt this spirit posses me, and I started walking to the back of the store. I was not myself! 

I walked to this dusty shelf, and saw a yellow, black, and red sand globe. It was almost as big as my head. Inside, there was a monster with big grey horns, and red eyes. It looked similar to the monsters from ‘Where The Wild Things Are.’ Its eyes were red and yellow, and it had red and grey fur. The creature was frightening, even though it was fake, and the spirit was still possessing me. I picked up the globe, and brought it back to my Mom, who was chatting with Dad.

“Hey Mom, look what I found!” I could feel the spirit slowly lifting from my insides.

“What did you find?” said Mom.

“I found a sand globe.” My voice did not sound the same as normal. It was deeper, and I started wondering if I was going through a sudden growth spurt. After all, I was 15 years old.

“That is a pretty creepy globe you got there,” said my 17 year old sister, Maria. My sister is my best friend. When Mom and Dad aren’t always around, I can always count on my sister to help me out.

“Yeah it is,” I said. My voice was finally going back to its natural pitch. “Do you guys think it is creepy enough to go on the mantle above the fire place?”

“Absolutely,” said Dad. “That is the creepiest globe we’ve found by far,”  he said. “How much does it cost?”

I forgot to look. I turned over the globe and looked at the price. It said it was free. I was quite surprised. A globe almost as big as a fifteen year olds head that is free, is unheard of.

“It’s free,” I said.

“What! That’s impossible,” said Mom. “Let me take it to the counter and confirm.”

And with that, she took the globe, and brought it to a nerdy looking cashier. 

“It is totally free,” he said. “Seems you are the lucky family of today. Happy Halloween!” And he took the globe, wrapped it in parchment, put it in a bag, and handed it to my mother.

We were headed to our brown Buick Enclave, when the globe fell out of the plastic bag and fell to the concrete. Luckily, it did not break. 

“That was weird,” said Maria. And she bent down to grab the globe, but it jumped away, and the parchment ripped off of it.  Then suddenly, the globe got bigger and bigger, and so did the monster inside. Passerbye’s stopped, stared and even screamed. Then, the giant monster started banging on the glass to try and get out. 

After the third bang, I could see cracks forming in the glass. And that moment, everyone started running away. My Dad fumbled with the keys to the SUV, and we all dashed to the car and got in. By that time, the monster had broken free, and started sprinting toward our car. It started yelling these words:

“Kevin, you and your family are gonna be dinner tonight!!!!”

Dad started the car and drove away as fast as he could. It was getting dark now. We got home ten minutes later, and sprinted to the front door. Little did we know, the monster beat us to our house and was waiting on the other side of the door….

The End.


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  1. Hi Will, I really enjoyed reading your story! But I noticed a small error within the first sentence. You wrote: “My family I entered the Floyd and Dikes store.” You forgot to include the word “and.” The sentence should be like this: My family “and” I entered the Floyd and Dikes store.

  2. This was an enjoyable read. One small thing you could do is merge the two titles into one, i.e. “Personal Writing: The Sand Globe,” “William Dolan PW: The Sand Globe,” or something similar.

  3. William, your personal writing „The sand globe“ has amused me, because i have never been in a halloween shop before. In Germany, Halloween has only been commercially marketed for a few years, but i donˋt know a pure Halloween shop. We often only have pumpkins with faces as decorations.


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